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Garbage Nature Pictures. By: Janae Barbury Intro to Humanities Class: 10-10:50 AM. SUN ROSE. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Garbage Nature PicturesBy: Janae BarburyIntro to HumanitiesClass: 10-10:50 AMSUN ROSE

Out of all the plant species in the world flowers are the prettiest coloring our earth with their pretty colors. I can not imagine a world with out them and if we continue treating our world like a trash can thats how it might turn out.1 Foot

I took a series of pictures at an edge of a sidewalk of garbage in the dirt that all were only about one foot apart in a 5-6 foot span and it just ruins the beauty .Traveling Garbage

Today driving home just off the free way I was enjoying a view of the large mountains, beautiful sky and lighting the sun gave off. On the road was a rolling paper bag.Concrete Nature

Seeing the arches of the freeway seemed so pretty to me but then as I looked at the picture its the blue sky, shadows and sun that make the picture pretty not the concrete or brown haze layer beneath it.Blue Mountains

The huge full green mountains are beautiful against the endless blue sky a flat area I cant imagine living in.Tracks

I think tracks are a great way to travel and if everyone road the train more so then not the benefits would be great!Dream Lake

The clouds meshing in with mountains growing into the lake is amazing. It brings me back to fishing and always finding fishing line, bottles bags or plastic bobbers in the waters.Wild Trash

In my own backyard!!! My cat plays with a plastic bag hidden in the vine leaves!!Lazy

Trash Can.garbage right there why not pick it up and put it in the trash? Mystery to me.Drainage

The travelling garbage that gets trapped in our gutters runs with the water and mixes with our water supply.