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  • Fine Art Textures for Photography

    What are they, and how are they used?

    With Ms. Simons

  • Questions About Textures:

    What is a fine art texture? Why use textures in photography? When are textures used (under what circumstances)? Who uses textures? Where can textures be found? How are textures used?

  • What are Textures?They are essentially image files which can be used as overlays (or blended layers) with your photographic work.

    They can be nearly anything, including scans of flat objects, or even other photos. Image possibilities include clouds, rain, water drops on glass, bubbles, water reflections, bricks, wood, plant material, etc.

    There are infinite implications!

  • Why Use Textures? Because, Art! Create visual interest in simple photos with lots of negative space Create a vintage, or antiqued effect (make your own filters) Mimic other art mediums (painting, illustration, graffiti, etc.) Create a 3D textural effect

    Abstract your subject Help Deliver a Message Tell a Story Enhance/ Heighten or Communicate a Mood

  • When you want more visual interest / or tospice up negative space

    By Mariliana Arvelo

  • When you want a vintage effect

    By Doug Landreth, Still Life, Pitcher

  • When you want to mimic another art medium, like painting

    By Denver area photographer, Mark S. Johnson

  • When you want a 3D, textural look

    Entitled,Bring it Forward.

  • When you want to deliver a message, or convey a theme

    By Denver Area Photographer, Mark S. Johnson

  • By Mark Johnson

  • When you want to tell a story, or clearly communicate a mood

    By Doug Landreth

  • Where to find: How to Use:For Todays Practice: Bitt Box

    For Later: You!

    Tutorial: Using Textures to Enhance Photos

    Select and download textures from Bittbox Add the textures as layers to one of your

    personal photos, in photoshop. Experiment with blending modes and

    adjustment layers.