Fog detection through use of a CCD onboard camera

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Vehicle-Infrastructure-Driver Interactions Research Unit. Fog detection through use of a CCD onboard camera. Nicolas HAUTIERE ITPE PhD Student. Didier AUBERT Researcher. V.I.S.I.O.N. 2004 Rouen 28 septembre 2004. Presentation Overview. Introduction. Fog, light and vision. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Fog detection through use of a CCD onboard camera

  • Fog detection through use of a CCD onboard camera Vehicle-Infrastructure-Driver Interactions Research UnitNicolas HAUTIERE ITPE PhD StudentDidier AUBERTResearcherV.I.S.I.O.N. 2004 Rouen 28 septembre 2004

  • Presentation Overview Conclusion Introduction Fog, light and vision Fog effects on road vision Modeling visual effects Algorithm overview Results

  • IntroductionMeasuring the atmospheric visibility: Constitutes a driving assistance. Estimates the operation range of onboard perception sensors.This work is part of the french ARCOS project.

  • Fog, light and vision Fog microstructureFog is a concentration of water droplets suspended in the air, bringing visibility below one kilometer. Light scatteringThe daylight is scattered by fog droplets in all directions. This effect is described by an extinction coefficient k. Visibility impairmentThe fog reduces distant contrasts. This effect is described by the meteorological visibility: the greatest distance at which a black object of suitable dimensions can be seen.

  • Fog effects on road

  • Modeling fog visual effectsKoschmieders law (1924)Intrinsic luminance of the objectFog luminance at the horizonApparent luminance of the objectExtinction coefficient of fogDistance of the object to the camera International Commission on Illumination (CIE)

  • Computation of ROIAlgorithm overview

  • ResultsLow dense fog Vehicle following

  • ResultsDense fog Vehicle crossing

  • Dense fog CurveResults

  • ConclusionThis original method has the following advantages: detects the presence of fog and measures the meteorological distance of visibility, indicates if it is temporary inoperative, is based on a physical model of fog, needs only the presence of the road and the sky in the image to work, is real time performed, works with a single camera.

  • ApplicationContrast restoration on the road surface knownknownknown on the roadknowndeducedNEW

  • ApplicationNEWContrast restoration on the road surface

    Applications envisagesActivation/dsactivation des feux de anti-brouillardInformation du conducteur sur la distance de visibilitInformation des vhicules situs en amont dune zone de faible visibilitAdaptation automatique de la vitesse selon les conditions mtorologiquesInformation vers les systmes de traitement vido embarqus sur la qualit des images