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    Swami so fondly asked us not to follow Him, for we can't

    walk in His steps; not to walk in front of Him, for He won't

    walk in our steps, but to ‘walk with Me and be My friend’.

    The stunning realisation that God can be a friend, talking to

    us and walking with us changed our perception of God

    completely. This humble God, a bundle of beauty, power

    and grace, came to help us realise that He is only a

    mirror of what lies inside of us.

    His extended tours, His ever-increasing personal

    involvement in the lives of devotees through many service

    projects and individual ministrations, His eloquent talks and

    of course the incredible miracles flowing from His Presence

    opened a new era of faith and devotion which mankind had

    lost in building up a material civilisation. His purity,

    simplicity and universality created such an aura around Him that whoever was touched by it felt blessed.

    He gently showed the scientists and intellectuals that there is a more humbling dimension to human understanding,

    that omniscience and omni-felicity are a reality, that all religions have a much greater universal face than we wanted

    to believe and that the globe can become a single home for the Homo sapiens if we dare to take God's hand and

    walk with Him. All this He achieved by just being what He was - a very loving, caring and unpretentious God who

    loved to share our lives. Humanity needed a palpable God and He was that.

    Source: Excerpt from Mr. BK Misra’s Article from

    Sai Illam Snaps: Vijaya Dhasami & Swami’s 93rd Birthday


    Aum Sri Sai Ram

    “By His Grace Alone, Can We Know Him”

    Sai Illam Monthly Newsletter

    Vol 1 November 2018 Issue 4

    SAI ILLAM 20 Slan Avenue,

    Scarborough ON Canada, M1G 3B2

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  • Life Story of Shirdi Sai Baba

    One night in 1851, the boy left the ashram. He

    reached Shirdi, a very small village at the time.

    He stayed there for barely two months and

    then went about wandering from place to

    place. After strolling for many years, he

    reached a place called Dhoopkheda. When he

    was residing there, the marriage of Chandu

    Patel's brother's son was celebrated there. Baba

    joined the marriage party and reached Shirdi

    again. That was in the year 1858. From that

    day, till 1918, he did not move out of Shirdi.

    He remained there for 60 years.

    At that time there was in the Maharashtra area,

    a Deputy Collector and Settlement Officer by

    name H.V. Sathe (Hari Vinaayaka Sathe). He

    was grief-stricken over the passing of his wife.

    Professor G.G. Narke, a friend of Sathe, came

    to his house and advised Sathe that there was

    no purpose in grieving over his loss and that it

    was advisable for him to have a change of place to get over his sorrow. He

    suggested that it was good to have the darshan of some saint and persuaded

    him to come to Shirdi.

    Sathe was quite an extraordinary person. On reaching Shirdi, he and

    Narke had Darshan of Baba. On several occasions, looking at Sathe,

    Baba used to laugh, sing, and make strange gestures. Doubts arouse

    in Sathe’s mind whether Baba was a real sage or an eccentric person.

    No one mentioned anything about Sathe to Baba. Sathe and Narke

    merely went to see Baba and sat in his presence. Baba told Sathe,

    "Don't worry about anything. Bodies are like water bubbles. Don’t

    develop any attachment to the body. Develop your attachment to the

    dehi (indwelling spirit). Worries are passing clouds. Have courage.

    Protect your child." The last remark had a reference to the fact that

    Sathe's wife had died after giving birth to a child. Even Narke had

    not heard about the survival of this child. On hearing Baba's words

    Sathe realised that Baba was not a crazy person but one who was a

    Trikala Jnani (one who knew the past, the present, and the future).

    Sathe, who had intended to stay for a short while just to have darshan of Baba, prolonged his stay by two

    more days. To Be Continued…


    Aum Sri Sai Ram

    “By His Grace Alone, Can We Know Him”

    Sai Illam Monthly Newsletter

    Vol 1 November 2018 Issue 4

    SAI ILLAM 20 Slan Avenue,

    Scarborough ON Canada, M1G 3B2

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  • பக்தியில் ககோரத்்த நல்முத்துக்கள்!

    2. ஒம் ஸ்ரீ ஸோயி ஸதய்ஸ்வரூபோய நம:

    ஸத்ய – உண்மம ஸ்வரூப –வடிவமுமையவர ்

    பரத்்தியில் ஒரு நோள் போபோ தனது இருக்மகயில்

    அமரந்்து, சுற்றி அமரந்்திருந்த பக்தரக்ளுைன்

    விமளயோைை்ோக சிரித்து கபசிக் ககோண்டிருந்தோர.்

    மதரோஸிலிருந்து வந்திருந்த பக்தர ் ஒருவருக்கு

    நூதனமோன எண்ணம் ஒன்று கதோன்றியது. சிரித்த

    முகத்துைன் அமரந்்திருக்கும் பகவோமன ஒரு கபோை்கைோ

    எடுக்க எண்ணி, தனது மபயிலிருந்து ‘கோமிரோமவ’

    எடுத்தோர.் அதற்குள் போபோ எழுந்திருந்து கோமிரோமவ

    தன்னிைம் ககோடுக்குமோறு ககை்ைோர.் கோமிரோமவ தன்

    மகயில் வோங்கிக் ககோண்ை பிறகு ஸ்வோமி அந்த

    பக்தமர தோன் அமரந்்திருந்த க ோபோவிற்குப் பின்னோல்

    கபோய் நிற்குமோறும், கோமிரோமவ தோன்

    இயக்குவதோகவும் கூறினோர.் கதலுங்கோனோவிலிருந்து

    வந்திருந்த இரண்டு பக்தரக்ள் இமத விரும்பவில்மல.

    ஸ்வோமி இல்லோமல் கபோை்கைோ எடுக்கக் கூைோது என்பது

    அவரக்ளது விருப்பம். அங்கு இருந்த திரு. கஸ்தூரி,

    “போபோகவ கோமிரோமவ இயக்கும்கபோது அவரது

    இருக்மக கோலியோக இருக்கோது” என்று கூரினோர.் போபோவும் இமத ஆகமோதித்தோர!் அப்கபோது

    திரு. கஸ்தூரி தனது மகமய பகவோன் போதத்மத மவக்கும் இைத்தில் மவத்தோர.் கோரணம்

    என்னகவன்றோல் ஸ்வோமி எடுக்கும் கபோை்கைோவில், கோலியோக இருக்கும் அவரது

    இருக்மகயில், ஸ்வோமியின் உருவம் அங்கு கதோன்றினோல் அவரது போதத்திற்கு அடியிகலோ

    அல்லது போதத்தின் கமகலோ தனது மக இருக்க கவண்டும் என்று அவர ் விரும்பினோர.்

    ஆனோல்! ஸ்வோமி அவமர அங்கிருந்து தனது மகமய எடுக்குமோறு கூறினோர.் அவரும்

    கீழ்படிந்தோர.் ஸ்வோமி கோமிரோமவ இயக்கியபின் அந்த பக்தரிைம் அமத பக்தரிைம் அமத

    திருப்பி ககோடுக்கும்கபோழுது “ஏய்! ஜோக்கிரமத அதில் நோன் இருக்கிகறன்” என்று கூறினோர.்

    பத்து நோைக்ள் கழ