First responder charities columbus and central ohio

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  • 1. Get Behind The BadgeThank you for choosing Get Behind The Badge for your charitable contributions. We understand thatthere are numerous worthwhile organizations to donate to but you have considered ours. We haveseveral ways for you to make a donation to our organization. You may click on the campaign donatebutton below which will redirect you to our secure account or if you prefer to send your donation bymail, then send your payment to our office at 570 N. State St - Westerville, OH 43082. Make all checks and/or money orders out to "Get Behind TheBadge".Your donation is tax deductible as we are a 501c3 (Tax ID# 30-0153113). The charitable fundsprovided will assist us in our goal of providing financial assistance to those families of first responderswho have been killed or critically injured on or off duty. Thank you again for choosing Get Behind TheBadge and assisting us with our mission of "Helping Our First Responders".GENERAL FUND CAMPAIGNMake an online donation to our General Fund which goes to providing immediate financial assistanceto the families of first responders who have been killed or critically injured on or off duty. Donateonline by clicking on the "Donate Today" button or mail in your donation by clicking here for our mailin form.For more information,contact President Andrew Ward at 614-212-7526 or$100 CLUB CAMPAIGNThe $100 club is campaign designed to allow businesses, private donors or organizations to contributeto the Line Of Duty Death benefit. GBTB provides first responders with a $5000 death benefit upon aline of duty death that fits PSOBA guidelines. Each club member will donate $100 per LODD deathincident. In return, a letter will be attached with the bereavement letter given by our organizationnotifying the surviving family of the club members who have supported the cause.

2. Each club member will receive a placard to post at their business, residence or headquarters stating youare a member and support your first responders. What a great way to build rapport within thecommunity. Our goal is to reach at least 50 members so that we can match our $5000 LODD benefitand provide the surviving family with $10,000. Donate online by clicking on the "Donate Today"button or mail in your donation by clicking here for our mail in form.For more information, contact President Andrew Ward at 614-212-7526 FUNERAL FLOWER FUND CAMPAIGNWant a way to remember and honor a loved one while supporting a great cause? Make a "Flower Fund"bequeath with our organization by setting up a donation link for family members to donate in lieu offuneral flowers. This is great way to have family members honor the passing of a loved one. Donateonline by clicking on the "Donate Today" button.For more information, contact President Andrew Ward at 614-212-7526 you are looking for that tax write off while supporting those who risk their lives for theircommunities, then donate to GBTB today. Visit our Donation Page to donate online or mail in adonation!Attention Businesses: GBTB will be forming their $100 Club to have businesses match the $5000 lineof duty death benefit provided to the families of first responders. For more info visit our DonationPage!Event & Raffle TicketsPurchase upcoming GBTB event and/or raffle tickets here!


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