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  • Improve the retail experience of buying furniture and home furnishings

    Drive innovation in your Furniture and Home Furnishings retail business to improve the shopping experience and better manage assortments complexity with the Openbravo Commerce Suite. Our multichannel solution allows you to leverage modern technologies to remain competitive, boost customer service, optimize logistics and real-time inventory management, so increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    Openbravo Commerce Suite offers you the flexibility to roll-out a new store solution that enables your physical stores to focus on service and shopping experience, or an all-in-one Retail ERP for managing your entire business from the front checkout counter to the back office.

    Furniture and Home Furnishings


  • Furniture and Home Furnishings

    The Furniture and Home Furnishings retail market is a huge global market. The challenges of meeting the needs of consumers in this industry are many when it comes to managing pricing and assortment, and forcing retailers to be flexible, adaptable and customer-focused.

    Retailers need to carefully control their inventory and pricing, manage multiple furniture vendors, and maintain accurate and detailed order and sales records. Given the seasonality and rapidly changing tastes and trends, it is imperative that the inventory stays current and accurate. It is also important to track relevant customer information such as purchase history, tastes, contact information and important dates, in order to run targeted marketing campaigns.

    Online retail is gaining importance driven primarily by the rise of online only retailers and younger consumers coming into the market. However, it is not an industry which has experienced the fastest e-commerce penetration, so the digital revolution in the furniture industry is still pending. Probably one of the main challenges online retail is facing is the fact that furniture is a big-ticket purchase and shoppers need affirmation they are making the right choice. Brick-and-mortar store assets like their showrooms, customer knowledge, vendor relationships and expansive product assortment bring huge value to the shopping experience.

    To use all the different digital channels, furniture retailers need to build a holistic digital strategy, which is key to survival in the highly competitive industry. This should include a cross-channel customer journey with a customer-centric approach. Traditional retailers have a great opportunity using their stores to differentiate themselves with multi-channel or even omnichannel concepts of the online pure players. With a holistic multi-touch-point-strategy, digital expertise and the courage to invest there is still a good chance for the brick and mortar retailers not only to survive, but even to dominate the market. To make this possible, it is of strategic, primary importance for leading furniture retailers to provide exceptional, high service levels and have the supporting in-store technology infrastructure to enable both customer and staff satisfaction in maximizing sales.

    Industry Background


  • Optimize logistics and inventory management To leverage eCommerce and satisfy the growing demands of omnichannel customers, retailers must gain inventory visibility across channels, with an increased assortment available to customers online. The need to offer a broader range of fulfilment options, as well as ready availability of the stock in demand, results in changes to their supply chain logistics. Ultimately, end-to-end supply chain visibility is key to optimizing supply chain operations, where transportation becomes one of the most critical activities.

    Manage assortment complexityWhen it comes to assortment, Furniture and Home Furnishing retailers face a world of great complexity, driven by vast product diversity (from custom builds, special orders, standard stock management to everyday fast moving household items) and the number of attributes that define a product in many of the categories (size, color, assembly requirements, etc.).

    Attract more customers with pricing and promotions agilityAs a result of the previously mentioned assortment complexity, Furniture and Home Furnishing retailers also face great pricing complexity. And due to increasing competition and considering the

    evolving consumer lifestyles, it is important to reach customers as early as possible, which requires to lower time-to-market when introducing price changes and new promotions.

    Drive omnichannel strategy using innovative retail technologiesRetailers that wish to distinguish their customer experience need to embrace an omnichannel approach. Companies can no longer focus on a single channel: they have to define a consistent strategy for all retail channels and deliver a seamless shopping experience across all of them.

    Boost customer serviceFor Furniture and Home Furnishings retailers interested in providing a personalized shopping experience, in-depth knowledge about their customers is a must. To do that retailers must empower store associates to deliver an excellent customer service.

    Transform the traditional store experienceBrands must transform their stores into true experience destinations that increases the attractiveness of the brand and boost customer loyalty to increase customer lifetime value.

    Key Challenges for Furniture and Home Furnishings Retailers


    Furniture and Home Furnishings

  • Openbravo Unique Differentiators

    Greater POS MobilityEnjoy 100% POS functionality on mobile terminals.

    Greater Hardware SavingsGain the ability to use your existing POS hardware.

    Greater FlexibilityAdapt easier for faster innovation and differentiation either On-premise or in the Cloud.

    Faster New Store OpeningsGo live with your new store in less than one business day.

    Faster New Associates TrainingTrain your new store associates in minutes.

    Faster Pricing and Promotion UpdatesUpdate prices and promotions to all your stores in minutes.


    Furniture and Home Furnishings

  • Openbravo delivers a modern multichannel retail business solution that helps Furniture and Home Furnishings retailers to address todays challenges while providing full confidence to support their fast changing future needs.

    Key Benefits for Furniture and Home Furnishings Retailers


    Furniture and Home Furnishings

  • Centralized real-time inventory visibilityOpenbravo provides Furniture and Home Furnishings retailers with a comprehensive set of features specially designed to gain accurate control and visibility of inventory across locations, for retailers that want to ensure proper executional performance and deliver enhanced customer service regardless of the channel.

    Centralized real-time tracking of goods movements, inventory status and quantities across all channels and locations, either physical stores, headquarters or distribution centers.

    Set up of different warehouse rules and easy management of goods transfers, picking and packing activities and reservations.

    Available mobile warehouse functionality for inventory count, goods movements and picking lists for a more convenient and accurate capture of data.

    Agile assortments, products and promotions managementOpenbravo makes it easy for Furniture and Home Furnishings retailers to manage the complexity of a vast variety of products that can be easily created, managed and rapidly made available to all channels.

    Support the variety of your assortments, from custom builds to everyday fast moving household items, in just one system, with an unlimited number of product categories that can be organized and browsed in a hierarchical mode.

    Manage single products, BOM, packs or variants based on an unlimited number of product characteristics like color, size, style, height, width, length or others, and assign them easily to your different price lists and assortments.

    Define an unlimited number of prices and highly targeted promotions with discount application rules based on the combination of multiple criteria such as stores, customers or customer categories, products or product categories, and leverage a long list of supported discount types like Buy N Get M, Buy as a Gift, Discount by line or by Total Amount amongst others.

    Lower time-to-market by making your product, pricing and promotion changes available in all your stores and terminals in minutes.


    Furniture and Home Furnishings

  • Superb in-store shopping experienceOpenbravo helps Furniture and Home Furnishings retailers to empower their store associates for delivering a great in-store shopping experience that results in higher customer loyalty.

    Create and identify your customers at the POS, apply special pricing and automatic membership discounts to them and assist them everywhere in the store, either on the store floor or behind the counter.

    Increase customer satisfaction, as well as up-selling and cross-selling possibilities by informing customers about applicable promotions, complementary products or services as well as available units in other locations when you are running out of stock in your store.

    Suggest the right product based on customer personal preferences with a powerful search functionality that uses available product attributes.

    Create layaways to sell items you dont have, record deposits and release completed layaways. Create departmental orders that can be recalled in other departments for adding more items

    and at the checkout counter for paying. Provide payment convenience with a variety of methods such as cash, credit card, gift cards

    and gift vouchers, store coupons, credit sales or multicurrency payments. Reward your customers with integrated loyalty programs. Manage sales quotes and convert them easily to orders creating a seamless customer experience

    each time they visit your store. Manage different services such as store appointments, fulfilment services such as transportation

    or truck rental or after-sale services like repairs and guarantees. Offer different delivery options at ticket or line level, such as cash&carry, home delivery or

    warehouse pick-up.


    Furniture and Home Furnishings

  • Simplified multi-store managementOpenbravo makes it easy for Furniture and Home Furnishings retailers with multiple locations to keep their stores network running smoothly and cohesively, no matter if they run a few or hundreds of stores.

    Model your entire network with the creation of store groups and individual stores that can be created in minutes by using another as a template, and adjust store settings for local or international locations including currency, language, number and time formats, ticket templates, price list or assortment.

    Manage all your master data from a single repository, including products, prices, promotions or taxes that can be updated in all your stores and terminals in minutes, and without the traditional complexity of file transfers between locations.

    Improve operational execution and fraud control with supporting features such as opening and closing stores and terminals or managers approvals for selected actions or events, such as deleting a ticket or line, manage returns or registering cash count differences during an initial or a closing count.

    Gain real-time visibility into sales and inventory across all locations and analyze them in detail with available advanced reporting capabilities.

    Simplify store IT management and reduce store IT costs thanks to a full web and mobile enabled architecture.

    Omnichannel readinessOpenbravo provides Furniture and Home Furnishings retailers with the key building blocks that are mandatory to progress with any omnichannel strategy today. Combined with the flexibility of the platform, retailers get peace of mind they are adopting a solution that is able to support todays needs as well as the fast-changing omnichannel customer expectations of the future.

    Ensure product data quality and consistency across all assisted and non-assisted sales channels with centralized management of all your products, prices and promotions.

    Provide accurate inventory information regardless of the channel and gain single view of customer activity across channels.

    Integrate seamlessly with the e-commerce platform of your choice or leverage existing connectors with solutions like Magento or Prestashop in combination with available process automation and orchestration features to support distributed order management.

    Prepare your stores towards becoming real multichannel hubs and benefit from new opportunities like store fulfilment.


    Furniture and Home Furnishings

  • Future-proof retail business management solutionOpenbravo provides Furniture and Home Furnishings retailers with a flexible solution which is able to prepare them for the future whatever changes are required.

    Built-in multi-currency, multi-tax, multi-language and multi-accounting features to support your international growth.

    Scale easily with new stores, products or users. Gain endless flexibility to introduce future innovations and support your most specific business

    requirements. Scale from a store solution to an all-in-one Retail ERP for managing the entire business or subsidiaries

    in your selected territories, with extensive support for the customer, supply chain, financials and accounting management.

    Embedded analytics and reportingOpenbravo provides Furniture and Home Furnishings retailers with a complete set of reporting and business intelligence tools that allow them to improve decision making and react faster to customer behavior changes.

    Leverage available analytical reports, including store productivity, cash up or discounts analysis amongst others.

    Allow your managers to create ad-hoc new reports for improved analysis and decision making. Allow your store managers to track key store indicators such as Best Selling Products or Best Selling

    Product Categories amongst others that can be easily accessed from their personal workspace. React faster to events requiring immediate attention with a flexible alert system that informs your

    users through the user interface or by email.


    Furniture and Home Furnishings

  • By adopting Openbravo, Furniture and Home Furnishings retailers will gain access to a flexible technology platform providing the core set of technologies that allows Openbravo to be extended to fit your business needs or to develop completely new differentiating and innovative enterprise solutions.

    Do more, faster and with lower risks with a truly modular architectureOpenbravos modularity enables retailers to become more agile and experiment with lower risks, a key capacity in todays fast-changing retail industry where it may be necessary first to validate new innovations in a more controlled environment before going global.

    Modularity provides the ability to adapt faster and with a higher granularity level. An extension module is a piece of additional functionality that can be deployed optionally and independently on top...


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