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    Official Monthly Publication of the Society for Information Display www.informationdisplay.orgMay/June 2013Vol. 29, No. 3

    May-June Cover_SID Cover 4/11/2013 7:52 PM Page 1

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  • 2 Editorial: Welcome to Vancouver and the Future of Displaysn By Stephen P. Atwood

    3 Industry News: Changes Occur Among German Instrumentation Companiesn By Jenny Donelan

    4 Presidents Corner: SID, an International Societyn By Brian Berkeley

    6 Guest Editorial: Is 3-D Dead (Again)?n By Nikhil Balram

    8 The Best of 2012: SID 2013 Display Industry AwardsOnce again, The Society for Information Displays Display Industry Awards Committee has selected sixaward winners that have advanced the state of the art of display products and technology in the categories ofDisplay of the Year, Display Component of the Year, and Display Application of the Year. n By Jenny Donelan

    14 Frontline Technology: The Road Ahead to the Holodeck: Light-Field Imaging and DisplayLight-field displays represent the 3-D of our future.n By Jim Larimer

    22 Frontline Technology: Communication through the Light Field: An EssayIn the foregoing article, The Road Ahead to the Holodeck: Light-Field Imaging and Display, James Larimer discusses the evolution of vision and the nature of light-field displays. This article looks at the physical, economic, and social factors that influence the success of information technology applications in terms thatcould apply to light-field systems. n By Stephen R. Ellis

    28 Frontline Technology: Binocular Fusion Camera Enables Photography of 3-D Displays forEvaluation PurposesThe binocular fusion camera is a simple apparatus that permits a user to see what is on the screen so that theeyes can converge to create 3-D imagery. With this valuable tool, new insights into the visual performanceof 3-D displays can be achieved.n By Ed Kelley and Paul Boynton

    32 Enabling Technology: How High-Frame-Rate Dual-Projector 3-D Made Its Movie Debut atthe Word Premiere of The HobbitEnabling the first-ever 48-frames-per-second showing of a major motion picture in 3-D required a massiveeffort involving projection technology, sound and screen equipment, and earthquake and wind protection. n By Terry Schmidt

    36 Enabling Technology: PQM: A Quantitative Tool for Evaluating Decisions in Display DesignDisplay manufacturers must continually make decisions about device performance with regard to such characteristics as resolution, luminance, and color. 3M has developed a new tool that enables product developers to forecast how these design factors affect users perceptions of quality.n By Jennifer F. Schumacher, John Van Derlofske, Brian Stankiewicz, Dave Lamb, and Art Lathrop

    42 Display Marketplace: Shipments of AMOLED TV Panels Will Be Limited for the Next FewYears?Compared to LCDs, AMOLED TV panels will represent a small part of the total panel market in the yearsahead, even as AMOLED TV panel production increases. n By Vinita Jakhanwal

    46 Trade-Show Preview: Products on Display at Display Week 2013Some of the products on display at North Americas largest electronic information-display exhibition are previewed.n By The Editorial Staff

    56 SID News: Winning JSID Outstanding Student Paper Describes Solution-Processed MetalOxide on Flexible Foiln By Jan Genoe and Jenny Donelan

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    Information Display 3/13 1

    MAY/JUNE 2013VOL. 29, NO. 3


    For Industry News, New Products, Current and Forthcoming Articles, see

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    Official Monthly Publication of the Society for Information Display www.informationdisplay.orgMay/June 2013Vol. 29, No. 3

    May-June Cover_SID Cover 4/11/2013 7:52 PM Page 1

    Cover Design: Acapella Studios, Inc.

    ON THE COVER: The 2013 Display IndustryAward winners are, from top left, clockwise:Nokia Lumia 920, QD Visions Color IQ opticalcomponent, Shenzhen China Stars 110-in. 4K x 2K 3-D TFT-LCD TV, Sharps Moth-EyeTechnology, Apples iPad with Retina Display, and Sharp and Semiconductor Energy Laboratoryfor Sharps IGZO LCD as used in the AQUOSPHONE ZETA SH-02E.

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  • Welcome to Vancouver and the Future ofDisplays

    by Stephen Atwood

    Welcome to Vancouver, British Columbia, for our 50thannual Display Week event. It feels like it was just yester-day when we were all in Boston for the last Symposium andExhibition not to mention the Market Focus Conferences,Business Conference, Investors Conference, Seminars, andthe many other great happenings that are organized each

    year for your benefit and enjoyment. This year were back on the West Coast of NorthAmerica, in Canada for the first time. Vancouver is known to be a great destinationcity and one that promises lots of options for great food, sightseeing, and relaxingaway from the demands of the office. This year also continues our year-long celebration of the birth of SID, founded in

    September of 1962 by a small group of visionary people on the campus of the Universityof California in Los Angeles. The next year, 1963, marked the first annual SID Symposium, which quickly grew into the highly acclaimed Display Week program wehave today. Now, 50 years later, its amazing to see how much the Society hasachieved and all that has happened in this time. Over the past year, we celebrated ouranniversary with an outstanding one-day conference and banquet at UCLA organizedby Larry Tannas and his fellow members of the SID LA Chapter. As a veteran of Display Week myself for more years than I choose to count, I

    strongly encourage you to look beyond the world-class exhibition and consider every-thing going on during the week, including more than 400 paper presentations, shortcourses, seminars, the aforementioned conferences, the keynote addresses, the Honors& Awards dinner, and more. Now, take my advice: Getting the most out of your Display Week experience involves some serious planning. Take time to review thefull program and mark off the things that are most important to you. Plan your days to see as many things as you can and coordinate with colleagues to make sure the stuffyou cannot see is covered by others. Usually, there are dozens of presentations andexhibits that I know I want to attend, but I also find many surprises that I can only discover if I explore as much as possible. This issue of ID can be particularly useful for your planning because it features our

    Products on Display coverage, which is assembled each year by our staff to help youget the most out of the exhibition. Also, as we do every year, weve invited a presti-gious team of freelance technology enthusiasts to report on all the happenings in theirsubject areas, and they will be hard at work covering everything they can. Well havedaily blog updates on the newly redesigned ID web site ( a full issue of post-show coverage later in the year. If you have a question aboutanything on the exhibit floor, just email us at and well get your question to the right reporter to see what we can find out.Our cover story this month announces the recipients of the SID 2013 Display Industry

    Awards (for products that shipped in 2012). Each year the committee recognizes themost innovative display products and technologies from the wide array of nominationsreceived. If you are aro