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  • Finding Your Way Around the Library

  • The library collection contains these print and online sources:25,000 books50 magazine subscriptions4 newspapersInternet accessA library web page which includes several subscription databasesInner-library loanACCESS PA

  • Procedures for reporting from study hallReport directly to the library instead of going to study hall.Sign your first and last name on the sheet for your study hall.Be seated until count is taken.Be on time!

  • ProceduresYou can check out 2 books for 2 weeksFines 5 cents a dayMagazines cannot be taken from the library.Copies & print-outs are free for school projects; personal copies and print-outs are 10 cents a page.

  • Facility layoutLocation of booksBooks on the mezzanine are non-fiction.Fiction, biography, story collection, career and reference books are downstairs.If you need any supplies, just ask.Technology availableColor printerScannerCD burnerPresentation equipment- Laptop with LCDEnter and exit at the front only.

  • ConductHave an educational purpose for being in the library.Work quietly so that others can work.Computers are for reading and research. No games or inappropriate sites allowed.

  • ConductNo sleeping.No eating or drinking.No cell phones.NO SNUFF OR SEEDS.

    Inappropriate behavior will result in loss of library privileges.

  • Library hoursThe library is open at 7:00.On Monday and Thursday the library is open until 4:00 PM and is the host for science and math tutoring.The library is closed during the 2nd lunch period.

  • The Library Web Page

    Use the Card Catalog link to search for books in our collection.Access PA Use this to search for books in other PA libraries.Power Library Portal to many subscription databases such as...Ebscohost -Use this to find magazine articles. netLibrary Use this to find ebooksAP Multimedia Archive Good for locating photographsBiography Reference Bank Information about people Grolier Online Use this for encyclopedia information.Science Online Use this for the latest science information.COIN Career database.United Streaming video database