Ford Mustang Convertible 4.2 v6

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The coolest car for strolling along coastal roads


  • Dreamcars Supercars Ford Mustang Convertible 4.2 V6

    20/5/2009 1

    Ford Mustang Convertible 4.2 V6

    The coolest car for strolling along coastal roads

    Ediror: Giannis Zacharakis

    Photographs: Giannis Zacharakis , Rosy Favicchio

    One of the benefits of working for a research lab with good funding is that occasionaly

    you can travel to scientific conferences and combine it with some cool vacation.

    Actually, this is one of the major reasons people do research (me as well...) and if they

    don't well then they loose big time to put it in a nice way. Depending on the place where

    the conference is located you can choose what activity you can combine to your scientific

    travel. For example lets assume that the conference is in the Red Sea; yes you guest it

    right you will try scuba diving and snorckeling in the magnificent underwater world of

    the Arabic cost. What if it is in an alpine ski resort? Easy, eh? Obviously you're not going

    for snorckeling to this one... Kenya: wild life safari, Finland: sauna and frozen lake

    swimming, Japan: sushi and geishas, Borneo: head hunting and so it goes on. But what if

    it's in Florida? You could visit Cape Canaveral or the everglades, do some sailing in the

    Keys. Well in my case when the oportunity came along I chose to realize one of my early

    university years dream. Drive a convertible along an american coastal road. It all started

    to take form after our papers were accepted for presentations in a conference in St.

    Petersburg Florida. We could now organize the days after the conference. And after a

    brief conversation with my friend Vasilis who would also attend the same venue I

    decided to rent a cool convertible no matter the cost and drive along the west coast of

    Florida from St. Petersburg to Panama City where we could stay in Rosy's uncle and

    aunt's for a few days before we head back.After a search on the internet the choice was

  • Dreamcars Supercars Ford Mustang Convertible 4.2 V6

    20/5/2009 2

    obvious. We would

    rent a Ford Mustang

    4.2 V6 convertible

    for the increadible

    amount of $280 for 5

    days, the price you

    pay in a Greek island

    for a Matiz during

    August... No further

    comment on that.It

    was red, automatic,

    nicely equiped and

    very very cool.

    Problem number one:

    not enough boot

    space to fit both our

    suitcases. You don't

    expect that though

    from a sport

    convertible, however

    I'm sure they would fit in the Chrysler Sebring parked next to it.Problem number two: we

    had no idea where to go and with no GPS we wondered a bit before heading the right

    direction. But that's actually not such a big problem after you open the roof and just stroll

    hedonistically, but very slowly I have to admit.Which brings me to problem number

    three. If you believe that this car is a sport convertible you are very much mistaken. And

    this becomes evident the moment you check the technical specs. Suspension from the

    middle ages' coaches and frame made of chewing gum. The result is that even on the

    american highway straights the Mustang is following a zig zag... And when the first

    corner comes along (yes

    they exist even in the US)

    the huge mass makes

    crnering a very amusing

    procedure. So this car is the

    perfect means of

    transportation if you have

    the time for the journey and

    the nerves to obey the speed

    limits. Of course this is very

    easy if you're fullfiling a

    dream and your purpose is

    to travel on the Florida's

    great coastal road along

    amazing natural reserves

    and wonderfull beaches.

    And it fits perfectly to the

    Mustang alone

    Mustang and Rosy

  • Dreamcars Supercars Ford Mustang Convertible 4.2 V6

    20/5/2009 3

    life pace of the Seaheaven community (you know the city where "The Truman Show "

    was filmed. We really enjoyed barely moovng at 20 mph and admiring the "perfect"

    city...You might have realized by now that this is not a common test drive since there

    isn't really much to say about the performance of the car. The power surge is satisfying

    enough and the soundtrack of the big V6 is a proper american muscle car's tune. And you

    basically don't need to know anything else, except of course that this car makes

    absolutely no sence in European roads, so much more on Greek roads.But if you do live

    in US and you have a bit of a soul then I can see absolutely no reason to spend the

    $20,000 the base Mustang costs for anything else. Especially if you consider that with the

    same money you buy a 2.0L VW Golf or a similar Toyota Corolla. But in Europe, I'm

    sorry but with a price tag on the 50,000 Euro mark I can find many cars that have both

    the soul and the escence.As an epilogue I can only hope that next time I happen to be in

    Florida I would go for the Corvette for about $800 for the same 5 days, the price you

    would pay for a VW Golf for a week in a Greek island in August.


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