FL4 Remodel Project

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FL4 Remodel Project. NETS Network Upgrade!. Engineers at Work. Installation Factoids:. 304 Telecommunication Outlets (TO's) each with 4-copper and 4-fiber connections were installed. 255,000 Feet of CAT6A copper cable were installed, over 48 miles. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


FL4 Remodel Project

FL4 Remodel ProjectNETS Network Upgrade!Engineers at Work

304 Telecommunication Outlets (TO's) each with 4-copper and 4-fiber connections were installed.255,000 Feet of CAT6A copper cable were installed, over 48 miles.60,000 Feet of Multi Mode OM4 fiber were installed, more than 11 miles2432 station fiber terminations + 336 trunk fiber terminations were completed.

Installation Factoids:

Install new, ground up, network in 3300 Mitchell Lane capable of supporting current and foreseeable networking needs in accordance with NETS, NCAB, UCAR/NCAR, BICSI, and federal, state, and local jurisdictions building codes.Project Goal:A method to deliver a project in which the design and construction services are contracted by a single entity. It relies on a single point of responsibility and is used to minimize risks for the project owner and reduce the delivery schedule.Design Build TheoryThe design build can take the owner out of the loop by the contractor/designer making decisions that the owner should be involved in. In the more traditional Design-Bid-Build, Change Controls are more prevalent and keep the Owner more informed and there more involved in the project.Design Build in FL4Ed Snyder (Primary) Fabian Guerrero (Second) Mike Martinez (On Site Supervisor)Personnel:

Safety Equipment?

Bryan AndersonRick MumfordJerome MartinezCarlos Rojas-TorresWes WildcatArmando CisnerosTeresa ShibaoNETS Admin TeamNI TeamFIRST PULL!

3-year Bond (Equipment) $0

15-year Bond (Permanent Infrastructure) $300,000

Conduit Installation $150,000

NETS FL4 Budget

3-year Bond -$0 - Existing equipment used.

15-year Bond $298,188.2

Conduit Installation $150,000

FL4 Budget Summary:

Marking of facilities not to be demoedTemp (construction) network installationRelocation of Multi-use fiber to FLARelocation of FLR(B) to FLAPreparing drawings for installation crewOrder all parts for installationNETS start-of-work preceded contractor work

Add:removal of Mulit-use fiberrelocation of FLR(B)Removal of critical networking gear: Switches, AP's, UPS's, Cellular equipment, reusable infrastructureBroken Conduit

NETS work during contractor work

Monitoring contractor progress to ensure that network specifications were being adhered to

Attending OAC Meeting to ensure that changes were not made that affected the NETS installation

Scheduling NETS installation with other tradesConstruction (contractor)Edited first bullet.

Edit second bullet to read: Attending weekly OAC Meeting to facilitate network impacting changes - design build.

Conduit Runs

Project installation followed construction progress

installation of distributor [room] infrastructure (tray, racks, and cable managers)cable installation and terminationTesting and documentationCoordination of people move information

Construction (NETS)Comm Room Cable Routing

5 Gang Box

Need for Another Core

Equipment installation followed construction progress

installation of network equipment: Switches, VG242s (analog), UPSs, APs, Monitoring (Geese), Patch CablesActivation of network ports: Network, Analog, SpecialVerification of networks

Post-Construction (NETS)The project schedule changed due toHVAC Design and Installation problemsInstallation of additional Ducting all floorsRoom remodel required on all floorsReplace undersized fan on roof

NETS SchedulePersonnel then reassigned to other projectsNWSCMarshallOngoing normal WRs

Schedule Summary

Previous occupants returning, few new phones needed

APs already in update schedule

Reusing the NETS Switches and UPSs

Not due for regular replacementStill under maintenance Budgetary AdvantagesKeeping the installation up to UCAR/NETS Standards when the scope of work changed

Full remodel instead of partialAddition of Comm Outlets after budget setMulti-use fiber removal and replacementAll new comm conduits throughout the buildingBudgetary Challenges

Strong technical installation team

UCAR/NETS Specifications

All Product arrived on time

Same electrical contractor as FLA

What Went RightConstruction timelineComm Rooms and Chases built firstAlways PromisedNever Delivered

Move Template Information The sooner the betterFrom NETS soonerTo NETS soonerWhat Could Have Gone Better?

Comm Room size, minimum of 130 sq ft, prefer 150 sq ft

Only straight sleeves in cores between floors

Increase the number of cores between floorsIncreased size of cable

Daily morning meetings kept the whole team informed to the ever changing Design build Project. This is critical for keeping ahead of a project of this size.

Lessons LearnedBAS on NETS cablingBuilding Automation Systems Becoming Industry Standard to use IPSpace in our coresSpace in our Comm Rooms

This project was a design buildDesign and Construction done togetherChanges come fast and oftenHarder for NETS to remain within budget

Other CahllengesThanks to the NI Crew for all of the hard work and long hours that went into this project.Thanks!