Genetics Exam 1 Study Guide

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Dr. Hauser study guide.


<p>1) Linkage in Drosophila a. Only consider males because the considered trait is on the X chromosome. There can be no recombination in the fathers of the F2 since they are XY and XY dont crossover that would lead to issues. b. Determine the parental genotypes these are the most frequently appearing. c. Determine the DCOs these are the least frequently appearing d. Compare parentals with DCOs and whatever changes in both is the middle gene. e. Given the middle gene apply the formulas for map distance. f. Coefficient of interference is observed DCO events divided by calculated DCO eventsi. Calculated DCO events: multiply gene distances by total number of chromosomes ii. 1-C = interference g. Gene to centromere distance: h. Gene-gene distance: 2) Inheritance a. Sex-influenced inheritance b. 9:3:3:1 and 3:1 ratios indicate simple Mendelian explanations 3) Probability a. 4) Chi-squared analysis a. b. If p</p>


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