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This is the first newsletter by Gumare Advisory Association [Gaborone Branch]. Please Enjoy!!!

Text of GAA Gabs Newsletter v1


    GAA is remedy and solution to our problems


    Why are you here?

    Banana ba abela baithuti


    Branch raisesfunds


  • NEWSLETTER 2014 JUNE - #1

    Contact Us

    Gumare Advisory AssociationP. O. Box 382, Gumare, BotswanaTel: (+267): 72339746 Email:

    Facebook Page: Gumare Advisory Association

    ContributorsGumare BranchMaun BranchGaborone Branch


    You inspired for this newsletter.

    In our pursuit to network with you in effective ways, GAA has pledged to continue to find alternative ways to interact beneficially with you. This is another way.

    I enjoyed myself in the put up of this newsletter. I hope you enjoy it as well. Unlike the rest of our other platforms, this newsletter is a window into the hearts and operations of GAA. This is us welcoming you into our ways and styles. Go through it to experience our times and efforts in developing the life of the people. It has been good and rewarding. And our dedication burns brighter even.

    This year, we embark on our most of challenges weve ever set for ourselves. GAA will take on a community empowering initiative themed, Adopt a school where we will take responsibility of naturing knowledge and skills of students.

    The challenge is great, but so is our enthusiasm. Meet us along the way.

    In a little less than a year, we have come far and wide. The progress made is humbling. The help and the support we receive in our endeavours

    is the difference. Let me take this moment then to thank our supporters and partners on all we have achieved this immediate. GAA continues to empower the individuals because of your efforts and commitment. Stay

    the cause. Stay with us

    Thank You

    Kagiso G. TshekoChairperson of GAA - Gaborone Branch

    Greeting to you!


  • NEWSLETTER 2014 JUNE - #1

    Many people fail to answer this answer this question. Yes, why are you here? I dont mean why are you here reading these words right now. Instead, why are you here on this planet? Many people have never been asked this question. But if you attended last years GAA Gaborone branch Dinner like I did, you surely came across the question - What is your purpose?

    The two greatest days of our lives are the day we were born, and the day we find out what our purpose is. I consider the day Mrs F. Diwanga Mmolao asked this question to be one of the great day too. This is the day you ask yourself the utmost question with the utmost purpose.

    Mrs Mmolao is the Principal Education Officer at Kweneng. When addressing the youth of Gumare at their first ever dinner, Mrs Mmolao asserted that indeed there is a reason you are here, its your purpose. Some call it a mission and we all have one. Our job is to discover what it is and live it, she continued.

    I find this topic not only fascinating, but intriguing as to the answers to this question. Humans have been searching for meaning and a point to their existence since the beginning of our written history. Life can have all the external accolades of success, but if there is no purpose to what you are accomplishing, youll feel a black hole - an empty place in your soul that wants true fulfillment. That true fulfillment comes from knowing you are living on purpose.

    Consider that the real purpose of anyones life is to be fully involved in

    living. Try to be present for the journey and fully embrace it. Soon you will be oozing with passion, and you will feel so purposeful and fulfilled you will wonder how you lived life without it. Enjoy the journey into your own awesome life.I challenge you to take a moment and

    Why are you here?

    answer this question with one simple sentence. Why are you here?.

    In case you were wondering what my purpose is, I will give you a hint. I simplified mine with a formula. Passion + Daily Action =~ Purposeful Life

    Mrs Mmolao

    By Olerato Salepito


  • NEWSLETTER 2014 JUNE - #1

    Stories you read when youre the right age never quite leave you. You may forget who wrote them or what the story was called. Sometimes youll forget precisely what happened, but if a story touches you it will stay with you, haunting the places in your mind that you rarely ever visit. Gumare Advisory Association, a newly formed non-profit youth organisation, wants to write that kind of story, and is slowly moving in the right direction.

    On the 31st August 2013, GAA organised their first ever dinner held at Gaborone hotel. The event was themed bokamoso jwa motse wame, boikarabelo jwame which translates to the future of my village is my responsibility. GAA Dinner is an annual event whose aim is to raise money which will be used to enhance personal welfare and integrity of the people of Gumare and surroundings.

    As the main speaker, Professor Lydia Nyati-Saleshando was quick to point out the importance of GAA in the society. Bagaetsho GAA is a remedy and solution to our problems. Actually it is what the doctor ordered, she said.

    I am informed that the mandate of GAA is to help address social and economical issues and challenges faced by the Gumare population and

    the surrounding areas. These issues include the high level of alcoholism among the youth, school drop outs, the diminishing Wayeyi culture and high level of unemployment just to name a few, she continued.

    Professor Lydia Nyati-Saleshando

    GAA is remedy and solution to our problems

    advised that when young people get together and develop a shared dream, it is only noble to support them.

    She continued, The youth represent the future of any country. They are the agents of change. As Ghandi put it, be the change that you would like to see.

    Professor Lydia Nyati-Saleshando


  • NEWSLETTER 2014 JUNE - #1

    Given the conditions in our region, the youth can no longer afford the luxury of serving as passive observers.

    Professor Saleshando challenged the youth of Gumare to persevere against difficulties on the way. She emphasised that those challenges should only serve as lessons to strengthen them. She reminded the youth that it is a a journey of a thousand miles, yes, but

    it started with a single step.

    Saleshando also shared her thoughts on some of the ideals which she believes are the pillars of development these being education, culture, and natural resources.

    She observed that in the past 25 years Ngamiland have had the highest failure rates, School dropout, and many more disturbing research figure. She urged the youth to research as development cannot take place without knowledge of situation.

    If we do not show the disparities in development with empirical evidence, we cannot make a strong case to

    decision makers, she warned.

    She finally asked the people of Gumare to support and utilize GAA, but more impportantly to be united as one.

    Another legend to embrace the

    event was the Botswana Triple Jump record holder Gable Garenamotse. Garenamotse raised the countrys flag when he won two silver medals in triple jump at the Commonwealth Games.

    Gumare-born Gable Garenamotse gave the crowd food for thought. He said that love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a tear. His deep words were directed to the youth of Gumare. He said when you were born, you were crying and everyone around you was smiling. He emphasised that the youth of Gumare should live thier life so that when

    they die, they are the one smiling and everyone around them is crying.

    He explained that if GAA continues to uplift the spirits and lives of its own people, it will definetely leave everyone in tears of joy.

    Gable Garenamotse


  • NEWSLETTER 2014 JUNE - #1

    Banana ba Gumare kwa kgaolong potlana ya Okavango ba abetse baithuti ba dikole tse dipotlana tsa Tubu le Kelekele kapari ya sekolo e akaretsa, ditlhako, dihempe, marokgwe, dikausu le mabante.Ba dirile jalo ka mokgatlho o ba o tlhamileng, o o itsegeng ka leina la Gumare Advisory Association (GAA).Mokgatlho o o tlhamilwe ke banana ba ba ikopantseng kwa tshimologong ka maranyane a Facebook, mme ba ne ba gasame le mafelo ka go farologana, mo khutlong tse nne tsa lefatshe leno. Mokgatlho o, ba ile ba o kwadisa semmuso ka ngwaga wa 2012.Mo tshimologong ya leeto la bone la go direla setshaba, ba ne ba abela moithuti mongwe kwa Gumare, yo o neng a ya go emela lefatshe la Botswana kwa dikgaisanong tsa mabelo tsa COSASA, kwa Zimbabwe.Moithuti yo, ba ne ba mo abela madi, e le go mo tiisa moko go lemoga le go dirisa talente ya gagwe ka maatlametlo, go ikagela bokamoso jo bo eletsegang.Fa a tshwaela, modulasetilo wa mokgatlho oo, ebong Mme Barati Makgetho, a re bangwe ba bone ba kile ba nna barutabana ba nakwana mo dikoleng tse di gone mo Gumare mme ba ile ba lemoga gore bangwe ba baithuti ba bone ba tla sekolong ka seemo se se ka ba nyenyefatsang le go ba diga seriti mo matlhong a baithuti ka bone.

    A re ba ile ba kopa barutabana gore ba ba thuse go bona bana ba ba amogelang dithuso go tswa mo khanseleng mme seemo sa bone se ntse se le kwa tlase fela.O ne a tswelela ka gore maikaelelo a bone ke go abela dikole tsotlhe tse di mo Gumare le go tlatsa ka kapari ya mariga jaaka paka eo e setse e gorogile.Rre Makgetho o kopile banana ba motse le botsadi go tsenya letsogo, a re jaaka maitlamo a mokgatlho wa bone e le Motse wame, maikarabelo ame, botlhe ba na le boikarabelo mo kgaolong le tlhabololo ya Gumare.

    A re e le banana, ba lemogile gore mo kgaolong ya bone, thuto ga e a tlotlomadiwa thata, e bile bangwe ga bana sepe le yone.Makgetho o i