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Massachusetts College of Art and Design: Family Day 2013

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  • Bakalar & Paine GalleriesJuly 2012 - June 2013

  • Cover images, clockwise from top left: A young visitor Family Day particpant and her father

    Table of Contents

    Cover images, clockwise from left: Visitors engage in a Family Day activity; MassArt students discuss the work of Luis Camnitzer during the opening for Passing Time; A Looking to Learn group led by Curator of Education India Clark and Gallery Educator Katie Loesel visits Earth & Alchemy. This page: Installation view, Earth & Alchemy.

    The Gal leries at a Glance 5 2012-2013 Highl ights 7 Exhibit ions Zandra Rhodes: A Lifelong Love Affair 10-11 with Texti les Earth & Alchemy: Contemporary Ceramic 12-13 Sculpture Passing Time 14-15 Graphic Advocacy: International Posters for the 16-17 Digital Age 2001-2012 Ell ipses: Alumni Works in 3D 18-19 Publ ic & Community Vis it ing Artists 22-23 Looking to Learn 24-25 Family Day 26-27 ArtLinks 28-29

    Academic & Campus Professional Training for Students Gal lery Attendants 32-33 Vis it ing Museum Educator 34-35 Exhibit ion Instal lat ion Crew 36 Internships 37 Academic Connections Academic Col laborations 38-40 Faci l i tated Gal lery Visits 41 Campus Gal leries Liaison 42 Connection with Artward Bound 43 Gal lery Guides and Other Resources 44-45

    Staff & Volunteers 46-47Professional Development 49Support & Contributions 51

  • Exhibit ions and Curatorial Programming 1 long-term partnership with an outside museum 5 exhibit ions, professional ly curated and instal led 6 v is it ing art ist lectures 9 col laborations with campus departments 8,275 total vis itors through our doors

    Gallery Education Programming 1 v is it ing museum educator and publ ic panel discussion 2 long-term course col laborations 16 new ArtLinks partnerships 504 Looking to Learn students, 4th-12th grade 649 youth and adult vis itors via ArtLinks partnerships 875 Family Day part ic ipants 2,028 total vis itors with faci l i tated gal lery experiences Pre-professional Training for Students 3 student interns 7 graduate assistantships 12 student gal lery attendants 25 student exhibit ion instal lers 65 students in courses taught by Bakalar & Paine Gal leries staff 105 students receive substantial pre-professional training

    Staff Statistics 5 ful l -t ime staff 70 members of the Bakalar & Paine Gal leries team

    The Galleries at a Glance

    The Galleries at a Glance | p. 5

    Visitors celebrate at An Evening with Zandra Rhodes, which included a fashion show, dinner, and conversation with Zandra Rhodes.

  • Top: From left, Director and Curator Lisa Tung with Stephen Alpert, Megumi Naitoh, Emily Zilber, and Mark Cooper at the opening for Earth & Alchemy. Bottom: MassArt President Dawn Barrett with fashion designer Zandra Rhodes.

    2012-2013 Highlights

    2012-2013 Highlights | p. 7

    I t has been another year of growth for the Bakalar & Paine Gal leries, having launched some of our most ambit ious exhibit ions to date and increased our offerings for youth, community, and MassArt students and faculty. We are pleased to announce an 18% increase in gal lery attendance from 2011-2012, s ignal ing our continued popularity within the Boston community and beyond as a destination for contemporary art.

    The coverage for our exhibit ions has also been phenomenal , with reviews in the Boston Globe for al l our shows, as wel l as coverage in ArtScope , Boston Common , Boston Magazine , Boston Phoenix , Ceramics Art and Perception Magazine , Improper Bostonian Magazine , Where Magazine , and Womens Wear Dai ly .

    This year we celebrated two firsts for museum education. In October, together with the Art Education department, we welcomed our inaugural vis it ing museum educator, Rika Burnham. Addit ional ly, this spring marked the completion of the f irst yearlong Gal lery Attendant program, which has increased vis itor engagement in the gal leries and has trained students to work in a professional art gal lery sett ing. We are also excited to report that the number of vis itors receiving a faci l i tated and interactive gal lery vis it rose to over 2000 people. We would l ike to thank the many art ists, v is itors, students, faculty, staff, organizational partners, and f inancial supporters whose col laborative efforts made our work possible and meaningful .

  • Clockwise from top left: Installation view of Shahzia Sikander: the exploding company man and other abstractions; Edifice Amiss: Constructing New Perspectives; Paula Hayes, TerrariumClockwise from top left: Installation view, Passing Time; Installation view, Earth & Alchemy; Installation view, Graphic Advocacy: International Posters for the Digital Age 2001-2012; Installation view, Zandra Rhodes: A Lifelong Love Affair with Textiles.

    e x h i b i t i o n s

  • Zandra RhodesA LiFeLonG LoVe AFFAiR With textiLes

    September 12 - Dececember 1 , 2012Sandra and David Bakalar Gal lery

    Since her f irst solo col lection debuted in 1969, international ly renowned Brit ish fashion designer Zandra Rhodes has created bri l l iant and imaginative fabrics and clothing. This retrospective, her f irst solo exhibit ion on the East Coast, presented a selection of her texti les and more than 40 high-fashion garments.

    A Lifelong Love Affair with Texti les chronicled designs from the 1960s through the 1980s and revealed the designer s process; her approach to shape, color, technique, and her worldwide influences. A veritable Whos Who have donned her fashions, including Diana, Princess of Wales; Debbie Harry; Freddie Mercury; Jacquel ine Onassis ; Joan Rivers; and El izabeth Taylor. Rhodes work is included in many museum col lections, among them the Victoria & Albert, New Yorks Metropol itan Museum of Art, and the Smithsonian Inst itute.

    This exhibit ion was made possible by a generous gift from the Poss Family Foundation.

    The Zandra Rhodes exhibit ion al lowed the gal ler ies to col laborate once again with MassArts Fashion Design Department. Faculty members Sondra Grace, Jayne Avery, James Mason, and Jennifer Varekamp and a small team of dedicated Fashion and Fibers students helped Curatorial staff uncrate, iron, dress, repair and instal l this ambit ious and breathtaking show comprised of over thirty vintage gowns. The exhibit ions curator Chetna Bhatt was also present and students were able to talk frankly with her about the iconic designer and her atel ier, and the business s ide of fashion.

    This exhibit ion was also the backdrop for the Presidents Inauguration Week, which featured a gala, fashion show, and conversation between Zandra and former Vogue editor Andr Leon Tal ley. Our student gal lery attendants gave special tours during the night, helped backstage with the fashion show, and acted as general ambassadors for the glamorous evening.

    Exhibitions | p. 11

    Clockwise from top left: Installation view, Zandra Rhodes: A Lifelong Love Affair with Textiles; Visitors look closely together at theintricate beading of a vintage Zandra Rhodes garment; Zandra Rhodes, Dress (style 85/96), 1985.

  • September 24 - November 24, 2012Sandra and David Bakalar Gal lery

    Yo Akiyama, Susannah Biondo-Gemmell , Syd Carpenter, Sam Chung, Mark Cooper, Laurent Craste, Bean Finneran, Klara Kristalova, Kate MacDowell , Warren Mather, Naoko Matsumoto, J.J. McCracken, Megumi Naitoh, Valria Nascimento, Kamio Ogata, El izabeth Orleans, Annabeth Rosen, Takayuki Sakiyama, Linda Swanson, Paul Swenbeck, Akio Takamori , Xavier Toubes, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, Jason Walker, Kurt Weiser

    Earth & Alchemy celebrated contemporary ceramic sculpture and showcased a cross-generational selection of over two dozen influential art ists. Exploring a range of ideas encompassing conceptual ism, social act ivism, material ity, and humor, this exhibit ion presented a survey of approaches to ceramics that often push the boundaries of one of the worlds oldest media. Whether through expansive sculptures, extraterrestr ial instal lat ions, or fantastical vessels, the art ists included in the exhibit ion have developed novel techniquessuch as using oven-baked backyard clay covered with house paints, layering sl ip over glaze to create r ichly textured and encrusted surfaces, or s i lk-screening digital imagery onto porcelain. Earth & Alchemy examined the depth and range of ceramic practice todaya macrocosm of clay.

    Curated by Lisa Tung, assisted by Darci Hanna.

    Opposite: Installation views, Earth & Alchemy.

    In conjunction with the exhibit ion, an evening panel discussion featured art ists Annabeth Rosen, Syd Carpenter, and MassArt alumnus Paul Swenbeck ( 91) ; MFA Curator of Contemporary Decorative Arts Emily Zi lber ; and Professor Janna Longacre as moderator. The auditorium was packed with the MassArt community and other col lege ceramics departments, as wel l as numerous New England-area col lectors, gal ler ists, and curators.

    MassArt students also had the opportunity to work directly with several of the art ists. They helped instal l and de- instal l Bean Finneran, J.J. McCracken, and Kate MacDowell s complex instal lat ion pieces and a dedicated tr io of Ceramics student volunteers learned how to uncrate, co