Forgotten Fire

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Forgotten Fire . Discussion Leader . Foreword . Discussion Leader . Summary : Armenia is between Europe and Asia Throughout history-many invaders Ottoman Empire (Muslim Turks) 16 th century By 1900s Muslim Turks Considered Armenian Christians inferior and a threat to government’s security - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Forgotten Fire

Forgotten Fire Discussion Leader Foreword Discussion Leader Summary:Armenia is between Europe and AsiaThroughout history-many invadersOttoman Empire (Muslim Turks) 16th centuryBy 1900s Muslim Turks Considered Armenian Christians inferior and a threat to governments securityMuslim Turks feared Armenian oppression would draw attention to European powers (weaken already weak Ottoman Empire)Turkish leaders gave more rights back in 1908-lasted two yearsDecided to remove threat of European interference Destroyed non-Muslim minorities (massacres and genocide)Muslim superiorityBook told through the eyes of a twelve year old Armenian

Vocabulary Page x Massacre: mass murder Genocide: the deliberate extermination of an entire group of people based on race, religion, politics, etc. Holocaust: mostly referred to as the systematic mass slaughter of European Jews in Nazi concentration camps during WWII (noun)/ mass slaughter and destruction of life (by fire)

CharacterizationPage xiBased on the true story of one child (Armenian)

Literary TermsPoint of View: First PersonPassages Right before the foreword beginsAdolf HitlerNo one remembers the extermination of peopleQuestionsWhat does Hitler mean by this? Why is it so important to remember tragedies?What do you think the central conflict will be in this story based on the historical context?

Chapter One Discussion LeaderSummaryVahan Kenderian born in Bitlis which is a providence of Turkey (once Armenia)Remembers the details and beauty of this city with sensory details on page 3 and 4 On page 4, he recalls a superior attitude about the greatness of his hometownIn 1915, Vahan was 12 years old (youngest child of one of the wealthiest Armenians in Turkey)He grew up with luxuries and never knew what suffering really felt likeHis father does not like his laziness/troublesome behavior and insists that he needs to develop character and discipline because he has a poor attitudeVahans father leads by example, and he is honorable and dependableVahans world is sheltered and safe/secure/ Childhood


Cobbled page 3 paved with small rounded stonesBlighting page 3 harming, destroying, spoilingMadzoon page 3 yogurt productConsolation page 5 comfort, support

CharacterizationDirect CharacterizationPage 4 Vahan Kenderian- wealthy, 12 years old, youngest, small, stocky, strong, never knew life without luxery, troublemaker, lazy, poor attitudeIndirect Characterization Page 5 Threw paper at friends (Manoosh and Pattoo)Fell asleep at desk, gave a teacher a disrespectful look, skipped school, slacked on chores CharacterizationVahans FatherPage 6Direct CharacterizationLeads by exampleHonorableHard workingHelpful and dependableIndirect CharacterizationPage 6 He was a man that others turned to for support

Literary TermsSettingBitlis (Providence of Turkey)

ForeshadowingPage 6-top of 7Father tried to open Vahans eyes beyond the long white wall that surrounded our property to the challenges of the real world.

PassagesPage In my real world, there would always be this house I loved, the laughter of brothers and sisters, uncles, and cousins. In my real world, I would always belong, and I would always be happy.

QuestionsWhat does this passage indicate?

What does Vahans father want him to do?

Why does Vahan not act more honorable like his father desires?

Chapter Two Discussion LeaderSummaryBegins with a flashback to Vahans childhood home-shows wealth and luxuryIntroduces family membersSetting is established 1915 Discusses the separation between the Turks and Armenians-different languages, different schools, different churchesTurks are superior- Armenians must learn languageRumors of an Armenian massacre at a near city years before Vahan was not told any of the details Vahan believes that the Turks in Bitlis are good, but reveals that later finds out that they are the same Vocabulary Page 9 Suitors (potential marriage proposals/courters)Page 10 Massacre (mass killing)

CharacterizationDirect CharacterizationDiran: Oldest brother; hardworking; pride of family (page 9)Tavel: brother Sisak: brother closest in age with Vahan (shares a room) (page 8)Uncle Mumpreh: plays piano (page 8)Karnig: houseman Oskina: sister (helps brothers with chores) indirectArmenouhi: sister; pretty; ready for suitors (courting for marriage)

Literary TermsFlashback: If I close my eyes I can still see my home (page 8)Foreshadowing:(page 10) I would learn that some of the Turks of Adana were also the Turks of Bitlis.PassagesPage 9 I did not know we were enemiesQuestionsWhat does Vahan mean by that statement?

How does Vahan differ from his siblings?

Why does Uncle Mumpreh say, We cant trust them, on page 10?

Chapter 3Discussion LeaderSummary In the spring of 1915, policemen took Vahans father awayHis fathers name is Sarkis KenderianVahans grandmother, Toumia is the wisest and most respected in the family and assured Vahans mother that he will be backVahans father does not returnVahan is worriedThe audience sees Vahan is more of a child than he realizes and he goes to see his mother because he is afraidShe assures Vahan that his father is away on business as usual and she is not worriedVahan feels better but he doesnt believe his motherHis city began to change for the worseUncle Mumpreh is arrested for being a revolutionaryVocabulary Page 11 gendarmes: policemenPage 12 antidote: cure, remedyPage 14 renown: reputable, famous, well known

CharacterizationSarkis KenderianIndirect Characterization: Its nothing (confident)Uncle Mumpreh says, He knows more about running this city than they do (page 12) which indicates Vahans father is powerful and respectedMother: (direct characterization) hazel eyes, brown hair, tender smile, worrier

Literary TermsForeshadowing page 14: stores closed, heard gun shots, screams, houses burned down, no more school, stay homePassages Page 14 to top of 15 There was no question now that this was our AdanaQuestionsWhat does Vahan mean? What happened in Adana?

Why does Vahan feel better after talking to his mother, but reveals that everything she said was a lie?

What clues are given that Vahans childhood will soon be coming to an end?

Chapter 4Discussion LeaderSummary The gendarmes (police) took Uncle Mumpreh away-accused of being a revolutionary All of the rumors were true about the massacres/screams/sufferingIt was only the beginning for VahanProvidence of Van Selim Bey governor-murdered thousands of Armenians Hundred of Armenians marching through with Turkish soldiers/police husbands and fathers killedKarnig (houseman) disappeared-No one tells Vahan (sheltered) Oskina informs him he committed suicide by hanging himself after discovering his family was killedAll men were shot on the way (march) to Diarbekir- Vahans father is assumed dead8-900 Armenians marching through Bitlis Tavel and Diran want to fight back; Sisak wants to esacpe- venerable grandmother believes all will be fine because of power of Vahans fatherUncle Mumpreh was brought home with burns on his face and hands which indicates hes been torturedGives the women bags of poison just in case they need it, and the next morning he was gone again

Vocabulary Fortress: any place of exceptional securityHaggard: worn; fatigued; exhaustedCharacterizationDirect Characterization:Page 16 Uncle Mumpreh- fathers younger brotherComedian, black sheepVahan and Uncle Mumpreh relate (both feel they are black sheep in family)Gifted student; dropped out of medical schoolPage 17-18 Oskina tomboy; protective, motherly, mature

Indirect Characterization: helps struggling people with minor medical issuesPage 17 Selim Bey-governor of Van murdered Armenians by the thousands Page 18 Karnig: houseman hung himselfLiterary TermsPage 21 Foreshadowing: Uncle Mumpreh gives the women in his family bags of poison to wear around their necksPassagesEight or nine hundred of them, all Armenian, with soldiers and gendarmes on either side (19).

QuestionsPage 20 What do the burns on Uncle Mumpreh indicate as an inference you can make?

Page 21 Why does Uncle Mumpreh disappear again?

Page 17 Why does Vahan smile after he discovers that all men were killed on their way to Diarbekir?Chapter FiveDiscussion LeaderSummary Soldiers surrounded Vahans houseThey question his mother where Uncle Mumpreh is and if they are hiding anyoneThe soldiers ask the age of Diran (19) and Travel (17), and they take them all out to the garden and shoot Diran and Tavel Armenouhi rarely left her room-afraidThe soldiers came back a week laterThey do not shoot anyone else but take Vahan and his family to Goryans Inn Vocabulary Page 23 Ominous: ThreateningPage 25 Pallid: PalePage 30 Effrontery (noun): arrogance, boldness, brashness, CharacterizationDirect CharacterizationDiran: oldest son, natural leader, optimistic, 19 years oldTavel: Dirans best friend, 17 years oldOskina- is a lot like her father

Indirect Characterization Vahan wants to comfort his mother but is too afraid Oskina on page 30 questions with effrontery (arrogance) where they are being takenLiterary TermsSuspense I looked up at the street and my heart fell (30)Setting: moving to Goryans Inn (30)

Passage Page 23 I did not know when I opened my eyes the next morning that it was the last day of my childhood.QuestionsWhy do the soldiers ask if they are hiding anyone?

Why do the soldiers kill Diran and Tavel?

Why dont they kill Sisak and Vahan?