From the French Revolution to the Latin American Revolutions

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From the French Revolution to the Latin American Revolutions. 1791-1822. 1815 Battle of Waterloo. Napoleon Forces Defeated ended French Revolution Napoleon Exiled to Island of St. Helena Monarchy restored in France/ King Louis XVIII. Congress of Vienna. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of From the French Revolution to the Latin American Revolutions

  • From the French Revolution to the Latin American Revolutions1791-1822

  • 1815 Battle of WaterlooNapoleon Forces Defeated ended French RevolutionNapoleon Exiled to Island of St. HelenaMonarchy restored in France/ King Louis XVIII

  • Congress of ViennaEuropean Powers meet to restore peace to Europe after warConservatives triumph/ Monarchies restoredConcert of Europe Coalition of European powers to keep peace and solve conflictsUnable to stop spread of Liberalism and Nationalism

  • Enlightenment Ideas spread to Latin America300 years of rigid social structure in Latin America caused discontent and resentment

  • Colonialism in the Americas 1800s

  • A: The Marketplace of Tlatelolco by Diego Rivera1945

  • MeaningMural shows life in Aztec timesIdealized Market at Tlatelolco under Aztec rule

  • B:The Conquest by Jos Orozco, 1939

  • MeaningSpanish conqueror Hernn Corts arrived in Tenochtitlan, Mexico in 1519

  • C: The Absorption of the Indian by Jose Orozco, 1927

  • MeaningSymbolizing the mythical first coupling of Spanish man and Indian womanHernn Cortz and Malinche/Dona MarinaCreating the Mestizo

  • Colonial Domination D : by Diego Rivera1933

  • Meaning300 years of mistreatment by theColonizing Spanish

  • Enlightenment Inspires Latin AmericansNationalism leads to resentment of French Ruler in SpainSimn Bolivar inspired by French Revolutionaries

  • Slave Win Freedom in HaitiIsland slaves revoled in 1791Toussaint LOuvertureEducated slave/ lead revoltFrench unable to stop revolt1820 Haiti became an independent republic

  • Mexico and Central America RevoltSlave revolts inspired creoles to revoltSept. 15, 1810 Father Miguel Hidalgo encouraged Mexicans to fight for Freedom from Spanish rule.The Grito / The Cry

  • E: The Fight for Liberty by Jos Orozco, 1939Father Hidalgo Leading a revolt 1810

  • Father Jos MorelosMestizo PriestContinued the call for RevolutionWanted Politcal and social reform1820 Liberals forced king in Spain to adopt a constitutionCreoles, Mestizos, Indians banned togetherMexico gained independence 1820.Central America split into separate states

  • Revolution Ignites South AmericaCreoles admired French and American Revolutions 1810 Simn Bolivar lead uprising in VenezuelaKnown as The LiberatorJoined forces with Jose de San Martin By 1822, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia,And Chile gained independence from Spain

  • Freedom leads to Power StruggleBolivar wanted to unite lands he liberated into a single nation called Grand ColumbiaBitter rivals developedSplit into 4 independent statesPower struggles and Civil WarCommon people exchanged one set of masters for another

  • F: David Alfaro SiqueirosMurals

  • MeaningYears of mistreatment by CaudillosMilitary dictators