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1. Free Virtual games and casino games at There are several websites where you can find a wide range of games like puzzle, sports, casino games and play action games. Playing online games are most preferred activities nowadays. People from all ages love to play casino games for free but there are few websites which allow you to play online virtual games without downloading any kind of toolbars and software on your system. is the site where you will find a wide variety of games in virtual game, casino games and bingo etc. It can give you an amazing experience of gaming without downloading any kind of application on your system you can choose your category among sports, casino, action and puzzle. 2. Playdoit is a site where you can enjoy playing football, tennis, extreme racing and much more with exciting modes and unique game play which make it different from others. If you are a new player and dont know about rules you can start with demo mode. In online casino games slots games are very popular they can give you a very big amount in a short duration you will find this game in all casino and you do not required any gaming experience and skill to play this game. Its a game based on your luck but to make good strategies you can try this game in tutorials. 3. In slot games there are 3 to 5 reels with images of certain themes sown over the reel. The play lines are patterns made by using multiple images on which player can make his bet. The reels of slot machines put on motion and play lines are matched for what you have selected if match found player declared as winner. A jackpot is also a slot machine game and slots games are most popular in land based casino as well in online casino also. But when you are playing casino games online it saves your travelling and booking expenses. Some people who are not able to enjoy the real casino games online casino games provide them a real casino environment like Las Vegas. Because to visit a real land based casino can burn your pockets. In online casino games you can enjoy these games in your home comfort and without spending any travailing expenses. Online casinos also earn profits like all land based casinos. You can visit to enjoy the slot machine games.