Fitness in Older Women

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Fitness in Older Women. n=7553 age 65+. JAMA 289:2383, May 14, 2003. Physical Activity and Mortality Risk. All-Cause Mortality (RR). n=7553 tracked 12.5 yrs. Physical Activity Status. JAMA 289:2383, May 14, 2003. Summary. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Fitness in Older WomenJAMA 289:2383, May 14, 2003n=7553 age 65+

  • Physical Activity and Mortality RiskAll-Cause Mortality (RR)Physical Activity Statusn=7553 tracked 12.5 yrsJAMA 289:2383, May 14, 2003

  • SummaryOlder women who increased their activity level by walking about 1 mile per day (8.2 miles/wk) had:A 40-50% decrease in mortality from:Overall risk of dying, cardiovascular disease, and cancerWomen who became sedentary, had higher mortality ratesWomen who became physically active during the study cut their risk of dying in halfPhysical activity initiated in older age increases longevityJAMA 289:2383, May 14, 2003

    Compared with continually sedentary women, those who increased physical activity levels between baseline and follow-up had lower mortality from all cause (RR 0.52). Overall mortality reduced 48%Cardiovascular disease by 36%Cancer mortality by 51%These results are independent of age, smoking, BMI, and comorbid conditions.Average exercise level for women who became active was walking 8.2 miles/week (9.3 miles/week for those remaining active).Sedentary women walked less than 2 miles per week.