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Note: You MUST use Internet Explorer for this database. Finding your way around: ThomsonOne. (source of analyst reports, can be used for market research). Suzanne Bell, Business Librarian - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Finding your way around: ThomsonOne(source of analyst reports, can be used for market research)Suzanne Bell, Business LibrarianSuzanne.bell@rochester.eduNote: You MUST use Internet Explorer for this databaseThe screen you land on. To find reports for a company, start typing the name - suggestions appear pick the one for [your company in this case Pfizer] OR. (see next slide)

Be sure this button is selectedsuzanne.bell@rochester.edu2suzanne.bell@rochester.edu3

For a Topic search, set the Date a little longer than the 90 default, and use the lower half of the search interface. Table of Contents is a good field to search: more likely to have your keyword (than Title), but means there will be significant discussion (and not just a random occurrence of your word in the text.)

In either case - you click Search and. Did nothing happen???No, something happened but you have to scroll down to see the results! suzanne.bell@rochester.edu4This is more like itLook for the longer reports the ones with more pages. They are usually more in-depth and useful.

1212To avoid disappointment, select the results tab for Investext Subscription reports these are the ones we have access to. suzanne.bell@rochester.edu5suzanne.bell@rochester.edu6

(for the diapers in table of contents search, these would be in your results)Scrolling down some more

I like the one with 75 pages. I click the linked PFIZER INC. and getsuzanne.bell@rochester.edu7a pop-up window*

*You must Allow Popups for this site!suzanne.bell@rochester.edu8They really make you work for it:

Select that top checkbox to automatically select ALL the pages.

Then click the View button

Which causes 2 more pop-up windows to appear but the last one (should) be:suzanne.bell@rochester.edu9The Report!

suzanne.bell@rochester.edu10suzanne.bell@rochester.edu11A diaper report! (I know you probably want U.S. and this is Japan, but just for interest there are plenty of US ones too)