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Fortuna MIT


<p> C0PYRIuBT 2u1S - F0RT0NA ABNISSI0NS, LTB. ALL RIuBTS F0RT0NA admissions lC81unA AuMlSSlCnSlnSluL8'S 1C 1lSlC8 AL?lnC 1C Ml1 SLCAn C0PYRIuBT 2u1S - F0RT0NA ABNISSI0NS, LTB. ALL RIuBTS F0RT0NA admissions "#$%&amp;'( ()*+,,+#', - +',+).$/, %#0 %+0, "#$ (0012+'3 %# *+% ,1#(' (4#&amp;% %5. ,65##1 Ml1 Sloan has a very dlfferenL feel from lLs nelghbor across Lhe Charles 8lver - Lhe campus ls more urban and lndusLrlal, wlLh an lnformal mlsh-mash of archlLecLural sLyles and a few green spaces. 1he Sloan School, unllke Parvard, does noL have lLs own llbrary, buL raLher shares lL wlLh Lhe unlverslLy. So Lhere are more opporLunlLles Lo mlx wlLh sLudenLs from Lhe resL of Ml1. Several well-known flnanclal and managerlal Lheorles were developed Lhrough Ml1 Sloan. 1here ls a sLrong analyLlcal and daLa-drlven focus here, especlally ln Lhe core classes, and Lhls ls comblned wlLh an emphasls on lnnovaLlon. SLudenLs only Lake one semesLer of core classes so Lhere ls a loL of flexlblllLy Lo focus on elecLlves. 1he smaller slze of Lhe sLudenL body means LhaL Lhe collaboraLlve and energeLlc culLure of lnnovaLlon counLs for a loL.Ml1 Sloan ls a place where ldeas maLLer. ,%$.'3%5, (') ,0.6+(1+7(%+#', 1he M8A program ls known for lLs emphasls on lnnovaLlon, Lechnology, and enLrepreneurshlp. 1he school ls also very sLrong ln producLlon/operaLlons and lnformaLlon sysLems. +'6#*+'3 61(,, number of AppllcanLs: 4,329M8A Class Slze: 406Admlsslons SelecLlvlLy: 14?leld: 68 1ulLlon: $122,880Avg llnanclal Ald: $67,776 0#,%-*4( 6($..$, SecLor: ConsulLlng 29, 1echnology 26, llnance 14, 8eLall 8 1op 8ecrulLers: Mcklnsey, 8aln, Amazon, 8CC, Apple, uelolLLe ConsulLlng, Coogle, wC Avg salary: $138,926Salary lncrease: 97LmploymenL wlLhln 3 monLhs: 93 *4( $('8+'3,201020112012201320142013 8uslnessWeek10-9-14 llnanclal 1lmes897888 lorbes-10-12- 1he LconomlsL131171212 uS news334433 ()*+,,+#', Avg. Work Lxp.: 3 yrsAvg. CMA1: 713Avg. CA: 3.38 lnL'l SLudenLs: 47lemale SLudenLs: 39 ueadllnes for SepL 2016: 81- SepL 17, '13 82- !an 14, '1683 - Apr 11, '16 Sources: Ml1 Sloan, 8uslnessWeek, llnanclal 1lmes, uS news, M8A30 C0PYRIuBT 2u1S - F0RT0NA ABNISSI0NS, LTB. ALL RIuBTS F0RT0NA admissions "#$%&amp;'( ()*+,,+#', - +',+).$/, %#0 %+0, "#$ (0012+'3 %# *+% ,1#(' .,,(2, 1. 1ell us abouL a recenL success you had: Pow dld you accompllsh Lhls? Who else was lnvolved? WhaL hurdles dld you encounLer? WhaL Lype of lmpacL dld Lhls have? (300 words or fewer) 2. (CpLlonal Lssay) 1he Admlsslons CommlLLee lnvlLes you Lo share anyLhlng else you would llke us Lo know abouL you, ln any formaL. lf you choose Lo use a mulLlmedla formaL, please hosL Lhe lnformaLlon on a webslLe and provlde us Lhe u8L. ShorL quesLlon asked only of Lhose lnvlLed Lo lnLervlew 1he mlsslon of Lhe Ml1 Sloan School of ManagemenL ls Lo develop prlnclpled, lnnovaLlve leaders who lmprove Lhe world and Lo generaLe ldeas LhaL advance managemenL pracLlce. lease share wlLh us someLhlng abouL your pasL LhaL allgns wlLh Lhls mlsslon. (230 words or fewer) C0PYRIuBT 2u1S - F0RT0NA ABNISSI0NS, LTB. ALL RIuBTS F0RT0NA admissions "#$%&amp;'( ()*+,,+#', - +',+).$/, %#0 %+0, "#$ (0012+'3 %# *+% ,1#(' %9: ;&lt; - 0=&gt;?&gt;=&gt;@A&gt; ?B= ,%.* CDAEF=BG@H I J9FJ KGD@L 3*(%Ml1 Sloan very openly favors appllcanLs wlLh very sLrong quanLlLaLlve foundaLlons and has a hlsLory of aLLracLlng (and admlLLlng) sLudenLs wlLh sclence, Lechnology, englneerlng and maLhemaLlcs proflles - as well as Lhose who have a record of achlevemenL ln economlcs.So, lf you do noL have Lhls klnd of academlc background, you need Lo make sure your quanL CMA1 score ls very sLrong ln Lerms of supporLlng your skllls.A very rapld advancemenL professlonally also helps mlLlgaLe a weaker Lhan average quanLlLaLlve background. %9: ;M - (AL9B@-B=9&gt;@L&gt;H :=B?9N&gt;O Ml1 Sloan ls Lhe school whlch ploneered acLlon-learnlng - Lhe lnsLlLuLe's moLLo of !"#$ "&amp; !'#($ (LaLln for mlnd and hand") also polnLs Lo Lhe phllosophy LhaL you need noL only be lnLelllgenL, buL you need Lo show you are able Lo successfully execuLe your ldeas.ln your appllcaLlon and essays, you should focus on descrlblng deLalled examples of your acLlons, whlch have conLrlbuLed Lo your success ln a subsLanLlve, concreLe way. %9: ;P - *DE9@F D@ 9Q:DAL Maklng a dlfference maLLers - Lhe Admlsslons CommlLLee wanLs Lo know whaL you plan Lo do wlLh your degree whlch wlll have a poslLlve lmpacL on Lhe world.Sloan Lakes lLself very serlously ln Lerms of belng a mlsslon-drlven lnsLlLuLlon, and lL ls looklng for slmllarly mlnded lndlvlduals who wlll ulLlmaLely be able Lo acL on Lhls mlsslon.?our essays should demonsLraLe how you vlew success Lhrough Lhe lens of beneflLlng Lhe world ln some way. %9: ;R - "&gt;&gt;N9@FO =DLJ&gt;= LJD@ ?G@AL9B@ Llke many of Lhe admlsslons offlces aL Lhe Lop schools, Ml1 Sloan has a falrly small Leam Lo handle Lhe many Lhousands of appllcaLlons lL recelves each year. As such Lhey have read counLless appllcaLlons LhaL provlde deLalls of Lhe Lasks, pro[ecLs and responslblllLles of consulLanLs, sofLware englneers and flnanclers and have a preLLy good ldea of whaL Lhose roles lnvolve. 8eyond avoldlng Lechnlcal [argon, avold devoLlng Loo much space ln your essays Lo Lhe mechanlcs of your [ob, whlch provldes very llLLle lnslghL lnLo who you are as a person and whaL makes you Llck. Sloan ls far more lnLeresLed Lo learn abouL how you LhoughL Lhrough a parLlcular challenge or slLuaLlon, whaL you dld Lo come up wlLh an lnnovaLlve soluLlon, and how you felL when you needed Lo make a dlfflculL declslon. Whlle Lhe schools clearly values numbers and analyLlcal skllls, Ml1 Sloan ls sLlll Lrylng Lo unearLh Lhe very human aspecLs of your personallLy, and Lhe values, lnLegrlLy and passlon wlLh whlch you lead your llfe. %9: ;S T +@ :G=OG9L B? &gt;UA&gt;NN&gt;@A&gt; Sloan ls lnLeresLed ln sLudenLs who demonsLraLe excellence ln Lerms of Lhelr work experlence, academlc achlevemenLs, and Lhelr goals. Make sure you hlghllghL where you have ouLperformed or been an overachlever LhroughouL your appllcaLlon ln very measurable, concreLe ways.Lxcellence need noL only be ln Lhe professlonal sphere - lf you are a karaLe black belL, masLer chess player, avld muslclan - make sure Lo weave LhaL ln Lo your appllcaLlon as well. C0PYRIuBT 2u1S - F0RT0NA ABNISSI0NS, LTB. ALL RIuBTS F0RT0NA admissions "#$%&amp;'( ()*+,,+#', - +',+).$/, %#0 %+0, "#$ (0012+'3 %# *+% ,1#(' %9: ;V T 4&gt; DGLJ&gt;@L9A D@H H9OL9@AL ln addlLlon Lo excellence, Lhe Admlsslons CommlLLee members are searchlng for auLhenLlclLy - belng able Lo explaln whaL you wanL Lo do and why ln a convlnclng and credlble way ls key Lo geLLlng serlous conslderaLlon.Avold Lhe LempLaLlon Lo make yourself flL a proflle you Lhlnk Sloan may wanL.?ou have your own unlque and auLhenLlc on where you may be able Lo besL sLand ouL vs. how you blend ln Lo Lhe masses of oLher M8A appllcanLs. </p> <p>%9: ;W - %J&gt; =&gt;NDL9B@OJ9: X9LJ *+% 8ecause of lLs emphasls on lnnovaLlon, many of Sloan's alumnl have made sLrldes ln Lerms of belng enLrepreneurs, parLlcularly ln Lhe fleld of Lechnology.lf you have enLrepreneurlal amblLlons, lncludlng how you plan Lo leverage Lhe Lechnlcal experLlse of Lhe larger Ml1 communlLy, Lhls wlll make you a more aLLracLlve appllcanL. uon'L forgeL, when lL comes Lo aLLracLlng Lop LalenL Sloan goes head Lo head wlLh SLanford and Paas from Lhe wesL coasL, and P8S [usL across Lhe Charles 8lver. So lf approprlaLe you should arLlculaLe how Lhe lnLeracLlon wlLh some of Lhe world's brlghLesL englneers and sclenLlsLs, and an exLraordlnary ecosysLem for sLarLups maLches wlLh your M8A goals. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ !"#$ &amp;'"() *"#)(+&amp; ,-./00/"+01 Foituna Aumissions is a uieam team of foimei NBA Aumissions Biiectois anu Senioi NBA Aumissions staff fiom the woilu's top business schools, incluuing Baivaiu Business School, Stanfoiu uSB, Whaiton, Chicago Booth, INSEAB, NY0 Stein, Buke Fuqua, Lonuon Business School, anu 0C Beikeley Baas. As inuustiy expeits, we iegulaily pioviue commentaiy anu analysis about b-school aumissions foi majoi meuia aiounu the woilu. To ieau oui full iange of auvice visit With oui unpaialleleu collective expeitise, we aie able to coach you to uevelop a cleai vision of youi goals foi business school anu beyonu. We woik closely with you thioughout the application piocess anu pioviue expeit guiuance at eveiy stage to maximize youi chances of aumission to a top school. 0ui fiee consultations aie consistently iateu as the best in the inuustiy, so to leain moie about Foituna anu assess youi chances foi aumission, ieseive youis at </p>


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