Fun Scooters For Kids

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Kids scooter are the best way to entertain your kids especially when they are above three years of age.


  • Fun Scooters For Kids

    Kids scooter are the best way to entertain your kids especially when they are above three years of age. With the growing popularity of this scooter we can find them in front of schools, gardens, etc. We can also find them in different shapes, sizes, colours which really very attractive. Variety

    is available in market of different cartoon character which can be fun part in kids life.

    Scooters are not only popular with the kids but nowadays they are popular with teenagers and have become fashion trend. They perform tail whips and bar spins which are taken from BMX world on their favourite scooter. The design of scooters is made in such a way that the risk of an accident is minimized. They just have a front wheel, a platform and either one or two wheels at the back, the only difference in earlier scooter and recently made one is that they lighter in weight as they are made up of aluminium instead of wood.

    Another quality includes advance mechanism which open and close easily and can carried around anywhere. New design colours, flashing lights, music, rear wheels breaks have been introduce to attract the kids. In addition to this electric scooters are been made which are control by remote control and have rechargeable battery in them. One should monitor to the speed of such scooter and kids can have a safe ride in an open ground where they can enjoy their favourite scooter. Whereas mini micro scooters are concern they have become a style statement for kids. There variety of models and design available in the market. The weight is around 1500 gms or 3.5 pounds which are recommended for children whose age is between three to five years.

    One of the best feature is that it is very light weight and compact so that even if your child is 20 months old he can easily learn to ride .The wheels are design in such a way that they are very close to ground which help your kid to maintain balance and have a fast ride. Some of the companies they design two wheels at the back which will make more convenient to use. Parts of mini micro scooter are handlebar, kickboard, brake, wheels and most important feature is turning mechanism.

    The materials which use for handlebar are very high quality which are used for adult size scooter and is located couple of feet above the kickboard. The width of kickboard is around 4.5 inches and is non-slippery which adds to the safety of your child. There are two front wheels and one rare wheel; breaks are located inch away from rare wheel. Cleaning and Maintenance is very easy as dirt does not stick to it and policy includes replace of any part in case of damage from store.