French gothic living room interior furniture design ideas

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  • French Gothic Living Room Interior Furniture Design Ideas

    The gothic culture has always been associated with dark spooky elements, using dark colors

    and doing things in a creative, elegant way. Gothic design Ideas was common used in Europe

    between the 12th and 15th centuries. The beauty of choosing this form of interior furniture is

    that it isnt limited to any single style. You can choose you gothic living room interior design

    as dark, romantic, elegant, cultural, artistic, spooky blend various styles under one roof and

    still find it appealing. French gothic furniture Ideas can be an alternative design your French

    Living Room.

    Gothic design has so many kinds in theme. There are unlimited possibilities with the

    traditional gothic, gothic Victorian, gothic vampire, gothic romantic, or skulls and flames

    themes. The French gothic style is known for its intricate architectural features like the

    pointed arches, ribbed vaults. Primarily, from what the word means, the style should be rude and barbaric. That is, it should never fail to bring out that raw appeal in the design. A gothic style interior should include similar architectural details, moldings, arcs, and an atmosphere

    that resembles vintage architecture as in castles and cathedrals.

    The French gothic walls design should be faux painted stones. The look of aged stones originating in

    the medieval period can be mastered through faux painting. You can chose from a variety of shades

    for painting like gray, gray-blue, beige, tan with black shades to outline the edges of stone. If you like

    using wallpapers, thick brocade patterns and flocked velvet textures would be suitable. Hang long

    pieces of fabrics or light tapestries at the edge of the ceiling to give it a more dramatic look. Antique

    furniture pieces, candle holders and other decorating necessities made of wrought iron, lanterns,

    Victorian candelabra lamps, gothic bathroom accessories featuring skulls, cushions, bedspreads, and

    pillow covers matching your gothic style, anything and everything can be used.