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  • VISIONVISION Houston Eye Associates Foundation NewsletterSpring 2011For His Safety and Others

    Forced into early retirement because of his vision,Mr. Eloy Anaya is now able to go back to workingpart-time and enjoy being active once again.

    Mr. Anaya needed his vision as he coordinated andtransported auction cars. During his last few months ofemployment, he encountered multiple car accidentswith parked cars due to his vision limitations. He real-ized he was jeopardizing his and others safety anddecided he could no longer drive, thus forcinghim into early retirement. I felt locked inmy home as I did not feel safe going out-side. Everything was just a blur, states Mr.Anaya.

    Being a self-employed individual, he didnot have medical insurance or the financialresources to have his vision corrected. Healso did not qualify for any governmentmedical programs due to his age nor countyindigent programs due to his nominalincome status.

    During a routine visit at the county com-munity clinic, the physician informed Mr.Anaya of the Houston Eye Associates (HEA)Foundation. After struggling with cataracts for morethan two years, depending on others for transportationand being limited to his home, his hopes of restoringhis vision and independence soon came to light.

    Mr. Anaya applied for assistance with the HEAFoundation, provided the necessary denial letters andfinancial information, and was quickly approved. Hemet with Dr. Stewart Zuckerbrod, one of the 40+ oph-thalmologists who partner with the HEA Foundation,and surgery was promptly scheduled.

    Today, Eloy is busy working part-time and helping toprovide for himself and his wife. The (HEA)

    Foundation and Dr. Zuckerbrod made aworld of difference for me and my wife. Iam able to drive again and work part-time. I have regained my confidence, inde-pendence and do not feel hostage to myhome anymore, said Eloy.

    H O U S T O N E Y E A S S O C I A T E S F O U N D A T I O N 1

    I haveregained myconfidence,

    independenceand do not

    feel hostageto my homeanymore,said Eloy.

    The HEA Foundation is committed to helping adults and children restore and preserve their vision. Many

    working individuals are denied medical assistance due to their (nominal) working income, their citizenship

    status (i.e. visas) or their county simply does not offer ophthalmological services. With the generous support

    from individuals, private foundations and fundraising events, the HEA Foundation can make a significant

    impact on the lives of many adults and children.


    Dr. Zuckerbrod & Mr. Anaya

  • 2 H O U S T O N E Y E A S S O C I A T E S F O U N D A T I O N

    Working as a Team

    There are five important components required to ensuring the Houston Eye Associates

    (HEA) Foundation achieves its goals and stays strong. No one component is more important

    than another. All parts are equally essential in fulfilling our mission of providing quality care

    to those with financial hardship.

    The generous financial support from our donors underwrites vision-saving medications,

    surgical center fees and other ancillary costs.

    The willingness of Houston Eye Associates and other local ophthalmologists and

    optometrists to donate their time and talents provides the medical and surgical attention

    required by qualified HEA Foundation patients.

    The assistance and support of our medical partners help provide services for our

    patients. These partners include lab and diagnostic companies, surgical centers,

    anesthesiology groups, pharmacies, prosthetic companies, tissue banks and much more.

    We are lucky in that each partner clearly shares and supports the HEA Foundations

    mission of preserving and restoring sight for adults and children.

    The time and effort contributed by HEA Foundation Board Members and volunteers

    advocating our mission within the community. They represent the organization within

    their private and professional circles and provide the necessary governance support to

    ensure the HEA Foundations mission is being properly executed.

    The patients that request our help are the reason for our existence. Most of the adults

    and children asking for our assistance have been unsuccessful in seeking help to regain

    their vision and independence for weeks, months or even years. It is our honor to be the

    organization that steps forward to help them restore and/or preserve their vision

    and independence.

    As you can see, it truly takes a team to achieve our success. Thank you for being part of

    that team.


    Mark C. Vital, M.D. - President

    Many thanks to thefollowing Visionary

    physicians who donatetheir surgery and

    office time to thoseless fortunate.

    Without them, wecouldnt do what we do!

    GeneralLarry P. Alexander, M.D.

    Belu Allam, M.D.William S. Banks III, M.D., F.A.C.S.

    Prajay Dhir, M.D.M. Dolores Diaz, M.D.Steven H. Dunn, M.D.

    Lindsey D. Harris, M.D., F.A.C.S.Kevin Y. Jong, M.D.

    John M. Lim, M.D., F.A.C.S.Aaron M. Miller, M.D.

    Richard J. Ou, M.D., F.A.C.S.Mitch M. Porias, D.O.

    William H. Quayle, M.D., M.S.Hayne J. Sheffield, M.D.W. Colby Stewart, M.D.

    Justus W, Thomas, M.D.Fiaz Zaman, M.D.

    Stewart L. Zuckerbrod, M.D.

    Cornea & ExternalDiseases

    John D. Goosey, M.D.Jeffrey D. Lanier, M.D., F.A.C.S.

    Alison Lin, M.D.Justus W, Thomas, M.D.

    Mark C. Vital, M.D.

    GlaucomaJeffrey B. Arnoult, M.D., F.A.C.S.

    Prajay Dhir, M.D.Richard L. Kimbrough, M.D., F.A.C.S.

    Fiaz Zaman, M.D.

    OculoplasticsKenneth J. Hyde, M.D.Richard G. Urso, M.D.

    Robert B. Wilkins, M.D., F.A.C.S.

    PediatricCarlos A. Gonzales, M.D.

    James Z. Lai, M.D.Malcolm L. Mazow, M.D., F.A.C.S.

    Aaron M. Miller, M.D.Kathryn H. Musgrove, M.D.

    Refractive/LASIKJohn D. Goosey, M.D.

    Kevin Y. Jong, M.D.John M. Lim, M.D., F.A.C.S.

    Richard J. Ou, M.D., F.A.C.S.William H. Quayle, M.D., M.S.

    W. Colby Stewart, M.D.Richard G. Urso, M.D.

    Fiaz Zaman, M.D.Stewart L. Zuckerbrod, M.D.

    Retina Michael A. Bloome, M.D., F.A.C.S.Lindsey D. Harris, M.D., F.A.C.S.

    Bailey L. Lee, M.D.Paul C. Salmonsen, M.D., F.A.C.S.

    Uveitis/ImmunologySusan E. Wittenberg, M.D.

    OptometristsTia M. Budde, O.D.Chlo Butts, O.D.

    Deanna Pena Garcia, O.D.Monica L. Gonzales, O.D.

    Mark F. Klaff, O.D.Matthew Lahmeyer, O.D.

    Michelle R. Levin, O.D.Michael A. Pickering, O.D.

    Julie Yi, O.D.

    Alone we can do so little, Together we can do so much.

    Helen Keller, 1891

  • H O U S T O N E Y E A S S O C I A T E S F O U N D A T I O N 3

    Special Underwriting thankS to:John Blaisdell & Monica hartland rose & harry cullen harris l. Shrub & hetta peaches kempner

    drs. Mary ann & robert wilkins

    Houston Eye


    Foundation is proud

    to partner with

    Prevent Blindness

    Texas in this annual

    fundraising event

    as both

    organizations are

    committed to


    necessary eye care

    services for adults

    and children in

    efforts to restore

    their vision.

    To learn more about

    Prevent Blindness

    Texas, please call


    Event Chair Janet Balke and Auction Co-Chairs Rebecca Parsons

    and Lanier Whilden cordially invite you to

    Save the Date for next years Eye Ball 2012,

    Friday, February 10, 2012, Hilton Houston Post Oak.

    We are proud to honor Rose and Harry Cullen for their

    outstanding commitment to both the Houston Eye Associates

    Foundation and Prevent Blindness Texas.

    We hope to see you at the Eye Ball!

    Mistress of Ceremonies Melanie Lawson, Rev. Lawsonand Honoree Lynn Wyatt.

    Honoree Lynn Wyatt, Chairman Franelle Rogers and Honoree Robert Sakowitz.

    The Three Waiters taking over the stage with an outstanding performance.

    To receive more information please contactClaudia McCabe, (713) 558-8740.

    A Twinkle of The eye AT The eye BAll

    The Eye Ball 2011 was a sight to see and the place to be. On Friday,

    February 11, 2011 a very colorful and spectacular evening was dedicated to

    the memory of Ann B. Sakowitz, a long time friend within the Houston com-

    munity. It was only natural to honor Ann as she so willingly helped many

    local organizations, especially ones committed to restoring sight. It was our

    honor to dedicate the Eye Ball 2011 to Ann with the support from her chil-

    dren, Lynn Wyatt and Robert Sakowitz serving as Honorees.

    The extraordinary event was led by chairman Franelle Rogers, who opened

    the evening with a warm welcome and a phenomenal pictorial tribute to

    Ann Sakowitz. While dinner was being enjoyed by all, attendees were treat-

    ed to a wonderful musical surprise from three very talented singers, The

    Three Waiters, who were disguised as hotel staff serving guests.

    After dinner and the surprise entertainment, guests continued bidding away

    at the interactive auction big boards. Auction Chairs Rebecca Parsons and

    Lanier Whilden did an outstanding job leading the committee in securing

    exceptional packages.

    The Houston Eye Associates Foundation and Prevent Blindness Texas would

    like to thank all of the sponsors, guests, committee members, volunteers and

    auction donors who helped make the event a success! THANK YOU!

  • Thanks for another successful run!More than 657 registered runnersparticipated in the 26th annual LookinGood Shamrock Strut 10K Run,5KRun/Walk and Kids K Fun Run on Saturday, March 19, 2011. This was a

    significant increase of support from prior yearsThank You! The post-race party was very successful. One participantstated, It was lots of fun, lots of food and drinks!Very sweet and caring volunteers! The post partyevent was a blast! This event would not be possiblewithout the many volunteers and generous sponsorssupporting the event.

    We would like to recognize our generous sponsors:

    Generous amounts of food and drinks were pro-vided by Chick-Fil-A (Buffalo Speedway andHolcombe location), Coca-Cola Distribution,Kolache Factory, Poparazzis Gourmet Popcorn,Three Brothers Bakery and anonymous vendorsprovided hundreds of bananas and oranges duringthe post-race party. Many thanks to: West University Wellness for their post-race massages, to 104.1 KRBE and Chick-Fil-A for pro-viding games, prizes and entertainment, and toLukes Locker for providing all the race courseequipment and logistical support necessary tomake the race possible. Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Indoor Waterparkand Carl Zeiss provided wonderful registrationincentives. The following vendors for providing outstandingtop runner award and door prizes. 104.1 KRBE, Adidas Eyewear, AntoniosMexican Restaurant, Becks Prime, Berri Pop,Chick-Fil-A Holcombe at Buffalo Speedwaylocation, Carl Zeiss, Coca-Cola Distribution,Demeris Bar-B-Q, Dromgooles Fine WritingInstruments and Stationery, GU Energy Gels,Houston Aeros, Houston Astros, Houston EyeAssociates Optical Centers, IW MarksJewelers, James Coney Island, KolacheFactory, Lukes Locker, Memorial HermannHome Health, Poparazzis GourmetPopcorn,, Randalls,Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark,Taco Milagro, Three Brothers Bakery ofHouston, VT Cleaners, West UniversityWellness and YAPA Kitchen.

    LOOKIN GOOD Continues to Grow!

    GramercyOutpatientSurgery Center

    4 H O U S T O N E Y E A S S O C I A T E S F O U N D A T I O N

    Begin your St. Patricks Day

    celebration with us!Next years 27th Annual

    Lookin GoodShamrock Strut FunRun is scheduled for

    Saturday, March 17, 2012.

  • The HEA Foundation is committedto making a significant impact onthe lives of the patients served.Physicians, donors and partnerswant to improve the quality of lifefor those who have nowhere else to turn. Thank you for allowing us to help individuals such as Ms. Schaack.

    H O U S T O N E Y E A S S O C I A T E S F O U N D A T I O N 5

    Tears have many


    joy, gratefulness,

    and HEA Foundation

    patient Sandra Schaack

    can clearly describe the

    differences. I cried many

    times for different rea-

    sons, Ms. Schaack said.

    She remembers days of

    looking through cotton balls prior to her being

    diagnosed with cataracts and undergoing eye sur-


    One day, Ms. Schaack finally went to a local

    optometrist in efforts to correct her cloudy vision

    and learned she had cataracts in both eyes. Since

    she worked for a small business, she

    did not have medical insurance cov-

    erage or the financial resources to

    pay for the surgery. Ms. Schaack

    remembers, This is when I cried

    for days, tears of sadness, no hope

    of being able to see again. She then

    visited with her local county indi-

    gent health program office and they

    too could not assist her. They denied

    her because her nominal part-time

    income was above their financial

    guidelines. The county indigent

    health program referred her to the

    HEA Foundation.

    Sandra provided all the necessary

    documents with her application and

    was quickly approved as a HEA

    Foundation patient. Houston Eye

    Associates ophthalmologist, Dr.

    William S. Banks, quickly accessed

    Sandras situation and scheduled sur-

    gery to remove both cataracts. Sandra recalls, This

    is when I cried again. Tears of joy knowing some-

    one may be able to surgically remove my

    cataracts. Shortly thereafter,

    Sandra returned to work and

    was grateful to have her

    vision again to continue sup-

    porting herself.

    Sandra said, At this point I

    was crying because I was so

    grateful knowing there are

    people out there willing to

    help individuals like me. I am

    a working person who just needed a little help to

    continue being self-sufficient. And the (HEA)

    Foundation was the key.

    I was very scared throughout the entire process.

    You dont realize how precious your vision is until

    you cant see, states Schaack.

    During this process Sandra also

    became aware of another eye con-

    dition affecting her retina. She is

    currently being treated by another

    HEA Foundation partnering physi-

    cian, Dr. Paul C. Salmonsen.

    If she had not made the first step in

    applying for the HEA Foundation,

    her cataracts would have kept her

    from working and her retina condi-

    tion would have been undiagnosed.

    Sandra feels indebted as she

    exclaims, It is an amazing feeling

    to get your full sight back. My life

    and independence is given back to

    me through my sight.

    TEARS - OnE WORD, DiffEREnT MEAningS

    Dr. Salmonsen, Sandra Schaack and Dr. Banks

    Sandra is not only

    grateful to Houston

    Eye Associates

    physicians, Dr. Banks

    and Dr. Salmonsen,

    but to her employer as

    well. During these

    trying times for

    Sandra, her employer

    accommodated her

    limited vision abilities

    by providing her with

    enlarged monitor

    screens, larger print

    materials and adjusting

    her work hours so she

    wouldnt drive in the

    dark. Thank you!

  • N N N Gifts Made froM xxxxxx to xxxxxx N N NRandalls Good Neighbor ProgramAs you shop for groceries at any Randalls store, you can also help support the Houston Eye AssociatesFoundation. Randalls will donate portions of their donation dollars to various non-profit organizations

    through their Good Neighbor Card Program. Link your Remarkable Card to 5018, and portions of theproceeds will be directed to the HEA Foundation. Every purchase makes a difference.

    In 2010, the HEA Foundation received several hundred dollars of support.

    To link your card, visit any Randalls Store Courtesy Booth and ask them to link it to 5018.

    THANK YOU for your support!


    The Houston Eye Associates Foundation would like tothank and recognize each of our professional third-partymedical service partners. Each partner has agreed todonate their services entirely or allow the HEAFoundation to pay at-cost or Medicare allowable rates,in efforts to serve more patients.

    - Advanced Diagnostics Healthcare- Affiliated Anesthesia Associates- Brown & Associates Medical Lab LLP- East Houston Surgery Center- William J. Foster, M.D.- Gramercy Outpatient Surgery Center- Greater Houston Anesthesiologists - Greenpark Compounding Pharmacy- Hamlin Pharmacy- Houston Eye Associates Ambulatory

    Surgery Center- Houston Eye Associates Optical Centers- Houston North West Medical Center- Lions Eye Bank of Texas- Marc N. Longo, M.D., F.A.C.S.- Methodist Pathology Associates

    Houston Eye Associates (HEA) Foundationsincerely appreciates the generous gift fromBayou City Performing Arts (BCPA). HEAFoundation was one of the two recipient

    organizations to receive a generous financialgift during their elaborate 2010 Hear the Bells

    holiday concert held at Jones Hall. Manythanks to the Bayou City Performing Arts for

    their support.

    $ 65 - One dose of a vision saving compounding medication

    $ 240 - One pair of medically necessary specialty lenses

    $ 400 - Foundation cost for a prosthetic eye

    $ 955 - Foundation cost for a cataract removal surgery

    $ 1000 - Foundation cost for glaucoma surgery

    $ 1200 - Foundation cost for a corneal or strabismus surgery

    $ 1500 - Foundation cost for retinal detachment surgery

    $ 2500 - Foundation cost for corneal transplant tissue

    * Surgery, medications, tissue & lenses costs may vary based on patients needs


    BCPA Artistic Director Linus Lerner; BCPA Board MemberStewart Zuckerbrod, M.D.; BCPA Board President GretchenMyers; and HEA Foundation Executive Director Claudia McCabe.

    $25 $50 $100 $250 $500 $1000 $5000


    Check Enclosed (payable to Houston Eye Associates Foundation)

    Visa MasterCard AMEX Discover

    Card Number Exp. Date

    Name on card


    My company has a matching gift program and I am enclosing the appropriate completed form.

    Please send me information on planned giving.

    Iwish to remain anonymous.

    Thank You for Becoming a Visionary!


    City:______________________State: _____Zip:____________

    Phone: (H)___________________(W)______________________

    Cell:________________ Email:___________________________


    In Honor of In Memory of_____________________________________________________



    Name(s) for Recognition

    Tax deductible to the

    extent allowed by law

    Spring 2011

    - MMC of East Texas- Dr. Thomas Prager- Retina & Vitreous of Texas- Soper Brothers & Associates- South Side Pharmacy- Texas Eye Prosthetics, LLC- Cybele Woon, M.D.

    Without their support, we would not be able toserve as many patients each year with your financial support.

  • H O U S T O N E Y E A S S O C I A T E S F O U N D A T I O N 7

    To request medical eye care assistance through the Houston Eye Associates Foundation, you can

    download the application directly from

    or call (713) 558-8740 for an English or Spanish application.

    Acataract is a loss of transparency, or clouding, of the normally clear lens ofthe eye. As one ages, chemical changes occur in the lens that make it lesstransparent. The loss of transparency may be so mild vision is hardly affected or so severethat no shapes or movements are seen, only light and dark. When the lens gets cloudy enoughto obstruct vision to any significant degree, it is called a cataract. Glasses or contact lensescannot sharpen your vision if a cataract is present.

    The most common cause of cataract is aging. Other causes include trauma, medications suchas steroids, systemic diseases such as diabetes and prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light.Occasionally, babies are born with a cataract.

    Reducing the amount of ultraviolet light exposure by wearing a wide-brim hat and sunglasses mayreduce your risk for developing a cataract but once developed there is no cure except to have thecataract surgically removed. Outpatient surgical procedures can remove the cataract through either asmall incision (phacoemulsification) or a large incision (extracapsular extraction). The time to have thesurgical procedure is when your vision is bad enough that it interferes with your lifestyle.

    Cataract surgery is a very successful operation. One and a half million people have this procedureevery year and 95% have a successful result. As with any surgical procedure, complications can occurduring or after surgery and some are severe enough to limit vision. But in most cases, vision, as well asquality of life, improves.






    Me d iCA l

    Cataract Symptoms

    Your eye works a lot like a camera. Light rays focusthrough your lens on the retina, a layer of light sensitivecells at the back of the eye. Similar to film, the retina allowsthe image to be "seen" by the brain. But over time the lens canbecome cloudy and prevent light rays from passing clearlythrough the lens. This cloudy lens is called a cataract.

    The typical symptom of cataract formation is a slow, pro-gressive, and painless decrease in vision. Other changesinclude: blurring of vision; glare, particularly at night; fre-quent eyeglass prescription change; a decrease in color inten-sity; a yellowing of images; and in rare cases, double vision.

    Ironically as the lens gets harder, farsighted or hyperopicpeople experience improved distance vision and are lessdependent on glasses. However, nearsighted or myopic peo-ple become more nearsighted or myopic, causing distancevision to be worse. Some types of cataracts affect distancevision more than reading vision. Others affect reading visionmore than distance vision


  • You can help ensure the Houston EyeAssociates Foundation will continue providing the gift of vision for many years tocome through a planned charitable gift.Following are ways you can make a difference:

    1) Name Houston Eye Associates Foundationin your will.

    2) Set up a charitable remainder or lead trust.3) Donate your stocks.4) Name Houston Eye Associates Foundationa beneficiary of your life insurance.

    For more information on planned giving contact Claudia McCabe at (713) 558-8740.

    Board of Trustees

    Mark C. Vital, M.D., PresidentDeanna Pena Garcia, O.D.Carlos A. Gonzales, M.D.

    Lindsey D. Harris, M.D., F.A.C.S.Richard J. Ou, M.D., F.A.C.S.William H. Quayle, M.D., M.S.

    Justus W. Thomas, M.D.Robert B. Wilkins, M.D., F.A.C.S.

    Susan B. Wittenberg, M.D.

    Board of Directors

    2855 Gramercy Street

    Houston, Texas 77025

    Non-profit Org.U.S. Postage

    PAIDHouston, TexasPermit No. 4255

    Executive Director:Claudia McCabe

    Janet Balke, PhD.Genie Byrd

    Rosanette S. CullenJerry Deutser

    Carol HollowayMarc N. Longo, M.D., F.A.C.S.

    Rebecca ParsonsSteven G. SpearsS. Conrad Weil, Jr.Lanier Whilden

    Mission StatementHouston Eye Associates Foundation is committed to preserving and restoring sight with

    comprehensive eye care surgeries, medications, and ancillary services for individuals in financial hardship; and supporting education and research initiatives for the benefit of the community.

    Physicians of Houston Eye Associates and other partnering medical professionals donate their officetime and surgical skills and Houston Eye Associates Foundation pays for hospital and surgical facilityfees, vision-saving medications, medically necessary lenses, eye glasses, cornea tissue, laboratory

    services, prosthetics and other ancillary services.

    8 H O U S T O N E Y E A S S O C I A T E S F O U N D A T I O N

    Invest in the Future

    You dont realize how precious your vision is until you cant see - states Sandra Schaack

  • N N N Gifts Made froM Nov. 1, 2010 to april 30, 2011 N N N




    Mr. John W. Abbott Lars W. BangMs. Dorothy Barracano Jackson N. BellDr. Kenneth BilesMr. Nicholas J. BollichMs. Irma S. BoyerMr. Howard BoylesDr. Max ButlerDr. Charles ClarkMrs. Bobby S. CohnMs. Virginia Arnold Feehan Ray W. GoensMs. Juana GonzalesMr. John Goosey, Jr. Douglas GordenMr. Mark JacksonMs. Deena Jaffe John Jammal Chester LonsfordMs. Wanda Martin Alfred Barreda McAllenMr. Frank J. McCormackMr. Roderick McGowan Nemorio Mendoza Joseph Muscat Kirby Elizabeth Parsons Rose Pasternak Clotilde Quintanilla Johnny Rosenbush Joe Samuels Margaret C. SkidmoreDr. Robert H. Stewart Audrey Taylor Norma ThomasMr. Valdemar VasquezDr. W.B. Wilkinson

    Dr. Jeffrey B. ArnoultDr. Michael A. BloomeMr. Stephen D. BreznerMr. J.D. DavisDr. John D. GooseyMs. Cheryl HastingsCarol and Gordon HollowayDr. Richard L. KimbroughDr. Gary KubenaDr. Jeffrey D. LanierMr. John I. LovejoyDr. Malcolm MazowMr. Sam MoosMrs. Mary C. MueggeMr. William C. PhelpsDr. William H. QuayleDr. Charles RussoDr. Paul C. SalmonsenSammy SullivanDr. Mark C. Vital

    Gifts $1000 & UpM.D. Anderson FoundationRonald and Joyce AntesBBVA CompassBeamalloy, Inc./Allen H. MuellerByrd Interior Construction, LP/ Mr. John ByrdRodney L. and Judith C. CreelThe Cullen Trust for Health CareMs. Verlene B. DanielsJeffery L. and Mary E. EmmottMr. William E. FannMr. Martin Flores IVFridley Family FundFriedman FoundationMelbern G. & Susanne M. Glasscock FoundationTravis D. and Jessica GrahamHouston Endowment Inc.JBD FoundationMs. Kathy KimbroughDr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Day LanierThe Lyons FoundationMcCullough Interests, L.P.Memorial Hermann Home HealthThe W.T. and Louise J. Moran FoundationW.W. and Kate F. Scott

    Silhouette Optical LTD.Kenneth F. and Nancy J. SpitlerStrake FoundationKathy H. and David A. TriceDiana and Conrad Weil, Jr. Family Foundation

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