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  • The World of Ed HeckMusic, Art, Literature & Luggage

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    CENTER MORICHES, NY 11934(631) 339-0152 (718) 549-8956

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    ZALUSKIS HUMANSHPERE rolled into Chelsea during Armory Arts Week, New York City

    The Armory Shows splendiferous designer of the Waterfront Lounge on Pier 92 Tucker Robbins,

    and Dr. Bob Baker take a breather


    Leslee and David Rogath of Chalk + Vermilion and Martin Lawrence Galleries

    Dr. Bob Baker, Carla Baker at the Michael Schultz Gallery

    Amsterdam artist Sophie Walraven and Fine Art Editor-in-Chief

    Victor Forbes

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  • The Chaotic Harmony of


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    NOAHS ARK ART GALLERYArt Dealer & Broker

    We specialize in: Paintings-Sculptures (Lebanese, Russian, Armenian)

    Icons (Greek, Russian, Melkit)Rugs & Carpets (Caucasian, Armenian)

    Services:Estimation / Art Publication / Restoration & Framing

    Represented Artists:Vahram, Yuri Tsvetaev, Vahan Roumelian, Alexander Isachev, Suren , David D.

    Ruben Abovian, Alex Kochar, Berdj Tchakedjian, Armen Gevorgian, Yeghya Bakmazian,Hermes, Svetlana Hakobian, Edik Pertian, Arthur K.


    Movses Zirani Herkelian(Ph.D)owner/director

    Elo Saradjian(MA)Admin Director/Media Representative

    Herag HerkelianAssistant Director

    Noahs Ark Art Gallery, Center Grand park 2, B.B. Street, Zalka Metn, LebanonTel: +961 4 711-852, Fax: +961 4 714-943, Mob: +961 3 72-72-11

    E-mail: , Website:

    ARTHUR K., Phoenecian Echoes, 75 x 105cm, Mixed Media on canvas, 2011

  • Is it your dream to own and operate a fine art gallery? We are expanding our brand and are seeking those with a passion for the arts! Training and financing available.

    For more information, contact our national headquarters at (619) 895-3027.


    Asencio Michael Flohr Christopher M.

    Daniel Ryan Gloria LeeMichael Summers

    Americas Finest Galleries

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    ITA BULLARD creates original art with an eclectic mix of techniques and absolutely no pretension. Her muses have come from deep within her spirit to find fulfillment through many years of dedication to authenticity and honesty of expression. Ms. Bullard was born in Paris in 1940. As a Jew in occupied France, she spent the first years of her life in hiding with her family. At the age of 21 Ita left France bound for New York City. In 1967, she met an ambitious and charismatic business entrepreneur. The two shared a life together for 35 years. While she assisted him with a plethora of successful ventures as partner/secretary/treasurer/family manager and companion, Ita found time and the space to begin creating her collection of oil, water color, acrylic, gouache and sculpture that now number over 100 pieces. Wanting to expand her artistic creativity, she left her New York City penthouse life and traded it for the quiet serenity of Lake Champlain, situated in the Adirondack Park region of upstate New York. Her new home and studio/gallery are located on Valcour Bay across from Valcour Island one of the more famous locations in Revolutionary War history, where Benedict Arnold delayed the British advance in 1776 which led to the British defeat at Saratoga in 1777. Ms. Bullard participates in various community projects, ranging from hosting Chamber of Commerce meetings to benefits for the local PBS and has donated numerous paintings for fund raising auctions for PBS and various other local and national/international charities

    More than seventy years after his death, the recently canonized Brother Andr Bessette, C.S.C., remains beloved for his mercy to the sick, for his devotion to St. Joseph, and for his role in the construction of the majestic Oratory of St. Joseph in Montral, which continues to be visited by millions of pilgrims each year. Pope John Paul II lauded Brother Andr as a man of prayer and friend of the poor who led a life dedicated to the relief of human suffering. Ita Bullard recently painted the face and hands of Brother Andr to complete this stained glass window donated by Don Strack to the St. Alexander Roman

    Catholic Church in Morisonville, NY.


    Michael Jackson Blue, 36 x 42, oil on linen

    Little Boy Waiting for Food, 48 x 48, oil on linen

    Tulips, 24 x 36, oil on linen


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    Homage a Caravaggio1571 1610 Radical NaturalismThe artwork Baco Adolescent (1596) inspired contemporary painter John Pacovsky as he created this, one of more than 150 pieces in our Absente Homage to Great Artists Collection.

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    The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum presents John Chamberlain: Choices, a comprehensive examination of the work of the late John Chamberlain and the first U.S retrospective since 1986. Comprising approximately one hundred works, John Chamberlain: Choices examines the artists development over a sixty-year career, exploring the shifts in scale, materials, and techniques informed by the assemblage process that was central to his working method. The exhibition presents works from Chamberlains earliest monochromatic iron sculptures and experiments in foam, Plexiglas, and paper, to his final large-scale foil pieces, which have never been shown in the United States. Chamberlain was first celebrated at the Guggenheim in a 1971 retrospective.

    One day somethingsome one thingpops out at you, and you pick it up, and you take it over, and you put it somewhere else, and it fits. Its just the right thing at the right moment. You can do the same thing with words or with metal, Chamberlain has stated. Fit and choice have rightly become the guiding principles for Chamberlains work. His respect for the materials inherent properties informs the multiplicity of his forms, the simplicity of his process, and the works complex underpinnings. The title of the Guggenheims exhibition pays tribute to the artists process of active selection, or choosing, that is fundamental to his practice. The exhibition is organized by Susan Davidson, Senior Curator, Collections and Exhibitions. For more information

    John Chamberlain, Photo: Robert McKeever, courtesy Gagosian Gallery

    SPHINXGRIN TWO, 2010, Aluminium

    192 7/8 x 165 3/8 x 145 5/8 inches (490 x 420 x 370 cm)

    Private collectionInstallation view: John Chamberlain: Choices, Solomon R. Guggenheim

    Museum, February 24 - May 13, 2012

    2011 John Chamberlain / Artists Rights Society (ARS),

    New York Photo: David Heald

    Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation

    Guggenheims Chamberlain RetrospectiveExplores Six Decades of Masterful Work

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    Seeking Shambhala: The Quest for Perfect Peace, At Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

    The search for the utopian realm of Shambhala, also sometimes known as Shangri-La, has captured the imagination of people for thousands of years. Be it a state of mind or an actual place somewhere in Central Asia, this legendary kingdom is said to be ruled by a lineage of 32 mythological kings who are protectors of Tibetan Buddhist texts. Shambhala is a fabulous kingdom hidden by mist and a ring of snow covered mountains, where the rulers safeguard the Kalachakra Tantra, sacred teachings about the Wheel of Time that, through practice and meditation, allow one to achieve enlightenment. The texts also foretell of a world that descends into chaos and war, and of one king who will emerge after the apocalypse to restore order and prosperity in the year 2424. I am always delighted by opportunities to bring to light paintings from our collections that have not been readily exhibited, said Malcolm Rogers, Ann and Graham Gund Director of the MFA. Asian Conservation has breathed new life and energy