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  1. 1. The Museum Maldarestiwas held in a picturesquenatural environment atabout 3 kilometers fromHorezu and gatheredtogether Greceanu, Ducaand Memorial HouseIGDuca.
  2. 2. KEYS BISTRITA (HOREZU)Bistritei keys. With atotal length of 1.5kilometers, areparticularly spectacular,historically standing outreliefthrough thebeauty and richness offlora and fauna.KEYS BISTRITA (HOREZU)
  3. 3. Located in Valcea County, atthefootofCapataniiMountains, Horezu Monasteryis considered to be the mostrepresentative construction inthe Brncovenesc style. Theplace of worship, with SaintsConstantine and Helena as itsdedication day, was builtbetween 1693 and 1697,during ConstantinBrancoveanus reign. Since HOREZU MONASTERY MUSEUM1993 it has been included in (HOREZU)the UNESCO patrimony.
  4. 4. Monastery of nuns, with the"Assumption", Govoramonastery is situated at thefoot of the hill cart Mare, onthe radius of the Mihietiin Valcea county. GOVORA MONASTERY
  5. 5. Art Museum of Costesti.In the center of Costesti inhome building culturalworks since 1970, amuseum of modern art, setup after donation curatorAlexander Balint
  6. 6. Monumentof townarchitecture, built at themiddle of the 18 th centurywith a porch and a cellar,this museum-house presentamemorial exhibitionAnton Pann, whichmarks the stay in the ValceaCounty between 1826-1828
  7. 7. National CollegeAlexander Lahovari -Ramnicu ValceaA college where thepupils are going tocontinue the high school ,the oldest and the mostimportantcollege inValcea County
  8. 8. Museum of Art takesplace in a house with aspecificarchitecturalstructure built in 1940 byarchitects George Simottaand Nicolae Lupu, bothtargeting neoromaneascaart.
  9. 9. The village museum hasbeen outlined its topicalprofile since 1974, like aform of a village museumdestinated to reconstitute,on a 8 hectars area, thefunctional image of atraditional ruralsettlement with all itssocial - culturalinstitutions.
  10. 10. Bridge over RiverOlanesti - gateway toRamnicu Valcea
  11. 11. One of the most authenticornaments of local churcharchitecture, CoziaMonastery, lives and willendure in the history ofthe Romanian people .
  12. 12. County Library "AntimIvireanul" - RamnicuValcea
  13. 13. Among the historicalmonasteries, which enrichRomania country,monastery Hurezi isconsidered, along with itshermitages, as the mostrepresentative complexarchitecture.
  14. 14. Ramnicu Valcea Stadium- View from Chapel Hill
  15. 15. Palace of Justice -Ramnicu Valcea
  16. 16. Bridge over the RiverOlanesti - called "BridgeGood Friday"
  17. 17. History Museum ofValcea County isshelteredinthebuilding of the former"School Clock", arepresentativebuilding for the cityRamnicul Valcea ofthe nineteenthcentury.