Finding your way around the European University Institute ... nbsp;· Finding your way around the European University Institute and Florence Arrival in Florence, initial moves Transportation, retail, restaurants

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<ul><li><p>Find</p><p>ing </p><p>your</p><p> way</p><p> aro</p><p>und </p><p>the </p><p>Euro</p><p>pean</p><p> Uni</p><p>vers</p><p>ity In</p><p>stitu</p><p>te </p><p>and </p><p>Flor</p><p>ence</p><p>Arrival in Florence, initial movesTransportation, retail, restaurants </p><p>Counselling &amp; medical services</p><p>Other services</p><p>Telephone directory</p><p>Library</p><p>Academic publications</p></li><li><p>2</p><p>Emergency number for contacting the </p><p>Institute/EUI management outside normal </p><p>Institute office hours: 055 4685 999</p></li><li><p>3</p><p>Table of contents</p><p>1. Arrival in Florence; initial moves1.1 Registration 1.2 Transport to and from the EUI 1.2.1 Transport connections 1.2.2 Bus connections to and from the EUI/the city: Bus no. 7 1.2.3 Buses to/from Florence Airport Volainbus1.2.4 Flight departures to/from Florence and Pisa Airports1.3 Obtaining Ministry &amp; EUI Identity Cards1.3.1 European University Institute Cards (for all EUI researchers)1.3.2 Italian visa and residence permit requirements for non-Italians1.3.2.1 Non-European Union citizens1.3.2.2 European Union citizens1.3.2.3 Special notes for Visiting Students, Exchange Students, Visiting Fellows1.4 Grants National and EUI1.4.1 Belgium, Italian Ministry grants (Eastern Europe/ Russia/C.I.S.; Italy), Latvia, Poland, United Kingdom1.4.2 France1.4.3 S.E. Europe and Mediterranean grant programmes1.4.4 Other grants1.5 Health and accident insurance1.5.1 Extension of ones own national insurance rights to Italy1.5.2 Van Breda health insurance policies offered by the EUI1.6 Codice fiscale (tax code)</p></li><li><p>4</p><p>2. Internal organization of the EUI2.1 Location of buildings and services at the EUI2.1.1 Badia Fiesolana2.1.2 Villa Schifanoia2.1.3 Villa Raimondi2.1.4 Villa Il Poggiolo2.1.5 Convento di San Domenico2.1.6 Villa Malafrasca2.1.7 Villa La Fonte2.1.8 Villa San Paolo (and San Paolino)2.2 Administrative organization2.2.1 Academic Service2.2.2 The Administration &amp; Personnel Service2.2.3 Logistics Service2.2.4 Index to functions and personnel</p></li><li><p>Arrival in Florence; initial moves</p><p>5</p><p>3. Academic organization3.1 The departments: Teaching, research and secretarial staff 2009/103.1.1 Economics (at Villa San Paolo)3.1.2 History &amp; Civilization (at Villa Schifanoia)3.1.3 Law (at Villa Schifanoia)3.1.4 Political &amp; Social Sciences (at the Badia/Villa San Felice)3.1.5 Max Weber Programme (at Villa La Fonte-San Domenico)3.1.6 The Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (at the Convento, Villa Malafrasca and Villa Pagliaiuola-San Domenico)3.2 The Dean of Studies3.3 The Library3.4 Computing facilities for research3.5 Language Courses</p><p>4. Housing4.1 Accommodation for research students at the EUI flats4.2 Permanent non-EUI accommodation4.3 Other useful permanent housing information 4.3.1 Agencies/agents4.3.2 Adverts4.4 Condominio service charges4.5 Property and rental agreements4.5.1 Drawing up a rental agreement4.6 Official declaration of tenancy to the local police authorities</p></li><li><p>6</p></li><li><p>Arrival in Florence; initial moves</p><p>7</p><p>1. Arrival in Florence; initial moves1.1 RegistrationFor all new research students, i.e. those registering for the </p><p>LL.M. and PhD programmes or for the U.S. exchange students, </p><p>registration for the academic year is on the last Wednesday </p><p>of August in the morning. </p><p>New Jean Monnet and Max Weber Fellows register on </p><p>1 September (or by agreement with Eija Heikkinen, Academic </p><p>Service). Fernand Braudel Fellows register upon arrival </p><p>with Eija Heikkinen.</p><p>Late arrivals will register at Academic Service.</p><p>Other visitors to the Institute will register upon arrival </p><p>at the Institute with:</p><p> the Academic Service and the host department, in the </p><p> case of visiting/Erasmus students;</p><p> the Personnel Service and the host department, in the </p><p> case of teaching staff;</p><p> the host department in the case of visiting professors </p><p> and visiting fellows.</p><p>To facilitate registration, please bring with you your passport </p><p>or national ID card, your letter of invitation/admission and, if </p><p>not taking up the EUIs insurance scheme, proof of health in-</p><p>surance for your stay. If you are a post-doctoral Fellow, please </p><p>bring authenticated proof of your doctoral degree.</p><p>1.2.1 Transport connections:1.2.2 Bus connections to and from the EUI/the city: Bus n 7ATAF - Florence City Public Transport Service; </p><p>Website: The bus which takes you to and from </p><p>the EUI is bus n 7, covering the following route: Florence cen-</p><p>tral railway station (Santa Maria Novella), Piazza San Marco, </p><p>Piazza delle Cure (bridge over railway), Piazza Edison, (the </p><p>road starts climbing here), about 5 more stops (see below) and </p></li><li><p>8</p><p>then San Domenico di Fiesole. The bus continues to Fiesole </p><p>(terminus). The ride from the station is about 20-25 minutes; </p><p>get off at the stop marked San Domenico di Fiesole 1 (after </p><p>the stop marked Osped. di Camerata 1 and just after the large </p><p>sign indicating Fiesole). At the actual stop you will see a bar/</p><p>pizzeria on your left and a bar/tobacconist/caf on your right. </p><p>Walk 50 metres through the village and take the road on the </p><p>left opposite the church and cemetery (this is Via dei Roccet-</p><p>tini); the Badia is about 150 metres down this road on the left.</p><p>For Villa San Paolo: take the n 7 bus as described above but </p><p>get off at the Pacinotti 1 stop walk in the same direction </p><p>as the bus, cross Viale Volta, turn up Via della Piazzuola </p><p>and follow it to Villa San Paolo (nr. 43) total distance </p><p>about 250 metres.</p><p>Buy your bus ticket (biglietto) before boarding the bus </p><p>right by the n 7 bus terminus, at the main railway station, </p><p>there is an ATAF bus ticket kiosk (single tickets at 1.20 each, </p><p>blocks of 4 for 4.50 or buy a Carta Agile pass for 10 or 20 </p><p>for 10 or 21 rides, respectively). Once stamped in the machine </p><p>aboard the bus, the ticket is valid for 70 minutes travel in any </p><p>direction, on any number of buses. Otherwise, tickets can be </p><p>purchased at tobacconists (tabacchi) and at most caf/bars </p><p>(if they display the Biglietti ATAF sign on the door). They </p><p>may also be bought directly from the bus driver but cost 2 </p><p>and NB: the driver is not obliged to give you change. </p><p>NB: </p><p>We should point out that the n 7 route, the only one to Fiesole and </p><p>very popular with tourists, also attracts pickpockets, so please take </p><p>care of your purse, bag/wallet at all times!!!</p></li><li><p>Arrival in Florence; initial moves</p><p>9</p><p>To return to Florence, if you catch the bus at San Domenico, </p><p>you will find the bus stop is just a few metres to your right </p><p>when you reach the top of Via de Roccettini. </p><p>The route back to Florence city centre is slightly different </p><p>from the outward journey, but the terminus is the central </p><p>station of Santa Maria Novella.</p><p>1.2.3 Buses to/from Florence Airport VolainbusThere is a joint ATAF/SITA service leaving from the railway </p><p>station on the east side, close to the number 7 terminus. Tick-</p><p>ets cost 4.50. Buses leave every half hour and the trip takes </p><p>approx. 25 minutes</p><p>1.2.4 Flight Departures to-from Florence and Pisa AirportsFlorence airport (Amerigo Vespucci) is at Peretola, </p><p>approximately 5 km West of Florence </p><p> Direct flights (regular international) operate to and </p><p> from: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Basel, Brussels, </p><p> Copenhagen, Frankfurt, London Gatwick, </p><p> Luxembourg, Madrid, Munich, Nice, Oslo, Paris CDG </p><p> and Vienna. For arrival/departure times, check the</p><p> Cartellone Firenze page in La Repubblica, or the </p><p> Website</p><p> Connections to Florence city centre: see above </p><p> Connect with bus no. 7 at the railway station to </p><p> get to the EUI.</p><p> Cost of taxi, Florence airport to EUI: approx. 25-30.</p><p>Pisa airport (Galileo Galilei) is some 70 kms West </p><p>of Florence </p><p> Direct flights (international): Amsterdam, Barcelona, </p><p> Dublin, Eindhover, Hamburg, Liverpool, London, </p><p> Munich, Paris, Zurich; Manchester, New York.</p></li><li><p>10</p><p>From Pisa airport, there are connections to Florence </p><p>central railway station (Santa Maria Novella):</p><p> by train from Pisa airport via Pisa Central, every half </p><p> hour, approximately ( journey time of about 1 hour </p><p> 45 minutes), but only up to approx. 10 p.m.</p><p> by an airport bus closely linked to RyanAir arrivals </p><p> and departures (operated by the Terravision bus </p><p> company; ).</p><p> by local city transport bus to Pisa central railway </p><p> station, where there are frequent trains to Florence </p><p> Santa Maria Novella. </p><p>1.3 Obtaining Ministry &amp; EUI Identity Cards1.3.1 European University Institute Cards (for all EUI researchers)At registration, research students will receive an Institute </p><p>identity card which if you have sent your digital photo in </p><p>good time will bear your photograph and matriculation </p><p>number. For further information, please contact </p><p>Michela Menicagli in Academic Service.</p><p>1.3.2 Italian Visa and Residence Permit Requirements for non-ItaliansDepending on your nationality / EUI status, please </p><p>consult one of the following:</p><p> Non-European Union citizensNB. Many non-EU citizens believe that the Visa and the Resi-</p><p>dence Permit are the same thing. This is not correct. Initially </p><p>you should apply for a VISA, and once in Italy, a Residence </p><p>Permit (permesso di soggiorno).</p></li><li><p>Arrival in Florence; initial moves</p><p>11</p><p>a. The Italian VisaNon-EU researchers should thoroughly check visa require-</p><p>ments with their local Italian Consulate or Embassy before </p><p>travelling to Florence.</p><p>If a visa is required, you should apply for one for at least the </p><p>first year of your scholarship at the EUI and you should obtain </p><p>it before your arrival in Italy. </p><p>The visa is not only necessary for travelling to and entering </p><p>Italy; permission to stay in Italy during your time at the Insti-</p><p>tute is strictly related to it. There are several types of visa. The </p><p>following information should help you identify which papers </p><p>and which visa you will require during your stay in Italy.</p><p>b. The Italian Residence Permit (Permesso di Soggiorno)Non-EU citizens travelling to Italy for purposes other </p><p>than tourism (study, work, etc.), normally have to apply for </p><p>a Permesso di Soggiorno from the Italian authorities within </p><p>one week of arrival. </p><p>However, as the EUI is an international organization recog-</p><p>nized by the Italian government, this special status exempts </p><p>most Institute members from having to apply. For full Insti-</p><p>tute members, registered for at least one year, the residence </p><p>permit is substituted by a special card issued by the MAE </p><p>(Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs).</p><p>c. The special Identity Card issued by the MAE - Italian Ministry of Foreign AffairsEUI researchers registered for not less than one year on one of </p><p>the Institutes structured programmes are entitled to receive </p><p>a special Identity Card from the MAE (Italian Ministry of </p><p>Foreign Affairs). </p></li><li><p>12</p><p>The card is issued for the full duration of the programme </p><p>and exempts researchers from having to request a residence </p><p>permit (permesso di soggiorno) from the local authorities. </p><p>This is the simplest way of being in order during your </p><p>stay in Italy. The card is free-of-charge and involves little loss </p><p>of time. The EUI Academic Service takes care of the whole </p><p>application procedure, but it is essential that you follow the </p><p>relevant instructions with care (refer to the following section).</p><p>N.B. </p><p>The following are not entitled to the card:</p><p> Italian nationals</p><p> Partners and family members of researchers or fellows</p><p> Students or fellows staying for less than 1 year</p><p> Visiting Students and Visiting Fellows, regardless </p><p> of the length of their stay.</p><p>d. The Long-term Type D Visa for mission purposesTo apply for the MAE Identity Card, the Ministry of Foreign </p><p>Affairs requires you to have a long-term Type D Visa for mis-</p><p>sion purposes (in Italian: Visto di tipo D per missione lunga </p><p>durata). The Academic Service will provide you with a letter </p><p>for your Consulate/Embassy to help you obtain this visa.</p><p>e. Applying for the special Identity Card from the MAE For all further information please contact Michela Menicagli </p><p>( in the Academic Service.</p><p>f. Visa and Residence permit for dependent family members (married partners and children)If requested, the Academic Service can also provide </p><p>a visa support letter for family members who might </p><p>be accompanying you. </p></li><li><p>Arrival in Florence; initial moves</p><p>13</p><p>Check visa requirements for accompanying family members </p><p>with the relevant Italian Consulate or Embassy. </p><p>Unfortunately, family members of researchers are not entitled </p><p>to the special Identity Card from the MAE. Consequently, the </p><p>Long-term Type D Visa for mission purposes does not apply. </p><p>Within one week of arrival in Italy, family members </p><p>have to apply for a normal residence permit </p><p>(Permesso di Soggiorno see below).</p><p>Note to unmarried partners: Unmarried partners of research </p><p>students should note that the EUI is not in a position to assist </p><p>them in obtaining a visa (where applicable), nor can it assist </p><p>them officially with the issue of a residence permit, as the </p><p>Italian State does not recognize unmarried couples. Neverthe-</p><p>less, unmarried partners may contact the Academic Service </p><p>should they need further information on the issue of visas and </p><p>residence permits.</p><p>g. The standard residence permit (Permesso di Soggiorno) The EUI does not take care of the normal residence permit </p><p>application (permesso di soggiorno). Nevertheless, those </p><p>who need to apply for the Permesso di Soggiorno may contact </p><p>the Academic Service ( for infor-</p><p>mation. They are recommended to do so as soon as possible </p><p>after arrival at the EUI. Please be reminded that the Permesso </p><p>di Soggiorno application must be submitted within one </p><p>week of arrival.</p><p> European Union citizensEuropean Union citizens are not required to have </p><p>a visa for Italy. </p></li><li><p>14</p><p>a. Official registration of your stay in Italy the MAE cardThe easiest way to register your stay is to apply for the special </p><p>Identity Card issued by the MAE Italian Ministry of Foreign </p><p>Affairs. Academic Service takes care of the application proce-</p><p>dure; prior to registration, you will be requested by email to </p><p>provide the relevant documentation.</p><p>N.B. </p><p>The following are not entitled to the card:</p><p> Italian nationals</p><p> partners and family members of researchers or fellows</p><p> students or fellows staying for less than 1 year</p><p> Visiting Students and Visiting Fellows, regardless of </p><p> the length of their stay.</p><p>Most EUI research students use the special ID card from </p><p>the MAE as an alternative to the local residence registration </p><p>(see below). The MAE card is an official document issued </p><p>by the Italian state proving that your presence in Italy </p><p>is linked to the EUI.</p><p>However, it is NOT equivalent to registration as a local </p><p>resident. For example, you might be asked to certify your </p><p>residence in Florence for the following:</p><p> if you need to buy a car or a motorbike</p><p> if you need to sign a contract for electri...</p></li></ul>


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