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<p>Media Unit 30 Forms of television advertising In media they are many advertising form that attract the audience/customer to buying the product. These forms are Realistic, Anti-realistic, Animation, Documentary, Talking head, Stand alone and Series. Some of the forms can get people hooked to the TV. Realistic advert are the ones, which are lifelike. Anti-realistic adverts are non-real, which does not make sance. Documentary advert document some ones aspects of reality/life. Talking head advert is a person taking straight to the audience. Stand alone are one off advert, only one is made. Series advert is a long chain of advert using the same people, but in different seniors.</p> <p>Realistic advert Persil Small and Mighty AdvertThe Persils (small and mighty) advert has many unique feathers to it being realistic. The advert itself is representing things in a way that is accurate and true to life. The adverts is realistic because it shows a few different ways kids could get dirty and most of these things happen in everyday life, it shows how much mums get the satins out of their clothes. So this advert ids realist narrative because it happens in a daily bases. The adverts target audience is mostly aimed at Mums/housewifes. The reasons being, is that mostly females are the ones that mostly was clothes, which I found untrue. Not all female was clothes most of the population is changing, nowadays more men are washing clothes then women and more women goes to work than men. The advert dose not relate to humour but mostly scientific, it manly uses strange and smartly world to describe the product, which convinces the audiences to thinks that it has been tested and approved by scientist, which gives the affect that it is safe to use for the uses. The product itself is attractive to the audience, which will give it affect that it is worth buying. Also the advert have different types of sound to attract the audiences to buying the product. It is manly on kids laughter of fun attracting the target audiences to thinks that their kids can have fun, but still stay clean. This adverts uses different types of shot to show the product, it uses long shot on the kids and a close up of the product. Over all the advert was effective because it did not mention competitors. This had the effect of making the product seem the only/best one to buy. It also meant that the viewer/consumer was not confused by the product look to other product that they have seen.</p> <p>Anti - Realistic advert Blue Smartie Party advertSmartie (Blue Smartie) advert counts as anti-realist, because although there is a story behind the advert, it is obviously fictional. Unlike the realist narrative, this is not day-to-day behaviour. You do not see a community of people known as the Smarties dressed in morph-suits that live in a tube in real life. Smarties is box of small chocolate which are different colour and tasty, because it is chocolate, it is mostly aimed at the mass market, but its target market is children. Mostly kids eat chocolate, so Smarties is advertised on children channels, also whatever they want they always get which means the will get the chocolate. The advert uses human to attract the target audiences, its funny for kids but not for adults. The product itself is attractive, it has uses multi colours to describe the tasty of each chocolate. This will get kids buying the chocolate because it is colourful, which they are attractive too. The advert starts off with a peaceful sound creating a happy and joyful place, than the music stops, everyone goes too hid because blue chocolate is back. After they have a party with funny music, they used the sound to describe whats happening in the advert creating an affect that course us to laugh. The advert has used different types of shot, such as long shots, wild shots, close ups and the camera was in the right angle to make the advert perfect. This shots always describe whats happening, just by moving the camera in different places. Overall the advertisement was effective because it showed real-looking people, which enabled the viewer to identify with the characters and product.</p> <p>AnimationWallace &amp; Gromit PG Tips AdAn animation is simply what it says on the tin. It is an animated production, which means that although there are voiceovers, and maybe CGI, there are no actual actors running around, but mostly cartoon characters or objects with human features. The advert is targeted mostly towards the middle age (25+) as they are the most common age that drink tea. The advert is using tea in a social gathering, this shows how tea is used to bring people together which creates a warm affect and persuades the consumers to buy the tea as it is emphasising the purpose of the product. This production is mainly streamed on channels, YouTube and Banner Ads. This is done because the product can get a wider group of audience from the internet as the markets that are sponsoring this advert are global, meaning more foreign customers will be intrigued with the advert. Not only will they be attracted to the advert, but to the promotional gift they have to offer when you purchase the tea; the thermal nose mug. When promoting the mug, they emphasise the word free so this will attract more customers as it is a free gift when buying an everyday purchase. The packaging of the PG Tips include the basic theme of the product, alongside with the promotional gift that includes bold writing that states FREE MUG which instantly grabs the audiences attention and is just another reason to buy the tea. Humour is presented in the advert when Wallace dunks his head in the cake and fails to impress the lady. This immediately makes the consumers laugh and attracts them more towards the advert as they continue to watch it; beginning to end, persuading them to buy the product with the mug. The melody occurring in the background creates a cheerful and happy mood, suggesting that was the aim the manufacturers had wanted to present; a pleasant feel about the product. The affect this tune has on the audience is quite satisfactory as it is successfully portrays the purpose of the advert, which is to encourage consumers to buy PG Tips. </p>


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