Generate Revenue & Increase Reutilization of Surplus Assets Shaun Callahan AssetWorks, Inc

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  • Generate Revenue & Increase Reutilization of Surplus Assets Shaun Callahan AssetWorks, Inc.
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  • Session Objectives Share our knowledge and experience about surplus asset management. Give you at least one thing you can take back to your organization and start applying immediately.
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  • Definitions Utilize - : to make use of : turn to practical use or account (Merriam Webster) Reuse - : to use again especially in a different way or after reclaiming or reprocessing (Merriam Webster)
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  • Definitions Sustainability sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (World Commission on Environment & Development 1997)
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  • Surplus Cycle Active Asset Active Asset Virtual Transfer Categorize Advertise Donate Sell Reutilize Dispose Scrap/Recycle Reutilize and/or Sell? No Action
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  • Transfer to Surplus What is the process? Hard copy form, email request, etc? Are images captured at this time? How is pickup scheduled? The easier the better for everybody! Mobile Solutions
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  • Receive in Surplus Warehouse What is the process? Immediately upon arrival? Is it manual or automated? Are assets tagged/barcoded at this time? Are images captured at this time? Are assets categorized at this time or later on? An automated process with a defined set of policies and procedures saves time and sets the stage for success.
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  • Categorize and Record Asset Info. Record & Capture Uniform Asset Information Description Manufacturer Model Serial Condition Quality Images Etc Reutilize and/or Sell? Donate Scrap/Recycle Individual Asset Group of Assets
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  • Images Most time consuming and cumbersome task associated with recording and listing an asset! Attach Download Record Capture
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  • Images Most critical piece of data to drive interest and sales! Professional and trustworthy Quality images/good presentation
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  • Images
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  • Images Sample Listing
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  • Advertise How do other departments know what is available? Do they need to go to the actual warehouse to view items? If so, what are the hours? How is pickup & delivery coordinated? Automate with software and the internet. 24/7 access Create want lists Place items on hold Reutilization / Redistribution Increase Availability = Increase Reutilization of Assets Increase Availability = Increase Reutilization of Assets
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  • Advertise Warehouse hours? where are they posted? Who can buy and how do they know what is available? provide good information. Increase communication Social media 500 vs 295,000 Newspapers/Newsletters write a story on sustainability efforts Website Do you have a system to handle the sale? Asset Sales (Warehouse)
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  • Asset Sales What is the schedule and where is it posted? Get a greater turnout. Consider webcasting your live auction. Streamline the process. Scanner based lotting. Track registered bidders. Let bidders view items with multiple images prior to the auction. Live invoicing and checkout. If its easier to conduct an auction, you may have more. Earn greater returns. Presentation can make a difference. Do even better next time. The value of good information. Live Auction
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  • Asset Sales Who are your vendors? What assets do you sell online? Hot items!! Why restrict yourself to only one online auction site? Sell the right items on the right sites. How do you list the items on the site(s)? Manual Import Direct interface Online Auction
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  • Organizations are Having Success!
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  • In Closing Implementing technology and software solutions to your surplus property operations can provide significant benefits to support the reutilization of assets and increase revenue, BUT its not MAGICthe software is only as good as the policies & procedures, vision, and team that is performing the everyday tasks.