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3D medical-grade monitors news release.inddTel: 714-300-0540 | Fax: 714-300-0546
For Immediate Release FSN’s 3D visualization lets doctors see a depth of fi eld and gain more surgical understanding.
Anaheim, California Sept. 18, 2020 - From robotic surgery to 3D endoscopy, improved 3D technology has made its way into the OR workfl ow. Medical professionals can literally see a new dimension in surgical images. FSN has display monitor options that take full advantage of this technology.
Binocular Vision.
The human brain will process stereoscopic images coming from both eyes to perceive a single three-dimensional image of our surroundings. We naturally see the world in 3D.
32 inch 3D model. FM-E3204DGC • LCD • 4K UHD resolution • View 2D or 3D images. • Includes 3D glasses.
3D Advantages.
Surface shapes, textures, and light movement are all enhanced when viewed using 3D equipment.
3D menu.
Detailed Control for the Image that Suits You Best!
Side By Side Line By Line Top Bottom SDI level B-DS SDI dual Input
Parallax adjustment.
Swap left and right image.
FM-E3204DGC comes with SDI connections, 3G and 12G, for the ultimate feature set, including signal compatibility, multi-window layouts, and dual 3D inputs.
3D mode ON or OFF button.
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Present realistic 4K UHD surgical images with this large screen that delivers everything professionals need in a medical-grade monitor.
The immersive viewing experience of 3D is ideally suited for a large screen of this size.
FSN’s attention to engineering details, such as rounded bezel corners, easy to use interface controls, and a backlit touch menu, allow for safe and effi cient interaction.
FM-A5505DGC is auto-sensing. Enabling 3D via a menu setting is not required. 3D mode is turned off for 2D use.
Black luminance using OLED is 0 nit.
OLED retains color and brightness levels over a wider viewing angle.
Optimal brightness, reduced bluelight emission, and super- fast response time add up to a
comfortable viewing experience.
Additional Contact Information
Visit to view optical fi ber components from Ophit. Visit for highly specialized LCD monitors from WIDE.
2210 E. Winston Road Anaheim, CA 92806
Tel: 714-300-0540 | Fax: 714-300-0546
55 inch 3D model. FM-A5505DGC • OLED technology. • Superior contrast ratio. • Ultra-high resolution. • Dual, Triple,Quad picture layouts. • Remote control from a distance. • Includes 3D glasses.
Item Description
Input Signal
1 x HDMI (2.0, HDCP 2.2) 2 x DP (1.4 SST) 1 x DVI (single link, HDMI 1.4, HDCP 1.4) 4 x SDI (3G), 2 x SDI (12G)
Power Consumption 250W max
Unit Dimension 1268.5(W) x 753.3(H) x 84.5(D) mm 49.94(W) x 29.66(H) x 3.33(D) inch
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