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Untuk Kegunaan Guru JUMLAH MARKAH


K3 K5 K6 K7 K8

1. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi empat puluh satu soalan. 2. Kertas soalan ini merangkumi enam konstruk yang diuji.K1-Memahami soalan dalam bahasa Inggeris K3-Mengetahui istilah Fizik dalam bahasa Inggeris K5-Menguasai pengetahuan K6-Menguasai kefahaman K7-Menguasai kemahiran K8-Mengeluarkan maklumat/idea dalam bahasa Inggeris 3. 4. Jawab pada kertas soalan bagi soalan objektif dan soalan subjektif.

Bagi soalan objektif, anda perlu menandakan jawapan dengan membulatkan jawapan pada pilihan jawapan A , B , C , atau D pada kertas soalan. Contoh: Antara berikut, yang manakah haiwan? A. Pokok B. Kambing C. Kereta D. Pen

5. 6. 7.

Anda juga perlu menghitamkan pilihan jawapan dan maklumat diri pada borang OMR yang disertakan. Untuk soalan subjektif, jawapan hendaklah ditulis pada ruangan kosong yang disediakan pada soalan berkenaan. Jawab semua soalan.

Kertas Ini Mengandungi 26 Halaman Bercetak


The following information may be useful. The symbols have their usual meaning. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. a=v u t


v = f 17. 18. Power, P =energy time

v 2 = u 2 + 2as s = ut +1 2 at 2

1 1 1 = + f u v

Momentum = mv F = mv Kinetic energy =1 mv 2 2

19. 20. 21. 22.1 Fx 2


a x D

sin i sin rreal depth depth

n = apparent Q = It V = IR

Potential energy = mgh Elastic potential energy =

23. 24.

= mV

Power, P = IVNs V Np = Vs p

10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Pressure, p = h g Pressure, p =F A

25. 26. 27.

Efficiency = I V p p2 g = 10 ms

I sVs


Heat, Q = mc Heat, Q = mlpV = constant T

E = mc 2



An athlete of mass 50 kg running at 2 ms-1 jumps onto a 20 kg trolley moving at 0.5 ms-1. What is the mass of the trolley ? A B C D 50 kg 20 kg 2 ms-1 0.5 ms-1


A stone of mass 12 g with density 3 g cm-3 is lowered into 25 cm3 of water in a measuring cylinder. The new reading of the measuring cylinder is 29 cm3 . What is the change in the reading of the measuring cylinder ? A B C D E 4 cm3 9 cm3 13 cm3 17 cm3 22 cm3


An air bubble with a volume of 2 cm3 rises 12 m from the bottom to the surface of the lake. When the bubble reaches the surface , its volume is 6 cm3 . What is the increase in the volume of the bubble ? A B C D E 2 cm3 4 cm3 6 cm3 8 cm3 12 cm3


A boy walks 300 m due North and then he walks 100 m due West. After that he turns to walk South for 300 m. What is the total distance that the boy has walked ? A B C D 300 m 400 m 600 m 700 m



P , Q and R are three boxes. The mass of box R is 3 kg . The mass of box Q is 1 kg less than the mass of box R. The mass of box P is twice the mass of box Q. What is the mass of box P and box Q A B C D Mass of box P / kg 3 4 4 6 Mass of box Q / kg 2 2 1 4



Choose the terminology given in the box below that best relates to the situation shown in each of the diagrams. Deceleration Elastic potential energy Work Parallax error Atmospheric pressure Acceleration Kinetic energy Inertia Gravitational force Balance of forces Pressure Conservation of momentum


Answer :___________________________________



Answer :___________________________________


Answer :___________________________________



Answer :___________________________________ e)

0 km/h

10 km/h

20 km/h

30 km/h

Answer :___________________________________

f )

Answer :___________________________________



Answer :___________________________________ h)

Answer :___________________________________



The diagram shows terminology used in an scientific investigation. Draw a line to match the terminology with its meaning .


The acceleration of the object depends on the force acting on it.


When the force acting on an object increases, the acceleration also increases.


To investigate the relationship between acceleration of an object and the force acting on it


Each question is followed by either three, four or five options. Choose the best option for each question then blacken the correct space on the answer sheet. 8. Which is a base unit? A B C D 9. Newton Volt Kelvin Joule

Which of the following is a scalar quantity? A B C D Displacement Acceleration Distance Velocity


A student used a micrometer screw gauge to measure the thickness of a coin. Which reading is correctly recorded by the student? A B C D 0.3 cm 0.32 cm 0.32 mm 0.323 mm


The unit for density is A B Ckg m

kg m2 kg m3

12. Force x Displacement The expression above is the definition of A B C D momentum work power distance 10

13 .

An object at rest tends to remain at rest . An object in motion tends to remain in motion. The above statements are explained by the concept of A B C D vectors velocity inertia density


A ball is rolling down a smooth inclined plane from P to Q.

What is the change in the form of energy ? A B C D 15. Elastic potential energy kinetic energy Gravitational potential energy kinetic energy Kinetic energy elastic potential energy Kinetic energy gravitational potential energy

Which physical quantity does not affect pressure in a liquid ? A B C D Density Depth Gravitational field strength Surface area



The diagram shows a velocity-time graph for a body moving with constant acceleration.

What is represented by the shaded area under the graph ? A B C D 17. acceleration distance time velocity

Which quantity is correctly matched with its unit? A B C D Quantity Area Volume Velocity Momentum Unit m m -3 m s-2 kg m s-1



The graph represents the relationship between the displacement, s and the time ,t of an object . Displacement, s / m

Time, t / s

What is the displacement of the object at t = 5 s? A B C D 19. 2.5 m 10.0 m 10.5 m 12.5 m

A small steel ball is dropped from a low balcony. Ignoring air resistance, which statement describes its motion? A B C D It falls with constant acceleration It falls with constant speed It falls with decreasing acceleration It falls with decreasing speed


Truck A and truck B are identical and carry equal mass of cotton and iron respectively. If they move with the same velocity, which truck is easier to stop ? A B C Truck A Truck B Both are equally easy



The diagram shows three blocks P , Q and R. Each block is acted on by two similar forces F.

Which block shows a balance of forces ? A B C D 22. Block P and block Q Block P and block R Block Q and block R Block P , block Q and block R

The diagram shows a velocity time graph . Velocity / m s-1

0 The gradient of the graph represents A B C D work done energy displacement acceleration

Time / s



The diagram shows the distribution of gunshots on a target. Which of the following shows the consistent but not accurate gunshots on the target ?


Which object has the greatest inertia?

A mass = 2 000 kg

B mass = 15 kg


mass = 1.2 x 105 kg


mass = 1.1 x 109 kg



Figure shows a crane lifting a load with weight , W.

crane cable

T load W building

The load accelerates when the tension ,T of the cable is A B C 26. less than W same as W more than W Which of the following statements explains why the wall of a dam is thicker at the bottom? A B C D Density of water increases with depth Pressure of water increases with depth Surface area of water at the bottom of the dam is smaller The attraction of gravity increases with depth



The diagram shows three beakers P, Q and R containing liquids A, B and C with densities A, B and C respectively. Identical eggs are placed in each beaker.

Which statement is true ? A B C D 28. A A A A

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