Game About Endangered Animals

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Kids and students play many types of games in their free times. Either they are organized games or impromptu games, all are being loved by women. Many factors are kept in mind to influence the outcome of the game. The class of the game is about to play with the students where the many students have to stand at the end of the game as possible.


<ul><li><p>Game About Endangered Animals </p><p>Games about endangered animals are very much in common and popular these days. Many such games are popular in this sense. The game makers want to focus on the endangered animals, so that the children playing them must know about the animals that are going to extinct in little time. Due to the rapid increase in the world population, the jungles are being cut down and the jungle animals are either being killed for their skin and other things or are just directly sent to the zoo. In zoo they are badly treated by the people as they dont know how to respect them. So keeping all these things in mind, the game developers have started making games on the animals. </p></li><li><p>You can directly downlaod it from iTunes </p><p>and Google Play:- </p><p>iTunes:</p><p>809 </p><p>Android:</p><p>ails?id=com.project.animaldungeon </p><p>It is a very good option to </p><p>make aware of people about </p><p>such facts. Many games have </p><p>come into view like the game </p><p>of life which is marine game, </p><p>the Animal dungeon which is </p><p>also based on theendangered </p><p>animals, animals that are </p><p>going extinct soon. These </p><p>games will not only help </p><p>people especially the kids and </p><p>adults, to respect the jungle </p><p>animals but will also </p><p>enlightened them with </p><p>numerous animal facts. </p></li><li><p>The purpose of the game is to make kids </p><p>know and realize the fact that what </p><p>trouble the world will have to face </p><p>because of the absence of them. And </p><p>also to make them know about the fact </p><p>that how easily the remaining animals </p><p>can perish. </p><p>Some cards are included in this game </p><p>followed by some markers like red, blue </p><p>and black. And the proportion of the </p><p>card colors will vary with the sizes as well </p><p>as well a record. </p><p>And then further on the game continues </p><p>with its own features and rules and </p><p>regulations. And then at the end of the </p><p>game, kids simply understand very well </p><p>that how much important the </p><p>endangered animals are for them. </p></li></ul>