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    Routine Conceived, Written and Illustrated byGary Kurtz

    1997 GARY KURTZAll Rights Reserved

    Including perfonnance rights for national or syndicated television, videotape, and firstpersonperfonnance rights over conflicting acts unless through express pennission from Gary Kurtz.


    Efmc.t:With four chairs inarow across the stage, four spectators are invited onstage. After the spectators are 'seated in thechair oftheir choice, five envelopes are introduced. Four envelopes contain worthless pieces ofpaper, one contains a"Special Prize". After having the envelopes mixed by aone ofthe spectators, they are numbered 1 through 5.

    Each spectators is given a free choice of one of the envelopes - One envelope remains for the mentalist The .spectators open their envelopes, each finding aworthless piece ofpaper. A spectator from the audience opens andremoves the Prize from the mentalisrs envelope. The "Special Prize' isapiece ofpaper YttIich reads: "I, thewinnerof this piece of paper, agrees, noquestions asked, to giveGary Kurtz $5,000.00."To the oil-stage spectators you say: 'You're not feeling sobad about not winning the prize now, are you?"

    Continuing, you state: 'ButI have tostress that using my psychological influence toensure that nobody won thePrizewasnY the entire point of this exercise... "was to prove that I could control each and every one of their choices, allthe way along. .

    To prove your statemen~ you point out that each persons worthless piece of paper is a different color. The personwho got the blue paper is asked to turn around the chair he sat in - The back of the chair is blue like the paper hechose. The person who got ayellow paper issitting in ayellOW-backed chair; the winner ofthe pink paper issitting inapink- backed chair, and the winner ofthe orange paper issitting inaorange-backed chair!!!

    .~~ . :".'.: :..::'::::::.'::..:.. :.:::,::::::..,.. ::::.;':::::.:::::H~:::::"' :'::","'.:.. '::;' .. :., :........:........,: .. :.::::: ......:..

    ...: :' : : : :.:.;..: ;::;;.::.: :.: :.: : : ::.:::: '.!......:.. , ::, ;~~.;..:.:: ..........: u. :: .. i.

    ........ .:::::;::::::::::';

    :::: ~;:::::::: ~ ~: ~:: ~::::::. ..- "':: ~ ~::::: ~:::::: U: ~: ~ j:~ jHU: ::;;.;: :.:~ >:";:::; :':.::~.~ :.:.:.: :~: :.::::::::::::;: :::: ~! ~:: ~ ~.:; ~~;; ;.:.; .

    gotilliy~~,:theWh~Ji~iW~st5tn~;>..::..:,:.:...~..:.::l.: ...i:

  • 2i'ectits: ... /)....... .. . .. ..+:.:
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    Invite four spectators on stage, and ask them to each sit down in the chair oftheir choice. Stand atthe left end of therow of chairs. Remove the paper clip from the envelopes, and pocket it secretly transferring the Boon Writer to aclipped position between your right second and third fingertips (Fig. 11, Boon Techniques):'A little game ofmental strategy now... with the contents of these five envelopes... Give them a mix if you wouldplease. Mix, mix, mix. '

    Hand the envelopes to Spectator Afor mixing, as you continue talking:'Now whatever game you're playing at- hockey, football, chess, contract negotiations -whatever - anticipating youropponenfs moves is a definite advantage, yes? - And thafs what this game is about - Me trying toanticipate andmanipulate your choices - and I'm telling you this inadvance soyou can prepare your counter-offensive, O.K? I try tooutguess you, you trytooutguess me. Keep that inmind. '

    Retrieve the envelopes from Spectator PI. 'You can stop mixing now -Its the thought that counts. '

    'And I should mention at this point that four of these envelopes contain worthless pieces of paper; one of themcontains a Special Prize - the nature ofwhich I'm going toleave a mystery for now, butsuffice ittosay, that it involvesquite asum ofmoney. '

    'I'm going togive each ofyou a choice ofone of the envelopes... The challenge for me - being the cheapskate that Iam - istotry and keep the Prize for myself. Not very generous ofme, I know, but,'ll understand later...'

    Fake writing numbers on enyelopes

    'Now I'm going tonumber the envelopes, in the order that you justmixed them into, allright? In the exact order youjustmixed them into. The first one: #1; the second: #2; the third: #3;... #4and #5... 'As you deliver the last sentence, bring out your pencil and pretend to number the envelopes.

    Openly toss the pencil aside.

    The First Choice - Spectator A Sitting in the Orange-backed Chair A

    Walk behind the spectators, positioning yourself between Spectators A&B:'. 4ndsince you mixed, mixed, mixed theenvelopes we'll start with you...'

    Re-mix envelopes asthe above line isdelivered, repositioning Envelope-A totop ofstack, facing you. To spectator PI.

    'Which ofthe five envelopes would you like? Keeping inmind: Last week Iperformed this five times: Every single timethe money was inenvelope #2.... So, which envelope would you like tonight? 1, 3, 4,or5.'

  • 4Re-mix envelopes as the above line isdelivered, repositioning Envelope-A to top ofstack, facing you. To spectator A:

    Which of the five envelopes would you like? Keeping inmind: Last week Iperformed this five times: Every single timethe money was inenvelope #2....So, which envelope would you like tonight? 1,1 3, 4, or5.

    ~~1QII~~.~Y()lJ~Ofttl~llnl~~nttQ9iv.1t:te:~:~.~:~ ttlat.YoU..... tfY~9to,""uence the~lxlr'1il:.~ :::::"",." :,:::,.:::,:::,., ::":':":,:::'::.:,::',,,.... "."."."'''.''' .. ::, .. ,.. :.:::::'' ..::''''''''::::::''::''''''.'' .

    Asyou talk casually drop your hand to your side and perform a Reverse Boon Roll (Boon Techniques) to get theBoon Writer onto the ball of your right thumb. When the spectator names the number of his choice, secretly Boon-write itonto the top envelope ("The Two-handed Technique #1" - Boon Techniques). If you lean forward between theSpectators A&Bto verify Spectator A's choice (as though you didn't hear him properly the first time), your hands willnaturally fall into shadow, behind the spectators, as you secretly Boon Write.

    Having Boon-written in the number, separate your hands and continue talking, doing the Boon Roll to get the Boonback to right third fingertip:

    (Ifhe names anumber other than #2): Reverse psychology - Works every time.."(Ifhe names #2): Works every time. "Inthe guise oflooking for the correctly-numbered envelope - perform the following Displacement CountWith the stack ofenvelopes held inavertical position in left hand dealers grip, push the top 4 envelopes to the right(Block Push-off). Grip the right edge of these envelopes with your right hand, then use your left thumb tip to pull thetop envelope back into alignment with the bottom envelope. Pull out the 3 middle envelopes with your right hand, andapparently thumb through them, looking at the "numbers". Upjog the numbered envelope now fourth from the top,leaving it sticking out ofthe fan ofenvelopes.

    :O'JIS':f>iSP.i~.ount iS:.~~:jiici~ "'~~~:#.l8f3Oon~~~~+:"":~.~YJIlIS.s.~m1h8tJ1id:1ednne StICk.).:::::un:::::.::::: . '.::. ... ; ,::;;:.:;;;; ::.:.' ..:u.: . ::.:::;::.:.:;';; .... ,: .:.:::: ::.;'::: ;:::;;':;: :::::::: :;: : ::.: .::i ..::: :.;,;With your right hand, pull out the upjogged envelope and hand it to Spectator A

    The Second Choice - Spectator C Sitting inYellow-backed Chair C

    Walk behind and just between Spectators B &C. Get Envelope C to the top of the stack in the guise of feeling theenvelopes and getting psychic vibrations from them. To Spectator C:Your tum now. Keeping in mind I get the strong feeling that the prize has yetto be won.

    Would you like #...J -' -' or#_. Keeping in mind, its really too bad for him he didn1 take my advice concerningenvelope #2.

    As soon asthe spectator names his number, repeat the previous Boon Writing'Displacement Count actions to upjogand then hand Envelope-C, bearing the number just named, toSpectator-C.

  • 5The Third Choice Spectator B Sjtting inBlue-backed B-Ch8irTum to address Spectator Bnow:'Your tum now...But waitjustasecond. As you deliver the 1ust a second' line, fan the remaining envelopes and pull out Envelope B, (in preparation for the"One-Handed Technique' Boon Technigues). Holding it up with atyour right fingertips, displaying it to the rest oftheaudience, MIMING to them: 'He's going tochose this one, justwatch... Continue holding this envelope high overyour head asyou go on:

    "Now: EnveJope#-I#-I or#_? #-1 --I or_?'Assoon as the Spectator-B calls his number, casually droplrelax your right hand to waist level as you lean in towardshim toverify hischoice (your hand will be oompletely hidden behind Spectator C & you secretly Boon-write the just-named number onto Envelope B - One-handed Boon Technique). Raise and display the numbered side of theEnvelope Bto the audience atlarge, gesturing to it"Number_? I knew it Number-I you seel":

    Having handed Envelope B to Spectator B, walk over so you are between Spectator C & O. As you pass behindSpectator C- secretly Boon-write one ofthe preViously unnamed numbers onto the top envelope (Boon Techniques- "Two-handed Technique #1"). The spectator's body willoomplete hide the action. Take the top Oust-numbered}envelope in your left hand, the lower envelope inyour right hand and raise both your hands:

    'Just two envelopes left..

    The Final Choice - Spectator 0 inBlue-backed D-Chair

    Extend your left hand between Spectators C&0, gesturing and asking Spectator D tohold out both his hands infrontof him. During this, your right hand naturally falls behind Spectator 0, and you secretly Boon-write in the lastremaining unnamed number on the last envelope. Lay Envelope 01 onto