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    JOHN OSORIO-BUCK // 2010 Fall Artist-in-Residence (front) GALLERY VIEW // During a performance by P. Scott Cunnigham

    PHOTOS BY // Ben Premeaux: Premeaux Photography, Center staff and volunteersDESIGNED BY // Susan JedrzejewskiImages of artwork courtesy of the artist


    This is an amazing time in the life of Charlottes cultural commu-nity. In spite of all the uncertainties we face in todays business environment, our citys cultural sector is alive with new ideas and experiences that hold great promise for the future. I am happy to say that McColl Center for Visual Art is a vital hub for all that hope. Emerging from our first decade of bringing contemporary art and artists to our city, we are beginning to realize that our contributions transcend art-making. This years strategic visioning exercise with our Board, staff and a host of our partners revealed that we are really about community-making. The ideas and ac-tions of our artists move out from the Center in waves of inspira-tion, whether we are helping school kids learn about science in our environmental art program or transforming corporate exec-utives in our Innovation Institute. These and many other Center endeavors combine into one creative chorus that resonates on many levels to help our community thrive. You will find evidence of the Centers contributions in this report. But dont stop here. I encourage you to mine your own creative spirit by becoming involved with the Center. Come talk to an artist, visit an exhibition or take a class. I am certain that you will be inspired.


    BOB BERTGES // Chair, Board of Directors



    It was almost a decade ago that the Urban Institute reported the findings of a study on the support system surrounding American artists. They found that 96 percent of Americans claimed that they were inspired by arts and culture. Strangely, only 27 per-cent reported that artists contributed significantly to societys goodness. We discussed this powerful paradox at the Centers National Advisory Board meeting in New York this year. Its no surprise that we all agreed with the conclusion of the Urban In-stitute Report:

    Through their work, artists inspire, celebrate, mourn, commem-orate, and incite us to question the human condition. They make visible our rich diversity, help interpret our past, and imagine and construct the future. They are fundamental to our nations cultural heritage and vibrancy, and important to our social fabric and economic vitality.

    Every day at the Center, our Board, staff, volunteers and com-munity partners strive to live the reality described in that quota-tion. The success of the Centers first decade is a testament to the Charlotte communitys growing realization that inspiration is the fuel that will power the future. My colleagues and I believe that the Center is on the vital, leading edge of this emergence.

    The many vignettes contained in this report are only a slight sample of the many catalytic moments provided by the artists who come to our unique and wonderful place to develop and share their work. I am encouraged by the depth and variety of the stories revealed here. And I am hopeful that more ongoing collaborations with our many partners will continue to increase the impact of artists work in our community. That work will inspire and transform us all.





    Artists inspire critical thinking and positive change. They interpret the past and invent the future. Their creativity is an economic engine and reason for joy and celebration for us all. These artists joined the McColl Center for Visual Art family in FY2011.

    CARMELLA JARVI, Mixed Media, Charlotte, NC CHRIS WATTS, Mixed Media, Charlotte, NC DAN ALLEGRUCCI, Printmaking, Charlotte, NCDANGELO DIA, Photography, Charlotte, NC DIANA ARVANITES, Mixed Media, Charlotte, NC HEATHER D. FREEMAN, Video/New Media, Charlotte, NC INDRANI NAYAR-GALL, Printmaking, Charlotte, NC PATRICIA STEELE RAIBLE, Mixed Media, Charlotte, NCANTHONY SCHRAG, Installation/Performance, Glasgow, ScotlandFAHAMU PECOU, Gantt Artist-in-Residence, Painting, Atlanta, GA JONATHAN BRILLIANT, Sculpture, Columbia, SCLAUREN DICIOCCIO, Mixed Media, Woodside, CA LAURIE FRICK, Carolinas Healthcare Artist-in-Residence, Mixed Media, Austin, TX LORI LARUSSO, Painting, Lexington, KYBEN PREMEAUX, Wells Fargo Art Teacher-in-Residence, Photography, Huntersville, NC DAWN BLACK, Painting, Durham, NCELIANA R. ARENAS, Metals/Jewelry, Charlotte, NC ERIN M. RILEY, Fibers/Mixed Media, Philadelphia, PAJOHN OSORIO-BUCK, Installation, Cambridge, MAMARCIA JONES, Gantt Artist-in-Residence, Mixed Media, Atlanta, GA MICHAEL BEITZ, UNCC Artist-in-Residence, Sculpture/Video, Roswell, NM QUISQUEYA HENRIQUEZ, Knight Artist-in-Residence, Mixed Media, Dominican RepublicP. SCOTT CUNNINGHAM, Knight Writer-in-Residence, Poetry, Miami, Fl

    HEATHER FREEMAN // 2010 Affiliate Artist




  • ZIPSTIR September 3, 2010 to January 8, 2011 Featuring Jonathan Brilliant and Hong Seon Jang

    Resident artist Jonathan Brilliant from Columbia, SC, and Hong Seon Jang from Sunnyside, NY, guided gallery visitors through an innovative use of space using common manufactured materials that gave everyday goods like magazines, coffee stir sticks, straws and zip ties new meaning.

    JONATHAN BRILLIANT // Have Sticks Will Travel

    HONG SEON JANG // ZipCity


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  • DIS(COMFORT) January 21 to March 19, 2011Featuring John Osorio-Buck and Scott Townsend

    Scott Townsend from Raleigh, NC, and resident artist John Osorio-Buck from Cambridge, MA, created a conceptual and interactive exhibition that addressed survival, community and issues of personal iden-tity while moving away from the typical object driven goal of making art for profit.

    SCOTT TOWNSEND // Languages and Blood, Like Water, Dissolve Into Mixtapes (Series)

    JOHN OSORIO-BUCK // Utopia Eight & Pot-O-Gold


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  • JEFF SCHMUKI // Monsantra

    THE GREEN SHADOW April 15 to August 20, 2011Featuring Heather Lewis and Jeff Schmuki

    Using soft sculptures stuffed with growing medium, Jeff Schmuki from Gulfport, MS, created a green space that addressed fragility, decomposition and rebirth. Adjacent were installations, wall drawings and sculptures by Heather Lewis from Asheville, NC, whose imagery utilized light and shadows to ex-pand the viewers perception.

    HEATHER LEWIS // Thirty-one hand-shaped circles



    Although McColl Center for Visual Art is a nationally renowned, urban artist residency experience, and a state-of-the art laboratory where contemporary artists develop their work, the Centers contributions transcend art-making. Through partnerships with hundreds of individuals and institutions, the Center is a catalyst for positive change, a nexus of inspired community-making.

    ART CAN NOT SAVE US // September 2010




    Art is the thing that gives you meaning in life. Art is the thing thats supposed to be challenging our habits. Its not just a structure that you work in. Its a structure that of-fers a different way of life. I think theres also something about danger. If something is safe, its not pushing boundaries. Its safe because its known. If its about the unknown, its the very premise of art, said Anthony Schrag of Art Can Not Save Us which he per-

    formed while in residence at the Center. Schrag also opened an advice booth at Crisis Assistance Ministry. Taking inspiration from the Peanuts character Lucy van Pelt, he paid five cents for advice from the clients in line, offering relief from the stress and frustration of waiting for help. He gathered 114 comments, which became an insightful pamphlet that he shared with the staff. Schrags residency also included a partnership with Metrolina Association for the Blind with whom he held a series of workshops with the blind, recorded the conversations, and turned them into a book of Braille which is now archived at McColl Center for Visual Art. It reverses the flow of information. A visually impaired person cant access a painting or a sculpture. The information in this book is not accessible to a sighted person.

    DEAR SOLIDER // October 2010

    LAUREN DICIOCCIO The simple act of making something by hand is such a powerful and intimate way to show support for soldiers who are far from the comforts of home and family. I feel that the act of hand-sewing these letters communicates appreciation and thankful-ness on a level that words cannot capture, said Lauren DiCioccio who created the Dear Solider project while in residence at McColl Center for Vi-sual Art. During her residency, Lauren worked with individuals at Shamrock Senior Center and the community at large to create hand-sewn letters with inspiring and thankful messages that were mailed to those serving in the military.


  • BEAUTY // Eliana R. Arenas


    Clothing, jewelry and cosmetics are often used to transform, improve or cover the so-called flaws of the body. By definition, clothing is the covering of the body; jewelry is an adornment for the body; and cosmetics are used to alter the surface of the body. These are external objects and practices which are used to consciously present the subject to a larger public. Women not only use them, but rely on them daily in order to perform and be comfortable, said Eliana R. Arenas who continued work on her Beauty series while in residence at the Center. The artist held a reception on International Womens Day that showcased her newest portraits; eight women from eight different countries.



    Utilizing a vacant lot, resident artist John Osorio-Buck created Future Home of the Future and offered the community a unique perspective on an unused urban space. Osorio-Buck constructed a trebuchet in a vacant lot that launched packets of wildflower

    seeds, painting the area with native flowers.

    In another project, Osorio-Buck asked photography students from Myers Park High School to consider what transformation meant to them. The students toured the artists studio, submitted photographs that were critiqued by Osorio-Buck then selected imagery for a sculpture constructed by the artist and later donated to the school. Transformation was made possible by an education grant from the Arts & Science Council.

    TRANSFORMATION // March 2011



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    Influenced by her own global relocations, Indrani Nayar-Gall examines displacement and loss while addressing the trauma of migration that makes one a minority faced with uncertainty in an unfa-miliar landscape. During her summer residency, Nayar-Gall collaborated with the Levine Museum of the New South and McColl Center for Visual Art to install the Separated by A Skin project at Levine. This project articulated the artists concern about hierarchical structures and intolerance in new and old world societies. Nayar-Galls firm belief in equality stems from her exposure to the theories of incarnation in Eastern philosophy and from the recent genetic discoveries of Spencer Wells and Alan Templeton. Both establish that all humans existing today descended from a single ancestor in Africa.

    INDRANI NAYAR-GALL // 2010 Affiliate Artist



    Investigating public opinion and contemporary beliefs, Dia uses photography and performance art as a catalyst for dialogue while arousing public attention to social,

    political and racial issues. I listen to everything from Bach to Lil Wayne, and it doesnt make me more or less Black, said Affiliate Artist dAngelo Dia as he spoke about his performance, Negritude Movement, which incorporated the art of poetry and stepping. This performance relates to my current body of work concerning males from ethnic minority groups, each audience member will see and experience the performance based on their own cultural upbringing and interpreta-tion.

    NEGRITUDE MOVEMENT // August 2010

  • JONATHAN BRILLIANT Initially I was seduced by the view of the sky from my studio. Since this is the first time I have had a workspace with windows, I found myself gazing with wonder at the horizon beyond. I particularly loved how at moments I could see cars rushing by at 70 miles an hour while clouds drifted slowly above, said resident artist Jonathan Brilliant who projected videos of clouds onto three of the Centers exterior walls on the last night of his residency.




    My time in residence rejuvenated my passion for art making. The experience helped push my work in many new directions. The interactions with the public and the other residents challenged me daily to think about what I make and why I make it, said Ben Premeaux, Wells Fargo CMS Art Teacher-in-Residence who exchanged three months of teaching in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools for a three-month residency at McColl Center for Visual Art. During his residency, Premeaux created an art education curriculum to share with CMS about artist-in-residence programs that met goals of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.

    BEN PREMEAUX // 2011 Winter Artist-in-Residence



    In fall 2009, McColl Center for Visual Art sponsored the residency of Daniel McCormick, a California environmental artist with a distinguished resume of creating public art installations that restore and preserve land and water. The success of McCormicks residency prompted the Center to invite him back to create an Environmental Artist-In-Residence (EAIR) Master Plan that outlined prospective projects that could be completed by nine artists over three years. The project is setting the standard for the way remedial environmental artist residencies are planned and executed at the Center. The EAIR program has four main pillars identified by an EAIR advisory committee: art-making, benefit to the environment, science education and community engagement. The EAIR program creates intersections among all of these fronts and promises exciting possibilities for the roles artists can play in creating a greener community.

    LAKEWOOD PARK // August 2011



    Children of the Lakewood Community learned about the ecosystem of their local Stewart Creek and the impact storm water runoff has on its water quality as they worked with scientists and artists. Guided by educators from Charlotte Nature Museum, a sampling station was installed in the creek from which children were able to identify the natural species. Numerous ambassador species were discovered and referenced in tile mosaic storm drain markers created with artist Tom Thoune. By creating mosaic representations of the ambassador species and through their own messages about the importance of keeping storm drains clean, the children will help promote protection of their neighboring Stewart Creek and encourage neighbors to consider the importance of keeping litter, oil and other waste out of the drains that flow into the creek.



    The RBC Blue Water Project in partnership with the Charlotte Nature Museum and the EAIR Program led activities for volunteers from RBC Bank and engaged them to help with efforts to restore and preserve a formerly damaged area of the Little Sugar Creek watershed in Freedom Park. The project is designed to improve water quality in the creek.


    Alumni artist and school teacher at Trinity Epis-copal School dAngelo Dia received mentoring from Daniel McCormick and the EAIR Program in the development of an environmental art instal-lation at Trinity Episcopal School that serves as a continuing field laboratory for water testing and watershed education. The installation is designed to slow erosion and help water quality in a deten-tion pond on school property.



    I was catapulted into communities where otherwise we never would have spoken on such profound and important levels, said Marcia Jones, Gantt Center Artist-in-Residence who creates harmony and balance in the midst of extremes. Marcia Jones worked with the local battered womens shel-ter to help women find hope and healing through artistic expression.


    Delving into stereotypes of black masculinity and fine art insider politics, Gantt Center Artist-in-Residence Fahamu Pecou plays with the notions of fame, image and con-sumerism in paintings that critique contem-

    porary media and our collective misconceptions. Offering a witty and spontaneous look at all aspects of pop culture, Pecou hosted The 15 Project, which sought to bridge the gap between the worlds of art and culture and the general public in an irreverent and informative talk-show style program where invited guests experienced their 15 minutes of fame.

    PERFECT 2 // Marcia Jones

    FAHAMU PECOU // 2010 Fall Artist-in-Residence




    Filling voids in urban spaces, UNCC Artist-in-Residence, Michael Beitz brings a sense of play to everyday settings with architectural sculptures that invite viewers to interact with art and their surroundings. During his residency, Michael Beitz led a multi-week workshop with art students at University of North Carolina Charlotte who learned to use traditional and new media to explore ideas within the public realm. Guided by Beitz, students learned to recognize and examine the production of cultural space while developing the knowledge of historical and contemporary approaches to making and placing art in public spaces.

    MICHAEL BEITZ // 2011 Winter Artist-in-Residence



    Our attraction to external patterns stems from internal neural structures in our mind. There is a human desire to find the neural mirror to ourselves,

    even at the most basic level -- the firing pattern of hippocampal neurons, says resident artist Laurie Frick who brings the study of neurosci-ence into the making of large-scale abstract works of art, using pattern, words and color. During her residency in conjunction with Caro-linas Medical Center, Laurie Frick designed an installation that used data from ALS patients to characterize the diseases seeming ability to defy patterns. In her piece, Frick incorporated seven stages of severity across six categories of symptoms with 264 patients ranging in age from 25 to 84. Referencing the individuals professions and ages, Frick worked to find pat-terns in the data with the belief that ALS wasnt chaotic or random. The sculpture is installed at CHS.

    LAURIE FRICK // 2010 Fall Artist-in-Residence



    Theres a general impression that poetry is safe, said inaugural Knight Writer-in-Resi-dence P. Scott Cunningham, who views poetry as one conversation where his personal-ity, concerns and mental processes are always present with real emotion. Throughout his residency, Cunningham opened his studio to the public as he read poems to visitors to his bell tower studio. Adding a new level of theatricality and drama, Cunningham delivered a

    30-minute reading during Poet on a Hot Tin Roof as he stood stripped of titles, introductions and banter to a captivated audience.

    POET ON A HOT TIN ROOF // June 2011


  • QUISQUEYA HENRIQUEZKNIGHT ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE Using sculpture, collage, prints, video, installations and sound to explore racial, ethnic, gender and cul-tural stereotypes, Cuban-born Knight Artist-in-Residence Quisqueya Henriquez hosted a free artist talk that offered the community a chance to hear this art world trendsetter address the role of the public in her work. During her tenure, Henriquez completed several works of art that will be included in the joint exhibition with fellow Knight Artist-in-Residence Sonya Clark. Converge opens at McColl Center for Visual Art in January of 2012.

    QUISQUEYA HENRIQUES // 2011 Summer Artist-in-Residence




    No one ever learned to innovate by talking about it. Its all in the doing risking, revealing, setting aside theories, and never, ever hiding behind the familiar. The Innovation Institute at McColl Center for Visual Art works to restore creativity in business, community and non-profit environments through smart risk taking and harnessing the imagination. Regardless of the issues a business or individual may face, the Innovation Institute can help unleash your creative core, experience the challenges of creativity, reveal imagination, and develop the capacity to recognize, influence, and support creativity in others.


    PUSHING THE EDGE // Led by artist Randy Schull



    The Transformational Leadership Program is a six-day experience held over several months that helps unleash imagination and transform the personal and professional lives of corporate executives, community and non-profit leaders. The sessions are led by professional artists and facilitators and limited to small groups so par-ticipants have deeply personal insights that are shared in an extraordinary, transformational and dynamic way. In FY2011, the Institute doubled the number of Transformational Leadership Pro-grams and participants.


    Organizations sometimes become mired in the status quo. They follow routine procedures and wonder why they get routine and unproductive results. The Innovation Institute designs and delivers custom programs that help corporations escape the boundaries of the ordinary to create extraordi-nary results. Led by artists and professional facili-tators, the Institute provides provocative experi-ences that replace brain drain with inspiration and rigidity with rewards. In FY2011, the Institute con-ducted 32 custom programs for 700 executives from the energy, banking, healthcare, diversified manufacturing, education and non-profit sectors.

    RISK: VALUE OF FAILURE & LIMITS OF SUCCESS// Led by artist Kevin Hogan

    CUSTOM FOCUSED CREATIVITY SESSION // Led by artist Shaun Cassidy

  • VIRGINIA PAPER COMPANY // October 2010


    Partnerships are the lifeblood of McColl Center for Visual Art. Unlike many artist residency programs where artists are sequestered in out-of-the-way places, Center artists develop their work in full view of enthusiastic and increasingly interested urban audiences. The Center has hundreds of energetic part-nerships with schools, non-profit organizations, foundations and corporations that add power and meaning to each artists context and content.



  • VIRGINIA PAPER COMPANY In partnership with the Arts & Science Council and Hopewell High School, McColl Center for Visual Art and alumnus artist Annabel Manning collaborated to makeover the Virginia Paper Company building (corner of Graham and 3rd Street) that had been sitting vacant for years. Roughly twenty panels were in-stalled, designed by students and inspired by Charlottes Romare Bearden. The digital collages designed by the students allowed each artist the opportunity to make a meaningful real-world contribution to a public art project while connecting to the visual arts, history, and technology.


    Using unconventional digital fabrication techniques, a team from the School of Architecture at Univer-sity of North Carolina Charlotte headed by Chris Beorkrem, designed and installed a canopy on the grounds of McColl Center for Visual Art that was composed primarily of recycled industrial bi-products, shipping pallets and salvaged steel in a project funded by the Arts & Science Council and the EPA.

    CANOPY CONSTRUCTION // August 2010


    Critics Pick! As entertaining as it is revelatory said The New York Times about the documentary film, Orgasm Inc. which screened at McColl Center for Visual Art in partnership with the Lesbian & Gay Community Center. Created by Center alumnus artist Liz Canner, the film revealed a drug companys race to develop the first FDA-approved Viagra for women.


    ORGASM INC // March 2011

  • LIFESPAN REEMPRISE FUND Thanks to a grant from the Reemprise Fund, McColl Center for Visual Art facilitated a partnership between our professional alumni artists and the artists at LIFESPAN, an organization that transforms the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities by providing education, employment and enrichment pro-grams. Over the course of several months, LIFESPAN artists participated in workshops and one-on-one mentoring, where the artists learned printmaking and mosaic techniques, how to prepare for an exhibition and how to create a blog. The project culminated with an opening reception at McColl Center for Visual Art on April 15, 2011 where several of the artists were able to sell their work.



  • FELICIA VAN BORK // April 2011

    PROJECT ART AID Working with the American Cancer Society, resident Felicia van Bork and Project Art Aid held painting workshops at the Center for cancer survivors to create works of art that were included in a collaborative mosaic of 100 contributing artists. Working with survivors was really exciting; seeing them translate their deep passion for life into art was amazing, said van Bork. The mosaic was exhibited at the American Cancer Societys Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event along with an additional 200 individual works of art that were painted predominantly pink and auctioned.


  • COMMUNITY DAY A full day of free artist-led workshops and activities was held in both the fall and spring which drew a combined audience of over 2,000 members from the community. With something for every-one, participants could help build a fort on the front lawn with Anthony Schrag, create a collage of Things You Cant Remember with Laurie Frick and even assist Jeff Schmuki with the installation of the The Green Shadow exhibit. In partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, par-ticipants also had the opportunity to work in the Centers printmaking studio with alumnus artist Ginny Boyd and create monoprints inspired by the prompt I am healthy because. Over fifty of the final pieces were included in a 100+ page book which was delivered to local area hospitals.




    The Center was pleased to partner with Charlottes Museum Mile on April 23, 2011 where participants ran 5,280 feet passing McColl Center for Visual Art, Discovery Place, and Spirit Square, ending in front of the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art to promote Charlottes most exciting mile. Volunteers, artists and staff members competed in the race including Daniel McCormick, EAIR Program Director and Mary OBrien, EAIR Program Manager who ran in tribute to a family member.


  • SUMMER ARTS INSTITUTE Forty classes were held this summer for 300 students in grades 1st through 8th and included partnerships with the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art and Johnson and Wales University. Offerings included Encaustic Painting, Digital Drawing, Art to Garden, Kinetic Sculptures and Community Art Connections which taught students how the visual arts can be a catalyst for positive change. Through various hands-on projects led by alumnus artist Annabel Manning, students were inspired to make their own unique connection with the community. I thought it was going to be a regular painting class... But it turned out to be helping others through art and giving to people who really needed it. The class was awesome! said Deana, SAI student who painted inspiring designs on canvas bags and filled them with light snacks and toiletries to distribute to those affected by homelessness.



  • SPRING FLING On April 1, 2011 the Center held Spring Fling, a fundraising event which transformed the building from bud to blossom, welcoming guests to explore eight individually decorated artist studios while enjoying gourmet treats, music and works of art for sale from over twenty-five of our alumni artists in a special exhibition.

    THE CONTEMPORARIES McColl Center for Visual Arts affiliate group, the Contemporaries, held 13 events in the past year which offered creative opportunities for individuals with an intellectual curiosity about contemporary art to deepen, expand and cultivate interest in con-temporary art and artists. Events included a tour of Bank of Americas art collection in the Ritz-Carlton, collector tours in the homes of both Jim Bishop and Suzanne Fetscher, behind-the-scenes studio visit to BoltGroup as well as the 3rd annual wine and art pairing event, Palate to Palette.


    PALATE TO PALETTE // December 2010



    The weather was beautiful and the setting divine for From the Heart, a reception for Center donors who contributed gifts of $250 and more. Gracious thanks to Board member - Barbara Laughlin - for opening up her splendid home and lavish garden.



    Adapting one of his explosion woodcut prints, resident artist Dan Allegrucci designed a t-shirt for the Center so individuals (including staff) can show everyone how much they love the Center. Shirts are $25 and are available while supplies last!

    FROM THE HEART // May 2011 CENTER STAFF // November 2010


    Known for transforming marble into intricate, seemingly weightless works of art, Elizabeth Turk, 2003 Artist-in-Residence has been named as a 2010 MacArthur Fellow by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.


    Celebrated for her community contributions, our President/CEO, Suzanne Fetscher, was recognized by Governor Bev Perdue and Ambassador Bonnie McElveen-Hunter in USAirways - The Charlotte USA 20: Celebrating Dynamic Women.

  • McColl Center for Visual Art advances artists and community through dynamic residencies, exhibitions and educational programs based in contemporary art. The Center provides transformative experiences for visual artists, individuals who visit the Center and our broader community.

    VISION // McColl Center for Visual Art is the leading center for the advancement of creative capacity for artists and the public

    MISSION // Advancing artists, community and the creation of contemporary art through residencies, exhibitions, outreach and education

    GALLERY HOURS* // 2 to 7 PM, Thursday and Friday; 11 AM to 6 PM, Saturday *Effective September 1, 2011

    LOCATION // 721 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28202

    ADMISSION // Free

    TOURS // Free docent-led tours each Saturday at 11:30 AM. Group tours available by appointment.

    PROGRAMS // Residencies, Exhibitions, Education, Outreach, Innovation Institute

    FACILITY // Gothic revival, former Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church designed by J.M. McMichael; built in 1926; sold in 1982; accidentally set on fire in 1985; founded in 1997; renovated 1998-1999; design FMK Architects, Mark Fishero lead architect; construction Rodgers Builders.

    WEBSITE // www.mccollcenter.org

    SOCIAL // facebook.com/mccollcenternc; twitter.com/mccollcenternc; youtube.com/mccollcenter

    PHONE NUMBER // 704.332.5535

    TAX ID NUMBER // 51-0195015



  • Suzanne Fetscher, President/CEOMichael Andrews, Director of Development & MarketingMichael Arena, Innovation Institute FacilitatorBriarlee Barrow, Staff AccountantAuston Davie, Facilities TechnicianAngela Grauel, Education & Outreach ManagerClaudia Gonzalez Griffin, Program Associate


    Susan Jedrzejewski, Marketing & Communications ManagerDennis Lemmons, Facilities/Studio ManagerSarah Lewkowitz, Special Events Manager & Assistant to the PresidentDaniel McCormick, EAIR Program DirectorEdward McCray, Administrative AssistantDevlin McNeil, Director of ProgramsJackie Nalley, Facilities


    Mary OBrien, EAIR Program ManagerSandy Patrick, Director of FinanceBen Premeaux, Media Lab AssociateCe Scott, Creative Director Sara Simmons, Innovation Institute AssociateAnna Sison, Innovation Institute FacilitatorBarbara Spradling, Director of Innovation InstituteBennett Stulting, Visitor & Volunteer Relations Manager (through 3/11)Marisa Wilson, Associate Director of Development (through 5/11)


    Jennifer ApplebyBob Bertges, ChairW. Charles CampbellShaun CassidyAstrid Chirinos Thomas CottinghamRuss DanielAndy Dews

    Ray S. Rip Farris, Vice ChairPaige Gantt, ApprenticePaige JohnstonBarbara LaughlinWesley ManciniLori Tomoyasu McGeeChris McCoy, ApprenticeRichard McCracken

    Sheila T. MullenJonathan K. MurrayMarjorie Serralles RussellShannon G. SmithA. Zachary Smith IIIJeff TrenningBryan L. Williams, TreasurerPhyllis Wingate-JonesJoan Zimmerman

    Olga GarayJennifer Parham Gilomen


    Ruby LernerWillie LittleLori McGee, Chair

    Mason GrangerKen Lambla

  • Philip Blumenthal, Co-Chair Richard McCracken, Co-ChairDianne EnglishReed PerkinsLee JonesAnn BrowningJane AlexanderTom StanleyRobert CorbinAnn ClarkBecky Hannum

    Alicia BlantonAmedee McGeeAura LawsonBecca BellamyBen GregoryBernice MarCarmen LucasChelsea SamuelClarence LucasCourtney MelvinDaniel BonillaDavid MathesonEddie LoveErin RussellGael FurbishGiovanni GutierrezHallie RingleHannah Caddell

    Meredith FergusonNancy CummingsQuinn HunterRaina MehlerRobyn BenjaminRuhi BrelviSamatha PeppardSara SmithSarah EwaltSharon KeenanShaun KirschSheryl SitnikSylvia RoseboroTamara CastanedaTiffany YoungVanessa ClarkVanessa Tamas



    Blake CliftonMartina CorichElizabeth Shields FaggLaura FellowsHarper Fox, Co-ChairPaige Gantt, Board LiaisonAndrea GiangioriJamie HayesGary KnightEric Jensen



    Igor KhodochinskiyJackee NeelyJacqueline McclureJason TurnipseedJudith EssickKaren CouchKarla SosaKatherine RobinsonKatie DevillersKatie StegallKatie WaltersKevin PerryLaura HannonLerissa RentasLeticia FosterLyla HalstedMarie Rose KellyMatt Lopina

    Ashley Lathe, Co-ChairJonathan Mangels, TreasurerFay MillerKym Motley, Co-ChairJonathan Murray, Board LiaisonKevin PerryGeorgina PetroskyKati Mills StegallPete TeohCaroline WainrightLeigh Wainwright


    Individual & corporate contributions 359,540 Donated goods & services 31,367 Foundation & corporate grants 660,464 Arts & Science Council Basic Operating Grant 388,279 Government grants 121,013 Earned Revenue 461,401 Fundraising Event 41,495 Endowment Support 0 Total Operating Revenue $2,063,559 Board Designated Endowment Support $220,429 $2,283,988


    Administration 288,970 Organizational development & marketing 343,872 Residencies, exhibitions & education 1,260,842 Program support services & facilities 209,720 Total Operating Expenditures $2,103,404 Depreciation, In-kind & Non-Cash Expenditures 291,008 Total Organizational Expenses $2,394,412 SELECTED INFORMATION FOR FISCAL YEARS ENDING JUNE 30, 2010 & 2011

    2011 2010 Number of artist-in-residence 23 19Total number of artist days 2,584 2,268 Investments (held at Foundation for the Carolinas at fair value) $7,077,696 $5,885,838 Total Assets 14,878,003 14,004,306 Total Liabilities 378,045 365,353 Total Net Assets 14,499,958 13,638,953 Total Revenue & Support 2,063,559 1,799,664 Total Operating Expense 2,394,412 2,174,440 Operating Surplus (Loss) (330,853) (374,776)Net change in investments 1,191,858 616,894 Increase (Decrease) Change in Net Assets $861,005 $242,118



    Donated Goods & Services


    Individual & Corporate Gifts


    Fundraising Event2%

    Foundation & Corporate Grants


    Arts & Science Council Grant


    Government Grants


    Earned Revenue


    Residencies, Exhibitions &


    Program Support & Facilities


    Development & Marketing





    $15,000+Lori & Liam McGeeBarbara & Steve Spradling (In-Kind)

    $10,000 - 14,999Jeanie & Tom CottinghamYvonne & Dick McCracken

    $5,000 - 9,999Mary & Dan Allegrucci* (In-Kind)Kathryn & Darren AshDonna & Alvaro de Molina Selena Beaudry & Gray EllisonLinda & Bob BertgesJane & David ConlanCaroline & Ben Dellinger Joanne & Stuart DicksonAndy Dews & Tom WarshauerSuzanne & Elmar FetscherPaige Gantt Maria & John HusonPaige & Hall JohnstonBarbara LaughlinSheila & Sean MullenGabby PrattDotti & Ed SheltonCarrie & Bryan WilliamsPat & Bill Williamson IIIJoan & Robert Zimmerman

    $2,500 - 4,999Jennifer & Wayne ApplebyKaren & Clark JacksonWesley Mancini & Bob ScheerHope Matthews & Shaun CassidySam Ramsey & Andre PelletierEmily & Zach SmithLan & Shannon SmithLynn & Jeff TrenningAnatoly Tsiris (In-Kind)

    $1,000 - 2,499Jennifer Algire & Michael AndrewsMary Lou & Jim BabbMarilyn & Michael BakerJamie Banks & Stephen LaulettaHarriet & Bill BarnhardtMelissa & Rob BeckerAmy & Philip BlumenthalJ. Larry BradyKathy & Frank BraggRenee & Kenneth BramlettRose Marie & Gene BratekMary Lou & Greg CagleSusan & Greg CampanaAnne Carter & Dean SmithBettye & Chris ConnellyRuss DanielMary Anne & Alan DicksonMeredith & Walter DolhareOlga & Jay FaisonBlair & Rip FarrisLinda & Bill FarthingMimi FitzPamela & David FurrCarol & Shelton GorelickPatty & Bill Gorelick, William & Patricia Gorelick Family F FoundationRebecca HannumJames HatleyMarie-Claire & Kal KardousGinger KempLorne Lassiter & Gary FerraroRobin & Richard LaVecchiaDonna & Robert LilienMarianne & Jonathan Mangels*Natalie & Michael MazzuccaMary Richard & Chris McCoyKay & Robert NorrisMarianne & Philip NorwoodBeth & Steve PurdySally & Russell RobinsonKellie & Jeff ScottSally & Bill SereniusMarjorie Serralles-Russell & Terry Russell

    Lisa & Glenn SherrillMattye & Marc Silverman, Marc & Mattye Silverman Family FoundationLida Stidman & Jonathan CurleyLydia Shelton Surles & Mark SurlesKelly & Neal TaubPatti Tracey & Chris Hudson

    $500 - 999Eric Anderson (In-Kind)Regine & Andreas BechtlerJim Bishop* (In-Kind)Sallie & Derick CloseKathy & Chris CopeJane & Tom CoyleElizabeth DavisCathy & Pat DeanMarilyn & David FurmanElizabeth GalenPamela & Scott GanttJennifer Parham Gilomen & Scott GilomenDeidre & Clay GrubbSuzanne & Mike HaafMandy & Todd HouserJeff Huberman & Cheryl WalkerShelly & Adam LandauSarah Lewkowitz*Shug & Walker LockettJane & Luther LockwoodJoan Lorden & Larry MaysSonia & Isaac LuskiSusan & Loy McKeithenEvangeline & Edwin McMahanEd McMahan, Jr.Devlin McNeil & Aimee NicholsTrudi & Gray NorrisArthur OudmayerCharlene & Kevin PattersonJennifer RabonJennifer & Jack Ross*Ce ScottOctavia SeawellAnne & Tony SerdulaKaty & Raleigh ShoemakerEllen Smith

    Debi & Bill TimmermanSally Van AllenKatherine & Rob VestLynn WeisPhyllis Wingate-Jones

    $250 - 499Judith Allen & David CoburnClay AndrewsJessica & Jeff AustinMargaret & Rick BangeBriarlee BarrowSharon Roncevich Baxter & Lawrence BaxterJoanne & Steve BeamBobbi & Donald BernsteinPamela & Anthony BrandonRebecca & Doug BrownSharon BrownDee & David CampbellBennett & Chris ChilesAstrid ChirinosBecky & Phil ChubbElizabeth & Domagoj CoricLeslie & John CulbertsonGina CurcuruJudith & Tom Cutler*Judy & Patrick DiamondPam & Ambrose DittloffTamberlyn & Matthew DobrowskiLeslie & Bill DowneyPhil & Lisa DuboisLisa DunnDeborah EdneyDianne & Roger EnglishSheila Ennis & Tom SchulzGene Fields & Marc StenoienMolly & Jason FowlerVickie & Tom GabbardLisa GaryJenifer & Tim GelormeLeslie & Curt GillockAlan GordonBridget & David GravesClaudia Gonzalez Griffin & Don GriffinMichelle & Mark Hamilton*


    Martha HarbisonKathryn HopeGreta & Rob HordJodianne & Skip JohnsonEdith & Jim JohnsonGarrell & Lee KeeslerSherrie & Mike KelleyKelli & David KnobleLaney & Wood LayKay & Mike LaymanGloria & Harry LernerEarlene & Bill LittleMissy LuczakLucile & John MackayShannon & Greg McFaydenDiane & Andy McGowanCama & James McNamaraJanet & Tom MillerJune MooreDebra & John MooreRandall Morrow & David JonesElaine & Thomas PaciccoSandy PatrickLisa & Tom PhillipsAshley & John PollockSharon & Glen Portwood*Katherine & Craighill RedwineSarah & Erik Rosenwood*Karen Roboz Rossitch & Alex RossitchBrooks RunkleBarbara Schreiber & Bill Ribarsky*Jim ShaffnerLayne & Whitt SherrillAnna SisonKathleen & Michael SmithKathe & Tom StanleyTracey & James StouseVicki Sutton & Chuck BingTerry & Ron ToberAmy & Hal TribbleKatie TylerKittie WatsonCynthia & Pat WeaverKaren & Ben WilhelmMartha & Jim Woodward

    $100 - 249Jane AlexanderMeg & Shoff AllisonChristie AmatoLisa & Michael ArenaTerry & Bill AugerotRick BainbridgeSusan & Justin BaldwinKaren & Bruce Banker Bob BarbeeSherry Beatty-AzaliMelinda & Derek BeresKathryn & Brad BlackKathryn Blanchard & Greg RossTricia & John BoyerKristin & John BradberryLinda Luise Brown & David Walters*Kristina & Scott BurkeChristina & John BurnsLaura & Jim CallisSarah CampbellTiffany CapersConstance CarlsonRobin & William CarsonAmy ChengTammy CiskiJane & Paul ClarkBlake Clifton*Gracie & Walter ColemanLois & Jim CookStephen CooleyNancy Crown*Laura & Lynn DanielDiane & Hal DavisDana Martin Davis & Rick DavisDeirdre & Frank Davis-McCollumKaren & Steve DeMayMarilee & Dean DevillersMiriam DixonAnne & Herbert DossBryan Downey & John FrydayThom DuncanKaren & Daniel DuPreBeverly & Chip EdensAnne Essaye & Scott LurieElizabeth & John Fagg*

    Linda & Bill FarthingChrista & Bob FautLaura & Steve Fellows*Jolee & John FennebresqueGail & Tom FennimoreElizabeth & Brent FischthalHedy Fisher & Randy ShullSusan & Rick FisherHeidi & Lee FiteSue & Dan FogelOlivia Fortson*Frank FotiaHarper Fox & Katherine Rogers* Faron FranksNicole & Ron FreemanEileen Friars & Scott PyleJames Funderburk & Jim Hock*Cassandra GaddyElizabeth & Mike GaitherAngela & Paul GalaHarvey & Cindy GanttNicole Gardner*Kitty & Ted Garner*Patricia GoldenScott GollingerLaura & Mike GraceAngela & Jonathan GrauelSusie & Ted GrossMarc GustafsonKathy HallMelva HannaSusan & Brian HardenAmy HawkeJamie & Jason Hayes*Anne HendersonAudrey & Randall HittBrenda HomanEldred HudsonJodi & Chris HummerLynne IngersollPamela & John IzardAdara & Josh Jacobson*Barbara & Jim JamisonSusan Jedrzejewski*Jean & Carl JohnsonChris & William JonesWillie Jones

    Joe KaylorSusan & Bayne KeeverMarcie & Marty KelsoMaggi & Rob KennySarah & John KernodleGary Knight & Keith Biolek-Austin*Mary Beth & Zoran KuzmanovichJoye & Ron LamberthJune & Ken LamblaTom LaneMary & Maurice LanghorneNell & Robert LawingCaryn LeeDennis LemmonsCambria & Peter LohriJosiah LucasRod MacKillopMolly & George MaconEllen & Cliff MadayElizabeth & Winn MaddreyKristine Ottens Matthews & Michael MatthewsKathy & Ben MartinKim MauneyValorie McAlpinJamie & Hunter McLawhornChris McLeod*Lesli & Michael McNamaraMarcia & Jim MerrillSally & Brian MesibovElizabeth & Craig MillerRuth Moeller*Sveta MohananMonty Montague*Grace Morales & Ellen SmithMeg & Bob MorganSuzanne & Harvey MorrisonJanice & Werner MuellerCheryl MyersMichael Gallis & Berhan NebiogluStacey & Russell NorrisJohn ODonnellLindsey & Joe ONeilCinnamon & Scott PacerJoy & Michel PalermoLisa & Greg Pappanastos

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    Tricia & Joe ParishLeland ParkJ.D. ParsonsLindsay Peed*Jo Ann & Joddy PeerAlbert PeraLisa & Mark PerkinsEllen & Sean PerrinSue & Vick PhillipsMelissa & Jeff PittsEcem & Steve PoggeLuna Portnoy*Renee & Dave Reese*Clyda & George RentSteve RickmanBetty RobinsonSusan & Jack RobinsonPat & B.D. RodgersSharon & Nick RodonoPeggy RogersAngie & Gerry RosalesBetsy RosenLisa & Todd RubensonAida & Greg SaulMarsha & Carl ScheerCaroline & Matthias SchoenbergSusanne & Jerry SellersSara SimmonsLouis Sinkoe & Kevin LevineBeth SmithVonda & Reitzel SniderAndi StevensonMelissa & Jack SullivanSharon & Matthew SullivanLindsay & Glenn Thompson*John ThompsonLaura & Chuck ThompsonKathryn ThompsonSandi & Ben Thorman*Joe & Larry TilsonRoberta TindallMary TribbleJessica & Brian Vest*Carol VollmerCaroline Wainwright & Colby Schwartz*Melissa & Stephen Wall

    Monique Curry*James DavisJames DelarkLenore & Lance Deutsch*Page & Joseph DiMuzioLeigh & Milind Dongre*Sharon DoveSarah DownumAstrid & Mike DoyneAnna Drake*Melanie DuckworthDonna DunlapSarah & Ken EdelChris & Winn ElliottRobin EmmonsBrenda & Michael EstepDevika EthirajRyann Fairweather*Liz & Lane FaisonMelinda & Mark FarbmanSharon Findlay & Tim FarmerMarge & David FitzgeraldWinifred FreemanLinda Gallehugh & Ellison ClaryLou GayosoBert Geyer*Gloria GibsonDenise Gilbert*Maja Godlewska*Mike GodleyKathryn & Jerry GreenhootMichael Griffith*Nancy GutierrezBarbara & Randy Halm*Danielle HebdonSam Hickman*Carmen & Bruce HiltonAmy & John HinesLynette HinmanSandy HoeftDiane HollMary HollingsworthLyn & Harris HoltLaurel Holtzapple & David BlantonPatricia HolwayCraig Hopkins*

    Veronica Hough*Melissa Hutchinson*Felicia Howie *Debra HubbardDavid Huff*Peggy HutsonTim IgnasherAnnette IshamCherrie & Jon JamesBradlee JohnsonSusan & Robert JohnsonJay JohnstoneAshley Jones*Eric KaljahiRick KazebeeEllen KochanskyKelly & Wade KruseWitt LangstaffEddy LealRoger Lenhart*Nelda Leon & James McEwenLarry LindowBetsy LockeMadison Locklear*Jennifer Lover*Laura LuptonAnita & Dave MaddalunaPatric MagnerSherry MalushizkyCarole Martin & Jack CreedenKim MartinPeggy & Joe MazzolaLisianna McManesValerie McMurrayAnne & Carl McPhailMichael McRae*Louise & Jimmy MedlinDeborah MichaelStefano MonacoTony MonacoKym Motley*Todd MurphySandra Naranjo-DemingLeslie NewnamDonnamarie & William NobiliDaphne & Killian NorvellAmy & Jason ONeil

    Karen & Charles WattsLinda & Craig WeisbruchLaura & Ward WellmanJackie & Mike WellsChandra & Kelly WestCindy & Gene WhiteJohn WoodcockVelva & Tom WoollenJean WrightLaura YaegerKaren & Manuel ZapataEmily & Sam Zimmern

    $1 - 99Jinda & Navid Ahdieh*Mary Edith AlexanderTerry AlsopAugust Astroth*Deborah AtkinsTate AustinVeruska Avila & Julio ColmenaresLaura BelcherLouise & Mark BernsteinTodd BiedrzyckiKim & Mark BivensCynthia & Reginald BlackmonKim BlandingHollis BlankJamie & Mike BonnRon BoozerNatalie Bork Knight & Shaylor KnightMaura & Wil Bosbyshell*Ann BradfordDoris Anne BradleyMarjorie Bray*Blake ByrneKelli & Michael ByrnesJulie & Charles CampbellGene ClineSylvia Cobb*Susan CodyLori CollinsLeigh ConnerHillary & Fairfax CooperMartina Corich*Sarah & Geoffrey Curme


    Karen OReillyKent PantherWendy Parker*Helen PattichidesSamantha PeppardKevin Perry* Americo PoncePriscilla & Ed PowellLaura PriceCarol QuirkLynne Ray-MasonisKaty Reid & Justin KingMolly ReitterRonnie RichardsJustin RoarkKelly RogersJocelyn RoseDenise RothmanTracy RussSally SaccoChelsea Samuel & Joe Rauch*Kimberly SanfordThomas SayreNadia & Stephen SchrothSara Selby & Matt SchuenemanMichelle ShailNancy Sharp*Melissa & Mark Shaw*Barnet ShermanLie ShiWalt SimpsonJeanette SimsJennifer Smith*Rita SmithLaurie SmithwickElaine SpalloneJody SpanglerJackie & Ed SpearsKati Stegall*Nicole Storey*David StokeNancy SwongerElliot SykesKen SzymanskiVicki TaylorPete Teoh*Sarah Teves

    Robert TheriotBryan TheriotLaura & Rudolph ThomasGwen & Winston ThomasJohn J. TurnerSandra TuttleShannon UlliusElizabeth VaughnEvie VictorsonLeigh Wainwright*Edie & Anthony WalkerSusan & Gary WalkerKeva WaltonSusan & David Watterworth*Kam WellsMaia Williams & Wyman Rousseau, Jr.Antoine WilliamsChristina Wilson*Sonia & Mike Wilson*Michelle Wisniewski*Michael Wofford*Marcea Wolf-CarterRita Woodard Bert Woodard

    HONORARIUMSIn honor of Deborah BergerBy Ashley Jones

    In honor of Larry ElderBy Linda & Craig Weisbruch

    In honor of Andy Dews & Tom Warshauer By James Hatley

    In honor of Ian Hamiltons 6th Birthday By Donna Dunlap, Diane Holl, Jennifer Lover, Laura Lupton, Donnamarie & William Nobili, William ONeil, Justin Roark, The Sacco Family, Elliot Sykes

    In honor of Pat & BD RodgersBy Tom & Jeannie Cottingham


    $25,000+The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual ArtsArts & Science CouncilCharlotte Mecklenburg Community FoundationThe Duke Energy FoundationThe Hearst FoundationsThe John S. and James L. Knight FoundationThe Nathan Cummings FoundationNational Endowment for the ArtsNorth Carolina Arts CouncilRedlee/SCS, Inc. (In-kind) Surdna Foundation

    $15,000 - 24,999Hearst CorporationUniversity of North Carolina CharlotteWachovia Wells Fargo Foundation

    $5,000 - 14,999Blue Cross Blue Shield of North CarolinaFoundation for the Carolinas John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Donor Advised Fund of Foundation of the CarolinasReemprise Fund of Foundation for the CarolinasLesco RestorationNeiman MarcusRBC Blue Water Project

    $1,000 - 4,999Bragg Financial AdvisorsCreative Loafing (In-kind)NORDSTROMOdell & AssociatesPlate Perfect (In-kind)

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    Red Sky Gallery, Ltd.Rodgers Builders, Inc.

    $100 - 999Art Everywhere, LLCBalfour Beatty ConstructionBenefit Controls of the CarolinasCatherine M. Austin DesignsThe Daniel Group, LtdSpark Enterprises, Inc.FastSigns (In-kind)Hawke Homes, Inc.The Housing StudioInteract Skills, LLCNorsan Broadcasting SystemPerkins + WillRedline Design GroupThe Rensselaer GroupTom Stanley ArtworksTyler 2 ConstructionRock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery (In-kind)Soul Gastrolounge (In-kind)Winthrop University Department of Fine Art

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