Five Ways to Keep Customers

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  • Five Ways To Keep Your Customers

    One of the biggest challenges faced by business owners no matter it is small business or well establish one, is keeing customers. Placing demands on your time and attention can be a real struggle with so many aspects of business ownership.

    In retail the old fashioned word loyalty is being reinvented. To reign in customers and shape brand preferences, loyalty programs can help. Loyalty helps to keep customers coming back and with good reason. It is more expensive to find new customers than keep old ones.

    Here are five powerful ways creating and maintaining an optiml experience for your small business customers. 1. Get personal:If you want to build loyalty, personal interacting with your customers is very important. There is no better way to build loyalty than face to face interaction. We now live in a digital world but face to face interaction will make your customers feel special. Besides, via personal interaction you can help customers pick out pieces that are exactly right for them.

    2. Maintain the right frequency of communication:Online service is the most annoying thing than anything else. Do not assume that your customers want to hear from you constantly. You may lose your subscribers by overwhelming them with emails or tweets. But you don't want to ignore your customers. Follow the 'less is more' principal. Communication frequency should be once or twice a month. So that it gives you an opportunity to inform your customers the new and exciting benefits of your company. Include a link to a more detailed article or blog post for each story. This helps readers to stay interested in your business.

    3. Know your customers:Do you know what your customers really wants? You, like other regular business owners, may realize the importance of listening carefully to your customers.But the question is that have you baked the ongoing gathering of

  • input into your proceses? If the answer is no, then start it now. Use survay tool to conduct regular emailed survay of your customers. Set up a virtual group of some of your customers to agree to a one-hour monthly call to provide feedback. You may be surprised o find that many of your customers would be ready to provide input without any incentive, other than helping you provide a better service to them. Interact with your customers as much as possible and be sure to take action based on their input.

    4. Make it easy to do business with you: Did you have revisit your own experiences with a physician, accountant, dentist, or other service provider? Did you have to spend 30 minutes to fill out paperwork before seeing anyone? Were you delayed due to overbooking or some other problem? What about your booking process?Was it a simple or a bit painful? If you not make all the above mentioned process easy, it can become source of friction that reflect poorly on the custome experience at your business. Whatever your product or service is make it easy for people to do business with you. 5. Make each customer feel that he/she is very special:Each and every customers want to feel valued. Besides, they are spending time and money with your business. So quality of their experience really counts. Greet your custmer warmly, make eye contact. Each customer is morethan a source of sales revenue.They are the most important in your business. If possible remember their names and use them the next time you see your customers. As they are unique and special, and smart business owners know that lasting business are built on making and maintaining good relationship.

    If you rush your customer out the door, they will never come through your door again. Do not rush to goodbye. Make sure your customer had a good experience, talk with them and whenever an appoinment has concluded makean path to get feedback and build report. And most important don't forget to tell them that you are looking forward to see them again.

    Whatever you make, market, solve or sell, its your customers that keep you in business. Thats why its so important to give them a good experience. So,

  • use these 5 tips to ensure you are keeping customers as priority number one because they are.