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<ul><li><p>FFiinnddiinngg YYoouurr WWaayy ttoo LLee BBoonnhheeuurr</p><p>Le Bonheur is located in the heart ofMemphis' Medical District on DunlapStreet, just north of the Regional MedicalCenter. We offer many parking optionsfor our patients and families.</p><p>Physicians Office Building Parking Garageand Lot</p><p>The entrance to Le Bonheur's parking garageand parking lot is on Washington Avenue west ofDunlap. The Physicians Office Building parkinggarage and lot are monitored by a parking lot officer and security cameras 24 hours a day. You maypark on any level, except in spaces that are reserved.</p><p>From the parking garage:n Inside walkways on the north side of the</p><p>garage lead to doctors' offices in the Physician Office Building. </p><p>n Once in the Physician Office Building, takethe elevator to the Ground Floor.</p><p>n Follow the tunnel to the hospital, which isto the right off of the elevators.</p><p>If parked in the parking lot:n Take the walkway between the parking </p><p>garage and Physician Office Building intothe building.</p><p>n Once in the Physician Office Building, take the elevator to the Ground Floor.</p><p>n Follow the tunnel to the hospital, which is to the right off of the elevators.</p><p>Emergency Department Parking LotEmergency Department parking lot is located</p><p>off Adams Avenue on the east side of the hospital.It is for Emergency Department and CT/MRIpatients only. If your child is admitted to the hospital, please park in the Physicians OfficeBuilding parking garage or parking lot.</p><p>Handicap Parking</p><p>Handicap parking is available in three locations:n Washington Street parking lot n Level 1 of the parking garagen Emergency Department parking lot</p><p>EscortsYou may request a security officer to escort you</p><p>to your car in the parking garage by calling thesecurity department at 572-3017.</p><p>Parking Questions?</p><p>If you have any questions about parking, callthe security department at 572-3017.</p><p>Entrances to the Hospital</p><p>There are two public entrances to Le Bonheur.The Dunlap Street entrance is the main entrance andis open from 5:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., seven days aweek. This door opens into the main lobby and theLe Bonheur Welcome Center. A covered canopymakes patient loading and unloading easy.</p><p>The emergency department entrance on the eastside of the hospital off Adams Avenue is open 24hours a day.</p><p>You can also enter the hospital from the PhysicianOffice Building and Physicians Office Building parkinggarage by using the tunnel to the hospital.</p><p>Welcome Center</p><p>Your first stop at Le Bonheur will be at theWelcome Center located in the lobby. Here you willstart the registration process for same-day surgery,inpatient admissions, radiology tests in the hospital,x-ray, outpatient hematology, hearing tests, lab testsand nutrition. The Welcome Center's hours of operation are from 5:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.</p><p>Information Desk</p><p>An information desk is located on the FirstFloor of the West Patient Tower. InformationAssociates, volunteers and security officers staff theinformation desk daily. They can provide you withdirections and maps of Le Bonheur.</p><p>Your Appointment at Le Bonheur</p><p>Your appointment is with _________________________ </p><p>On ___________________________ at ________________.</p><p>On the __________ floor of the hospital or the</p><p>__________ floor of the physician office building,</p><p>and the telephone number is _____________________.</p><p>Special Instructions: ____________________________</p><p>_________________________________________________</p><p>_________________________________________________.</p></li><li><p>DDiirreeccttiioonnss ttoo LLee BBoonnhheeuurr CChhiillddrreennss MMeeddiiccaall CCeenntteerr</p><p>From Millington: Take US-51 South into Memphis. US-51 will become Danny Thomas Blvd. Continue on Danny Thomas Blvd. until you reach </p><p>Washington Ave. Turn LEFT on Washington Ave. After the 1st stoplight, the Physicians Office </p><p>Building Parking Garage will be on the RIGHT.</p><p>From Arkansas: Take I-40 East into Memphis. Take the US-51/Danny Thomas</p><p>Blvd, exit 1B. Go STRAIGHT until the exit ramp</p><p>deadends. Turn RIGHT towards US-51 South. Turn LEFT onto Danny Thomas Blvd. At the 2nd stoplight, turn LEFT onto </p><p>Washington Ave. After the 1st stoplight, the</p><p>Physicians Office Building Parking Garagewill be on the RIGHT.</p><p>From West Tennessee: Take I-40 West towards Memphis. Merge onto Sam Cooper Blvd. At the end of Sam Cooper Blvd., turn LEFT onto</p><p>East Parkway. Take the first RIGHT on Poplar Ave. Continue on Poplar Ave. Turn LEFT at the 12th stoplight onto Dunlap St. Le Bonheur will be on your LEFT. To enter the parking garage, take a RIGHT on</p><p>Washington Ave. The entrance will be on the LEFT.</p><p>From North Mississippi: Take I-55 North into Memphis. Merge onto I-240 West, exit 6B. Take Exit 30 - Union Ave West. Turn slight RIGHT onto Union Ave. Turn RIGHT onto Dunlap Street. After the 3rd Stoplight, Le Bonheur will</p><p>be on the RIGHT. To enter the parking garage, take a LEFT on</p><p>Washington Ave. The entrance will be on theLEFT.</p></li></ul>