First day of camp

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Recount of camp 2009


  • First day of camp!
    • During the first term most of the amazing year sevens went to camp up at Mount Maunganu.
    • First tired year sevens had to meat in the hall at 7am . Then Ms Hart & Mr McKay had a chat to the parents & the kids me Tama & Dylan were off (in mums car!)
    • When we were a long way away from school we saw a bull and a cow matting and every one cracked up laughing. Then when we were supposed to be at camp we were at burger king eating.
    • After that we setup camp but in about 10 minutes every one was done setting up their tent and we were still setting up because Tama forgot to pack the instructions. Lucky for us we had to go to the beach to learn about tides current and all that stuff, eventually mum & Duncan came down to the beach to tell us the tent was done and that mum put our stuff in our tent.
    • Finally we went back to camp and me Tama & Dylan went to sort out were every one was going to go in the tent which took us about 5 minutes. Then we were called in to the Markey so the teachers could tell us when everything was going to happen e.g. Breakfast dinner tea bed time and so on.
    • Eventually we ate the food was ok but not excellent (no offence to the cook) after that the teacher let all of us out to play not long after that we were told to get our swim stuff because we were going to the hot pools. But 5 minuets after that, we were told we could not go swimming in the hot pools.
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