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MEDIUMISTIC PATRONAGEINDEXCHAPTER I - WELCOME REMARKS The chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed ForcesThe Chairman of the Organizing CommitteeThe chief of the Polish Delegation to CISMCommanding Officer of the 1 Masurian Artillery BrigadeMayor of Wegorzewo CHAPTER II - ORGANIZING COMMITTEE CHAPTER III AUTHORITIES CISM Official RepresentativePresident of CISM Sailing CommitteeCISM Sailing CommitteeCHAPTER IV - GENERAL INFORMATION PolandWarmia and Mazury RegionThe Wgorzewo County and WgorzewoMilitary, 1st Masurian Brigade of ArtilleryPolish Armed Forces in CISMCHAPTER V DETAILED INFORMATION Participating nations List of participantsGeneral programmeDetailed programmePreliminary meetingOpening CeremonyClosing Ceremony Accommodation Medical careLocal transportationSecurityPhone, fax, internet servicesMoney exchangePost cardsCultural ActivityCHAPTER VI - TECHNICAL INFORMATION Race CommitteeProtest JuryAnti-Doping ComissionSailing Instructions Results CHAPTER VII EMBASSIES OF PARTICIPATING COUNTRIES CHAPTER IWelcome remarksTHE CHIEF OF THE GENERAL STAFF OF THE POLISH ARMED FORCESTHE CHAIRMAN OF THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEETHE CHIEF OF THE POLISH DELEGATION TO CISMCOMMANDING OFFICER OF THE 1 MASURIAN ARTILLERY BRIGADEMAYOR OF WGORZEWOLadies and Gentlemen, The 43rd World Military Championship in Sailing (CISM) is an event which the Ministry of the National Defence and the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces organizes with pleasure.Competitions of such a dignity will bring a lot of sport emotions for many enthusiasts of sailing in Poland and in Masuria Region.I hope that the competitors will become an example to follow for a young generation of the Polish Nation. They show how to achieve a victory in sport and a success in life through persistence and a hard work. They build a force of the military sport and shape a new, healthy lifestyle.The attendance of many talented competitors in Wgorzewo is a reason for joy. We are glad that they will have a chance to get to know at least a fragment of our country and to meet our inhabitants.I would like to express my hope that they will become our friends and ambassadors of Wgorzewo in their countries.I am sure that the struggle over the World Military Sailing Championship will be an excellent test of form for participants and for all of you it will be an occasion to experience un unforgettable sporting emotions.The Chief of the General StaffGen. Franciszek GGOR Dear Athletes and Distinguished Guestsof the Polish Armed Forces, On the occasion of the organisation of the 43rd World Miltary Sailing Championship (CISM) in Wgorzewo I have the plaesure to welcome the CISM Official Representative, the President and members of the CISM Sailing Committee, all chiefs of missions, missions members and all athletes, guests of the Polish Armed Forces, who answered to our invitation. It is a great pleasure to have all of you here at this important championship, which now, at its 43rd edition gathers a great number of athletes. The Polish Armed Forces is proud of being entrusted with the organisation of such an important event. I am convinced that this edition of the championship will be an opportunity for all of you not only to prove your value in sport, but also strenghten more and more, the links of friendship, cooperation and solidarity among armed forces, people and nations. I am also convinced taht this important military event will meet the highest standards in accordance with the CISM traditions and the noble ideals: friendship, loyality and fraternity, that have always prevailed within CISM.One again I welcome all participants and I wish you a pleasant stay in Poland and good luck in competitions. Admiral Tomasz MATHEA Chairman of the Organizing CommitteeDear CISM Members, Distinguished Guests, Dear Friends, The International Military Sports Council (CISM) entrusted the Polish Armed Forces with the organisation of the 43rd World Military Sailing Championship.As the Chief of the Polish Delegation to CISM I cordially welcome all the guests and participants of the championship. Thank you very much for your decision to come to Wgorzewo and to take part in the event. The presence of such distinguished guests who represent so many Armed Forces from all over the world is a serious challenge but, at the same time, it is a reason to be proud because it shows that our organisational achivements among them the organisation of CISM European Sailing Championship, five times - meet with approbation both of the participants and CISM as well as our superiors. The Organizing Committee started its work one year ago. An experienced team on CISM has been sweating to make the 43rd World Military Sailing Championship unforgettable. With the traditional Polish hospitality added to this strife, I hope that you will leave Poland with splendid memories. I wish good luck to all participating countries and their athletes. FRIENDSHIP THROUGH SPORT! Chief of the Polish Delegation to CISMCol Micha BUKINLadies and Gentlemen, As the Commanding Officer of the 1st Mazurian Artillery Brigade I would like to welcome all the participants of the regatta. On the occasion of your stay in Garrison Wegorzewo I wish all the sportsmen, the coaches and all invited guests plenty of unforgettable sport, tourist and cultural impressions. I belive that contacts established this year will yield a crop in the shape of more chances for the 1st Mazurian Artillery Brigade to organize similar events in the future. May the best of you and the spirit of fair and friendly rivalry be the winners on these magnificent waters of the Mazurian Lake District. Commanding Officerof the 1st Mazurian Artillery BrigadeCol Stanisaw SAPCZYSKILadies and Gentlemen,The setting of their sails resembles more than anything else the unfolding of a birds wings; the facility of their evolutions is a pleasure to the eye. They are birds of the sea, whose swimming is like flying - so described sailing famous writer, Joseph Conrad.Even the shortest and plainest of voyages is an adventure, which remains in our memories for a long time. Sailing addicts and becomes more than just a hobby, it becomes a way of relaxation. The stay spend in the nature habitat soothees and calms, whereas submitting to the rules of nature and sometimes the necessity to overcome natures obstacles lifts the level of adrenaline. Sailing allows to discover oneself. We know perfectly well about the strength of this sporting discipline. The exact and reliable preparation is the basis for the later perfectionism on water, but the safety rules should not be forgotten either.Today we witness great challenges delivered to us by the Forty Third European Military Sailing Championships CISM. The teams are competing for valuable trophies founded by the high-ranking authorities of our country. Dear Sailors! On behalf of local self government authorities of the Region, County and the town I wish you the unforgetable emotions during the stay on our ground. Let the trophies won by you bring us happiness and pride. I address the words of gratitude to the organizers of this venture for their involvement in developing local and regional sport disciplines as well as for establishing the positive image of our region.I wish all the participants a lot of moments of joy and thrill. I thank you for hard work, ambition and the will to compete. I thank you for a tremendous promotion of Wgorzewo and the whole Region of Warmia and Mazury .Let the outcomes, the achieved medals and prizes be the proof that hard work as well as proper organization and education do indeed bring impressive results.I wish you strong winds and a foot of water under the keel.Mayor of WgorzewoKrzysztof PIWOWARCZYK CHAPTER IIOrganizing Committee






Mrs Dorota MICHALCZYK&&,WIKING"Mrs Agnieszka KLIMKIEWICZ&&Capt. Marcin MICHALSKI&Capt. Jacek OLENIUK&&Capt. Tomasz PAKULNIEWICZ&Maj. Jaroslaw GRAS&Lt. Rafal ZWIERZYNIECKI&&&Mr Aleksander IWANIUK CHAPTER IIIAuthoritiesCISM OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVEPRESIDENT OF CISM SAILING COMMITTEECISM SAILING COMMITTEE43rd World Military Sailing Championship22nd to 29th August 2009Wgorzewo, Poland CISM OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVEBrig. General M. Ali SABOUR (IRI)CISM SAILING COMMITTEE Cdr J.P. Ditmar ANDERSEN (DEN), President Members:Cdr Bram WELLER (RSA), Member 1. SLt Morgan SUNDEN (SWE), Member 2. Javed RASOOL (PAK), Member 3. CHAPTER IVGeneral InformationPOLANDWARMIA AND MAZURY REGIONTHE WGORZEWO COUNTY AND WGORZEWOMILITARY, 1ST MASURIAN BRIGADE OF ARTILLERYPOLISH ARMED FORCES IN CISM43rd World Military Sailing Championship22nd to 29th August 2009Wgorzewo, PolandABOUT POLANDName: Republic of Poland , Rzeczpospolita PolskaAnthem: Mazurek Dbrowskiego (Dbrowskis Mazurka)Capital: WarsawOfficial Languages: PolishDemonym: Pole/PolishGoverment: Parliamentary republicPresident: Lech KaczyskiPrime Minister: Donald TuskMinister of Defence: Bogdan KlichChristianisation: 966First Republik: 1569Second Republik: 1918EU accession: 2004Area: 312.679 km2Population in 2007: 38.130.302Currency: Zoty (PLN)Time zone: CET (UTC+1)Summer (DST): CEST (UTC +2)Iinternet TLD: . .plNational Flag of POLANDPoland (Polish: Polska),officially the Republic of Poland (Rzeczpospolita Polska), is a country in Central Europe. Poland is bordered by German