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Fresher Induction Tour IT Facilities at Jesus College

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Fresher Induction Tour IT Facilities at Jesus College Slide 2 Break glass by main door 2 exits main door or through laundry door Assemble at Ship St. arch, by stairs leading to bar Keep bags well under the desks (trip hazard) If the alarm sounds, evacuate IMMEDIATELY Fire Safety Slide 3 Repetitive Strain Injury: stealth killer! Adjust your seat before working; Please report faults and problems. Health & Safety Slide 4 Required to preserve reliable services for all users Encourage good practice and avoid trouble States legal and 3 rd party requirements Some examples of unacceptable usage : Illegal activities (copyright on MP3/video etc, data protection) Inappropriate Material (Pornography, Harrasment) Unauthorised or Fraudulent Activities (Hacking, Impersonation) Commercial Purposes Irresponsible Use (Confidentiality, Recklesness) Acceptable Usage Policy Slide 5 QUIET AT ALL TIMES No mobile phone calls and switch to silent No food or drink (except bottled water) Log off before you leave Keep tidy even if its not your mess ! Do not alter any of our IT equipment Rules of IT Room Use Slide 6 Credentials Oxford Username Usually of the form jesuXXXX, where XXXX is a 4 digit number Used for e-mail, battels online, several online University services College Username Usually your first initial followed by your surname up to a maximum of 8 characters. e.g. jpeachey Slide 7 Standard university addresses: [email protected] Used by tutors, college staff, societies (mailing lists) and others Your email is provided by the OUCS Nexus service ( Contacts directory: Email for All Slide 8 College Username Intranet Fileshare Printing Workstations Slide 9 Personal Computer Account Your account provides you with access to many facilities Network File Storage Store your files on the network where they are secure and safe. In college, we call this the U drive. This is important. Workstations Internet Printing Workstations enable you to quickly check your email, or write your entire Thesis (they dont write it for you ) All workstations and student accommodation are connected to the Internet. You can print from any workstation, or from your personal computer. Instructions available on the website. Printers are 43ppm, offer auto-duplexing and cost 7p per A4 sheet duplex output. (18p colour) IT Facilities in College Slide 10 Online College Services Battels Online Hall Sign-Up Faults Flat Seekers My Details and more! Slide 11 FREE network connection (faster than broadband) in all student rooms within college rooms and flats. Spare sockets available for laptops in the IT Room Sockets available by all work areas in the library Fully supports Windows XP & Mac OS X Wireless in open areas and Ship St Centre currently (coming to the rest of college later this academic year) Use JESU-WLAN wireless network Personal wireless network equipment is not permitted. Wired and Wireless Networks Slide 12 Registering Personal Devices All networked devices must be registered via Bradford Campus Manager. Windows, Macs, Linux, iPad, iPhone and Android and Symbian smartphones Scans all computers for minimum standard Slide 13 Libraries : OxLIP Faculties and departments IT Services formerly Oxford University Computing Services (OUCS) -- Teaching / learning resources -- Shop and Other IT Services Slide 14 Lots of guidance on the website: start by checking (Please note a new intranet is being commissioned) If your answer is not questioned on the website, please email [email protected] If you have no email access, please leave a message in the IT pigeon hole Support : Getting Help Slide 15 After any questions, I would like you all to demonstrate that you can logon at a workstation & activate your email account if you havent already done so. Demonstrate Multi-function Printers Questions / Demos

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