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  • Gaming systemWin&Win Casino ww_connect



  • A turnkey casinoYou will get a functioning establish-ment from a reliable provider without much eort

  • Casino softwarefor sale or rent, or the devel-opment from scratch

  • Gambling establishments for rent

  • Providing free advisory

  • The possibility to change bets during the game.

    Displaying on two screens.

    An option of entering a code and relling the terminal.

    Working in full-screen mode.

    The connection of the emulation mode.

    The possibility of changing the hotkeys values.

    A terminal for transactions.

    A possibility of installing a unique set of denominations.

    Technical features of the system

  • The Homeplay mode

    This function from Win&Win allows gamblers to play without leav-ing home, as the name suggests. In this case, an operator has a distributive that he is giving out to anyone wishing to play re-motely.

    You can get Homeplay via email (Lite), from the Internet (Full), or on removable media (CD/ash drive).

  • Using the distributive, the casino can expand its clientele and gain


    A client will be interested in the original casino regardless of

    where has he gotten the distributive. This is important for the es-

    tablishment that is distributing homeplay-casinos.

    A possibility to play in the free mode.

    The settings of a kiosk-type establishment are copied in a home-

    play version.

    A personal support service.

    Replenishments and pay-outs history.

    Russian or English distributive by your choice.

    A player does not have to go anywhere, he can enter the casino

    and play in the comfort of home.

    For him, this option is more desirable, so why not satisfy his needs?

    The advantages of Homeplay

  • Casino slots

    Created by the best devel-

    opers: Gaminator, Play-

    tech, Igrosoft, etc.

    A Homeplay version

    A high-quality prod-uct

    From the graphics to the


    A convenient CMS system

    Legal advie

    and consultations from


    Around-the-clock technical support

    What will you get if you connectthe Win&Win Casino system?


    Windows Linux

    A demo

    You can download the Win&Win software (its demo)for the next operating systems:


  • The best conditionsConnecting Win&WinOnline

    15% and 25 000 credits free!

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