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Flat Tire Decor Catalog

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  • Re-Inspired Tires for Home & Garden

    All the Flat Tire baskets, the entire body, bottom, and straps are made from 100% recycled scrap tires and are made in

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA!Flat Tire Decor

    1370 South 74th Street West Allis, WI. 53214

    Phone: 414-238-2335 Fax: 414-238-2334 www.flattiredecor.com

    Our last basket is the Catalina. A

    lower version of the Newport, the

    Catalina is the perfect centerpiece

    for any table. Customers have also

    told us it is the perfect catch all for

    mail, keys, remote controls, charging

    devices, etc. It also showcases your

    pledge to recycling and helping close

    the loop!

    The Catalina stands 4 to the top of the

    basket, has an 8 base, and a 91/2

    opening at the top.


    Flat Tire Dcor designs, develops, and

    markets unique and innovative prod-

    ucts from tires that have reached

    the end of the road. But as you can

    see, these re-inspired tires still have

    plenty of mileage left in them. With a little

    creativity and concern for the environ-

    ment, these tires are getting a shot

    at a repeat performance. Because

    of the uniqueness of the tires and our

    manufacturing process, each Flat Tire

    Decor product has its own distinct

    character, texture, and story.

    Flat Tire Dcor products are as du-

    rable as they are beautiful. We stand

    100% behind the craftsmanship of

    our products for as long as you own it.



    No two products will ever be identical. Guaranteed!

  • Our first and most popular bas-

    ket is the Venice. Its as versatile and

    functional as it is beautiful. If youve got

    the spot, the Venice is the pot!

    Venice The Venice stands 71/2 high, has

    a 6 base, and a top opening of


    Black is the new Green

    Flat Tire Fact: Close to 300 million scrap tires

    are generated every year in the US!

    Flat Tire Dcor designs, develops, and markets unique and

    innovative products that utilize recycled and re-inspired

    scrap tires. Flat Tire Dcor is sure to have a con-

    versation starting product for any home or garden!


    The uniqueness of recycled scrap

    tires ensures that each product has a

    unique character, texture, and story. In

    fact no two products will ever be identi-

    cal. The random designs on the baskets

    are naturally made from the fibers that

    are in the tires.


    The Newport style is our largest

    basket and with your creativity, has hun-

    dreds of uses. Weather you have a patio

    in Portland or a Soho studio, the New-

    port is sure add a distinctive touch.


    The Newport stands 8 high, has an

    8 base and a 12 opening at the top.

    Our Flat Tire Dcor collection

    of baskets are suitable for home

    and garden use. Flat Tire bas-

    kets are strong and practical and

    possess a rough natural beauty that

    will add charm and uniqueness to any

    home or garden. They make excel-

    lent flowerpots, plant containers, and

    are great for organizing anything you

    can imagine. While unique and attrac-

    tive enough as a tble center piece,

    they are rugged enough for the most

    demanding outdoor uses.