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Finding your way around the nzmaths site. A guide for lead teachers and senior managers when supporting teachers in mathematics Janine Barnden. Presentation Structure. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • A guide for lead teachers and senior managers when supporting teachers in mathematics

    Janine Barnden

  • Presentation StructureEach page of this presentation has a different common scenario you may come across in your role as the lead teacher for mathematics.

    As you work your way through you will discover some of the areas of nzmaths that may support this common question or scenario.

    Use the link to locate the area on nzmaths that will offer support. Each scenario has a short task for you to complete.

  • Scenario One I dont know how to use some of the numeracy materials and equipment mentioned in the strategy books.

    Numeracy projects - KEYWORDS: Equipment Animations

    TASK: Find two pieces of equipment that might be new to you and watch the animation.

  • Scenario TwoI do not know what to do with my stage 8 andstage 8+ students.

    High achieving students

    Secondary Numeracy

    TASK: Find one activity in the secondary numeracy area that this teacher could use. These have fantastic teacher key ideas notes.

  • Scenario ThreeMy own content knowledge is not where would like it to be.

    Professional Development KEYWORD: Content Tutorials

    TASK: Find one content PowerPoint and work your way through it.

  • Scenario FourI missed a lot of the training for numeracy at my previous school.

    Professional Development KEYWORDS: Online PD

  • Scenario FiveI have unit plans from nzmaths but is there anything else on strand?

    NZC and Standards KEYWORDS: 2nd Tier Materials

    TASK: Find some resources in one area of strand that you might be able to use with your class, or syndicate.

  • Scenario SixThere is so much on the nzmaths site, how do I find the resources I want?

    Resource Finder

    TASK: Search and find one resource for numeracy and one for the current strand you are working on.

  • Scenario SevenWhere can I send parents to get information about the numeracy project, or ideas for activities to do at home?


    TASK: Find two resources that parents could use at home with their children.

  • Digital Learning ObjectsIf you have not used the DLOs with your students have a look for DLOs on your current learning area in mathematics.

    Learning objects



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