Fine Tune your Attitude Positive Attitude Vs Negative Attitude

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Fine Tune your Attitude Positive Attitude Vs Negative Attitude Slide 2 Define Attitude.. Slide 3 Define Behavior.. Slide 4 Difference Between Attitude & Behavior Attitude is the way you think, intend to deal Behavior is the final action, you are judged with Slide 5 Positive Thinking Vs Negative Thinking Thinking Live life Now Ambition for the future Slide 6 Positive Thinking Helps.. Get the most out of every moment of your time Ensure that your are your own master Slave life Slide 7 Two Types of Problems Problems Those you can do something about Those you can do nothing about Slide 8 Your Attitude to Life If you do not get enough out of life, it is your fault Improve your life and opportunities, by having the courage to be yourself Slide 9 Be Real -believe that you are unique to Gods creation -enhance your self -recognize your needs -encourage your self -accept opponents -learn from your experience B E R E A L Slide 10 Positive Vs Negative Talk Person AndBut Slide 11 Definition of Negative Thinking Worries Stress Frustration Depression Anticipation of Problems Slide 12 Negative Thinking Creeping Fungus Sneak and squirm its way into all the corners of life Slide 13 Negative Thinking is a Negative Attitude Negative Envious intention Destructive to yourself and others Negative Aggression Fight to make others fail Negative towards success of others Positive Good intention Constructive to yourself and others Positive Aggression Thinking to achieve Positive about success of others Slide 14 Aggression PositiveNegative Slide 15 Basic Mental Attitude Im OK Youre OK Im OK Youre not OK Im not OK You are OK Im not OK Youre not OK Slide 16 YOU WINNERLOSER Slide 17 Why are you a Loser? Doubt Lack of confidence Creating your own obstacles Kill your inborn winning chances Record, recall and play back all the disappointed memories Slide 18 Winner believes that Life consists not in holding good cards, but in playing those you do hold well The world is round, and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning God gives every birds a seed, but never puts the seed in the nest Success is a ladder that cannot be climbed with your hands in your pockets It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow There is a vast difference between hopeless end and endless hope Happiness is something to do, something to love and something to hope for You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving Slide 19 To be a WinnerGIVE To your enemy, forgiveness To an opponent, tolerance To a friend, your heart To your customer, service To every child, a good example To all men, charity To yourself, RESPECT Slide 20 The more you talk and act like a winner the more winner-oriented you become Slide 21 I Own the Problem You cannot change any body but yourself When pointing a finger forwards, accusing someone, three fingers are pointing back wards, pointing at you Slide 22 Determining your Aim in Life What do you want from life? What helps you feel fulfilled and happy? How to work on your strength? Slide 23 Determine your Aims in Life Start Considering. What would make life more meaningful What would give us more satisfaction What would enable us to climb into bed in content How to define your goals in life What are your strength and how can you make better use of them What gives you a feeling of happiness and fulfillment What were the happy times When have you felt happy When have your felt proud When you felt relaxed When were you satisfied with achievement Who were you with, when you were happy What made it a special happy occasion What can you do to make it happen more often List some strengths, talents and abilities you would like to develop State why Write down what you need to do to achieve or acquire these Answer quite honestly if you are prepared to make the necessary effort Slide 24 Relationships Who is important to you How to develop better relationships with others How to win support from people Slide 25 What to do to win support? List the people who encourage you, at work and in your private life Describe how they encourage you List the people who knock you down and depress you Describe how this happens Estimate how much time you spend with the encouragers Work out how to spend more time with them Make a plan to include more time with those who encourages you Slide 26 Thank you