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Geo- Monsters. Geo-Monsters!!. THE CHALLENGE : Joshua Students: Using geometric shapes, create and draw a monster! Then, write a vivid description of your monster. Include shapes names, size, and colors. Geo-Monsters!!!. THE CHALLENGE : Signature School Buddies : - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Geo-Monsters!!THE CHALLENGE:Joshua Students:Using geometric shapes, create and draw a monster! Then, write a vivid description of your monster. Include shapes names, size, and colors.

  • Geo-Monsters!!!THE CHALLENGE:Signature School Buddies:

    Read your buddys description and try to recreate the monster, based on that description.

  • Geo-Monsters!!!Finally, we will compare the two drawings and find out how well we wrote our descriptions, and how well we follow directions!

  • Aariyen and Ellyce

    My monster's name is Aaliyah. She has an octagon head, two circle eyes and ears. She has a triangle nose and a crescent smile. She has a horizontal body and hands shaped like little circles and circle feet. She is 12 inches taller than me.

  • Alazia and MinaI created a monster. Her name is Sophia. She has a hexagon head wich is green. She has rhombus arms which is red and green. She has a rectangle for the body which is red. She has a square for the belly which is brown. She has a rhombus for the ears which is orange. She has a trapezoid for the nose which is green. She has a circle for the nostrils which is yellow. She has a triangle for the eyes which is brown. She has a crescent for the mouth which is green. She has a circle for the belly button, which is green.

  • Mykel and EB

  • Ana and IvyMy Description looks like a queen at the top. It has a blue diamond in the middle of two red triangles on the sides. The triangles go beside a yellow the hexagon. Below the triangles goes two purple diamonds connects to it. The purple diamonds go to the end so it would connect to the hexagon on both sides. The black trapezoid connects to the bottom of the diamonds. On they end, a big purple square goes in the middle with two pink triangles in the middle of the square. On each side of the square I put a red trapezoid. Then on top of the trapezoid on the side goes a orange triangle. Below the square are two big orange triangle. It's name is Mean Queen!

  • Anisah and AngelaMy geo monster's name is "Flyboy". His face has 2 yellow hexagons connected. He has three medium light blue circles for the eyes. The pupils are dark blue small circles. The third eye is on top of his head. There are three small triangles on top of the eyes. A fat diamond is long ways for the nose. Two small circles for the nostrils. Two big circles for the arms. Two medium circles for the hands/palms. Three small circles for the fingers. a hexagon is for the body. Two skinny diamonds for the legs. Two medium circles for the ankles. Two small triangles for the feet. And two small circles for the toes. There is only one toe.

  • Jahlan and AnnemarieMy geo monster is all light blue his name is LIL.BOSIE .His head is a circle his two eyes are littler circles. His arms are diamonds they are straight out the stomach is a square. His legs are diamonds. I hope you like this drawing I made. Thank you.

  • Jahlil and CalebHe looks like a transformer well he looks like Optimus. He has three heads the middle head is a trapezoid then the other two heads are triangles with one eye. It has a gun shaped like a triangle. The middle part has nine squares the nine squares 4 of the nine squares are black 2 of them are green and 3 of them are red.

  • Charles and NeelMy geomonster's name is Dio. He has two yellow and two purple diamonds for a hat, a red triangle for hair, blue trapezoid head, orange triangle eyelids, brown eyes, grey diamond mouth, green triangle hands, red trapezoid arms, black triangle body, yellow kite tattoo on his body, purple diamond legs, blue triangle feet. I love it.

  • David and LawsonIt has a trapezoid hat and circles for his body and triangles for hands and crescents for slicers and squares for feetand last but not least a quatrefoil for a laser and two blue arms pointed outward.

  • DeJuan and CatherineHi I have a geomonster and his name is Snakebot. He has a tan neck his neck is a crescent. He has a green square that is flipped over on the tip on the crescent that is his head. In the middle it has a black circle with a little red circle in the big circle that is his I eye he has one eye. It has two blue horns one on each side of his head. In the middle of each horn he has a big black circle on each horn. The horns are a rhombus. He has a trapezoid body that is black. He has a square that is on his tip for a arm on each side they are blue. He has a triangle that is green on the blue square. He has two green triangles the are feet on the bottom of the black trapezoid.

  • EDeviyon and AbhiSupertron has two orange rhombus ears and a blue hexagon head. She has two blue circle eyes and a little blue circle nose. She has a little blue triangle mouth. She has an orange hexagon chest and a blue circle stomach. And an orange trapezoid skirt on with two skinny blue rhombus legs.

  • Ezra and EmilyI created a monster named Chi Chi. He has a square grey face. He has 3 purple eclipse eyes. He has 2 hexagon bodies (1 light blue 1 purple)2 triangle feet(light green).He has 1 Quatrefoil in the middle of each bodies1 purple 1green .He has squares as arms(one orange 1 blue), and crescent shaped white hair. Chi Chi has no mouth. He has 1 rectangle sandwich that is between the hexagons. The rectangle is red and blue striped.

  • Karli and HannahMy Geo-Monster name is Roxie the shapes the I used were a circle, hexagon, triangle, and squares, and the colors that I used orange, green, red, pink, purple, blue,brown. It is very colorful and pretty. She has circles for arms, she has a triangle for a mouth, she looks like a snow man. She for a hexagon has a stomach. She has a hexagon has a head she has two big eyes. She has two big eyes. She has two big puff balls On top of her head

  • Isa and HuyI have a monster named Road Warrior. It has a light blue hexagon head. It has 2 black and 1 blue square and each arm. It has and two black crescents that look like claws on each arm. And red squares that are stacked legs and red hexagon as feet. Its body is a orange square with a yellow circle in the middle. And has a dark blue trapezoids as ears. and a purple square in the middle of the face.

  • Jameer and ChrisHey Chris my geo monster looks like this he has yellow rhombus ears, one on each side of his head, Black rectangle eyebrows on top of his circle eyes, a white rectangle mouth, white circle head, circle eyes, circle pupils, two triangle vampire teeth, two blue rhombus wings on each side of his body, green square stomach, red rhombus small arms on each side of his body, circle hands on each arm, two green triangle feet, and a white triangle nose between his eyes and mouth.

  • Tre and JamesI created a monster that a doesn't look like a human. His whole face is a white square and he has one eye in the middle that has three more little circles in the big eye. the little eye is red and the next eye is purple and all the rest is white. On the left side there is a red big ear and on his right side there is a green little ear at the bottom of his head. He has 11 yellow teeth and one is big at the left side. The belly is a hexagon and this is the arms inside the belly. There is a quatrefoil, rhombus, trapezium, and crescent. His legs are 5 inches long. His name is Ualimanatu

  • Javaughn and BlakeMy geo monster is made of shapes. His name is Destroyer Octogon. He has two arms and two legs. He has four trapezoid for arms and legs. His head is an octogon. He has one eye and it is a small circle in the middle of the head. HIs body is a square and in the middle of the body there is a huge circle. His arms and legs are brown trapezoids and his head is a red octagon. His eyes are blue and the circle in the middle of the body is red.

  • Javeon and MirandaMy geo monster is a legend warrior named destroke4th sreeder and has his own ninjas his fighting style is nijitu. He is really big and has a heptagon for his stomach it is blue. He has a trapezoids under his chin it's red his shoulders are trapezoids with triangles inside of it and his solders are read. He has a circle head with red eyes an he's wearing a black mask in his cheese it black an on it there's a circle that's red his arms are diamonds with triangles under them he's wearing black ninja pants with red diamonds on the right side of the leg an blue diamond on the left leg. His legs are rectangle.

  • Keelon and KelseyI've created a monster that you've never seen. His name is Stewanater. He has two curvilinear triangle. He has three crescent shape moon. He has three crescent shape moons. He has eight rectangles for arms and 2 for wings and 2 for antennas. It has 6 fangs and it has one eye. The colors are red blue yellow and green.

  • Kylan and SalvadorMy monster's name is the Donatator. He has 2 blue Rhombus for ears and two blue for legs. Six green triangles 2 for arms and 2 for hands and 2 more for feet.Also 2 green triangles for tows. two hexagons one for the chest and one for the head. three little circle 2 for eyes one for mouth and a red trapezoid for pants.

  • Khyia and LyndsayMy geomonster's name Killa well just to get her started she has big circle head along with a circle face all and her head was very colorful and the colors are pink,purple,limegreen,regular green,darkblue,light purple,orange,red and then the colors all over again the mouth is a medium mouth that is purple and her hair is red and yellow but one side is yellow and it's colored red and the other side is the same color but it is mixed up. Now down to the bottom well the bottom I mean the middle it is a octagon and with a echo of the same shape and colored in with light purple, regular purple, lime green regular green, sky blue, dark blue, and yellow. After the lower place is a tri