Five Faves By: Morgan Sentelle. Marilyn Monroe’s Five Faves

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  • Five Faves By: Morgan Sentelle
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  • Marilyn Monroes Five Faves
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  • JFK There were rumors that JFK and Marilyn Monroe had an affair together. This may or may not be true, but they were very close, so I think that he would be on her fave fives.
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  • Lucille Ball Lucille was an star actress just like Marilyn. She was in the era before Marilyn so I think that Marilyn would admire her a lot. They have a lot in common so she would definitely be in her fave fives.
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  • Jean Harlow When Marilyn first staring getting into acting she studied the work of this legendary actress. She really admired her so she would definitely be on Marilyns five faves.
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  • Lana Turner Turner was another actress Marilyn admired so much that she studied her legendary works. She would definitely be on her fave fives.
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  • Reese Witherspoon Reese is an excellent actress who has a very good life. I think Marilyn would admire her because Marilyn made a lot of mistakes with drugs, alcohol and sex, but Reese doesnt. She is very accomplished and I think Marilyn would love to talk to her on her fave fives.
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  • Marilyn Monroes Blocked
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  • Jackie Kennedy Marilyn supposedly had an affair with JFK. I dont think she would want Jackie Kennedy, his wife, calling her. She would definitely want her on her blocked list in order to avoid her.
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  • Adolf Hitler Even though Marilyn didnt really care much about politics and history, she did have a heart and wouldnt approve of Hitlers doings.
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  • Stalin Even though Marilyn didnt care much about war and politics I dont think she would approve of his doings. He would definitely be blocked.
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  • Drama Coaches Marilyn definitely wouldnt want drama coaches calling her for criticism.
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  • Studios She was fired by many studios so she probably wouldnt want them calling her. They would definitely be on her blocked list.
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  • Nancy Pelosis Five Faves
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  • Carol Shea-Porter Congresswoman that campaigned with Nancy. Carol is wanting to raise money for LIHEAP in New Hampshire and Nancy wants to help her fundraise. They will be attending the fundraiser together. Theyve done a lot of work together and have a lot of the same views so I think Carol would definitely be on Nancys Five Faves.
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  • Barack Obama Obama said that Pelosi is an extraordinary leader for the American people. She works in full partnership with Obama. Shes also second in line after VP Joe Biden if anything were to happen to Obama. Obama would definitely be in Pelosis Five Faves.
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  • John Murtha Long time fried of Nancys. John Murtha was a Congressman from Pennsylvania. She supported him for the House Majority Leader. He would definitely be in her Five Faves.
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  • John D. Dingle Longest serving member of the House. Nancy was sworn into office by John. I think John would definitely be a part of her Five Faves.
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  • George W. Bush Nancy stood behind Bush in all of his proposals and voiced no objections. She did not pursue impeachment proceedings against him. Congress felt he misled about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Bush would definitely be one of her Fave Fives.
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  • Nancy Pelosis Blocked List
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  • Cindy Sheehan Ran against Pelosi. Cindy and Nancy have completely different views and do not agree on anything. Cindy would definitely be on Pelosis 5 blocked list.
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  • Adolf Hitler Hitler was an absolutist leader that killed a lot of people. Hitler and Pelosi would never agree with on political issues. I think Hitler would definitely be on Pelosis blocked list.
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  • Stalin Stalin was another absolutist leader who killed a lot of people. Nancy looks for the best things for the people of America. Stalin would definitely be on Pelosis blocked list.
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  • John McCain Pelosi is a big supporter of Obama. McCain being Obamas competition and having different views would be someone that Pelosi wouldnt agree with. McCain would be on her blocked list.
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  • Protesters Many Americans are against a lot of what Pelosi fights for. There are a lot of protesters whenever there is something new that shes trying to pass. These people would definitely be on her block list.