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Fundamentals of Technical Communication

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Text of Fundamentals of Technical Communication

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Fundamentals of Technical CommunicationProgram Description TWBs Fundamentals of Technical Communication training boosts potential to imbibe principles and concepts of technical writing. The program targets:

Structured information Smooth delivery of self-run demos and presentations for Training purposes Skills to fortify Sales presentations - written and verbal Intuition of audience-appreciation - for informed interaction and expression Comprehensive learning - to instill foundations in communication skills The FTC program directs, instructs, and guides you through:

Basics of writing Structured writing Instructional designing and Methodology in creation of documentation In-depth training on technical writing of business communications Comprehension clarity on specific areas of communication needs Soft skill enhancement - on people communication aspects

The FTC training encourages you to:

Focus on demand for well-informed professionals in the field Make informed decision on preferred specialization courses

Audience Graduates, Instructional Designers, or anyone who needs to learn the fundamentals of technical communication. TWBs professionally tailored programs give you the edge to:

Upgrade skills and build in-house training potential Customize programs to meet levels of expertise and schedules Access training programs via Internet, Intranet or the TWB-Online platform Opt for classroom training at TWB or your own facility Experience the well-designed program structure, real-time facilitation, and accurate evaluation Capitalize on TWBs varied trainings to optimize the learning quotient