George Washington Presidency

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George Washington Presidency. By Nicole Squires . Issues abroad (Foreign) Stay out of war Issues at home (Domestic) Set up the government Courts Banks Capitol Political Parties (Sam & Shaun) Enforce the laws (Devin). Staying out of War with England. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of George Washington Presidency

George Washington Presidency

By Nicole Squires George Washington Presidency

Issues abroad (Foreign)Stay out of war

Issues at home (Domestic)Set up the governmentCourtsBanksCapitol Political Parties (Sam & Shaun)Enforce the laws (Devin)

Staying out of War with EnglandEngland was kidnapping American Sailors in the Caribbean England expected Americans to pay debts owed to themBritish were still occupying forts in the United StatesThe US and Britain didnt agree on the border of CanadaSoutherners wanted to get paid for slaves the British stole during the revolutionJohn Jay He was born on December 12,1745 in New York City, New York Served as one of the Presidents of Continental Congress.Known as one of the founding fathers of the US Was a federalistHe was a statesmen, politician, and a diplomat. Was also a Justice of the US Supreme CourtHe was appointed by George Washington.

Jays TreatyJays Treaty: Allowed for Britain and America to trade peacefully.It was signed on November 19,1794.B- Agreed to vacate six western forts by June 1796B- Compensate American Ship owners. They paid 10,345,200 by the year 1802Then the Americans gave most favored nation trading to Britain

5Problems with SpainSpain wouldnt let Americans travel freely along the Mississippi RiverFarmers needed access to the Mississippi River to move their goodsSpain restricted access to New Orleans

Thomas Pinckney treatyWas signed in San Lorenzo de El Escorial on October 27, 1795Used to establish friendship between Spain and the United StatesBefore- Just that US wanted to expand the West passed Mississippi River, but Spain didn'tt want that. They both agreed that southern boundary of the US with Spanish Colonies of West and East Florida was a line beginning on Mississippi River at 31 degree north latitude.Spain gave us our right to travel freely.

Keeping the Peace with FranceFrance was at war with many countries in EuropeAmerica had signed a treaty during the Revolution stating that both countries would help each other if their was a warThe French sent Edmond Genet to try and convince the American government to join the warGeorge Washington tells him that America will not get involved. America will be neutral. Genet doesnt take no for an answer

Problems at homeWar with the Native Americans

Whisky RebellionTreaty of Greensville

Was signed at Fort Greenville on August 3,1795The treaty ended the Northwest Indian War in the Ohio CountryIt allowed Americans to settle in OhioSigned by General Anthony Wayne of Greenville, Ohio

What did the farmers do?The Farmers rioted in the nearby towns

Attacked tax collectors

Thomas Jefferson Shaun StanleyEarly Life

April 13 1743, Thomas Jefferson is born at Shadwell plantation in Goochland, Virginia

1760-62, Jefferson attends the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg. He studies mathematics and philosophy.

January 1 1772, Jefferson marries Martha Wayles Skelton a widow aged twenty-three. He had 7 kids 2 of them reached adulthood.Political Life

Served on the Constitutional Congress for Virginia being one of the first colonies to decide to break away from England. Being well know his opinion was respected by a lot of the congress.July 4 1776, Thomas helps write the Declaration of IndependenceSeptember 17, 1787, Thomas finish writing the constitution with john Adams and ben franklin April 30, 1789, Thomas Jefferson was appointed as Secretary of State by George Washington What does the sectary of state do?

Advises the President on matters relating to U.S. foreign policyGoes to negotiations with other countriesProviding information and services to U.S. citizens living or traveling abroad Distribution and preservation of the laws of the United StatesHis view was more of America being farm land.

-He thought farming was honest work and disliked big businesses

Thomas Jefferson went out to create the anti federalist. While Alexander Hamilton made the federalist. Thomas and Alexander have many different views and are considered enemies.

Secretary of TreasuryAlexander HamiltonBy: Sam McGovernEarly LifeHe was born on January 11, 1755 or 1757 the exact date is unknownHe was born on Nevis in the British West Indies it is an island In 1777 he became George Washingtons assistantIn 1788 he convinced New Yorkers to agree to ratify the U.S ConstitutionHe was the nations first secretary of treasury He was in office from 1789 until 1795

Role during RevolutionHe joined the local militia to help fight in the revolutionary war He studied military tactics which led him to the rank of LieutenantHe raised a company of men that were Patriots and became their captainHe was appointed to George Washingtons staff He served as George Washingtons untitled chief of staff for four years The Federalists It started in 1787The ideas were largely influenced by Alexander Hamilton Federalists convinced George Washington to assume national and state debts, pass tax laws, and create central bank Public Credit and National Bank Alexander Hamilton wanted the states to pay off the debt to the country to help standardize the nations credit

The national government took over the debt of the state governments

Many southern states already paid their debt and didnt want to help pay the debts of the north

The Compromise Thomas Jefferson feared a national bank would take away power from Southern Farmers

Alexander Hamilton wanted to have the capital in New York but to even out power he agreed to have it in the South near Virginia

Thomas Jefferson agreed to have Virginia vote for the bank if they located the nations capital in the South

Federalist Vs Anti-Federalists FederalistsAlexander HamiltonStrong Central GovernmentThought the rich and educated should run the governmentMostly Businessmen and BankersSupported England

Anti-FederalistsThomas JeffersonStrong State GovernmentThought the common man should be in chargeMostly FarmersSupported French RevolutionPresident Cabinets of George Washington and Barrack ObamaBy: Evan Kastner

American Flag when George Washington was President31Second Capital of United States Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1790 - 1800Washington Dc

Senate 1800Martha Washington

The secretary of state

Secretary of State- Thomas Jefferson

The secretary of treasurySecretary of the Treasury- Alexander Hamilton

The secretary of warSecretary of war- Henry Knox

The attorney generalAttorney General- Edmund Randolph

Obamas cabinet Vice President- Joe (Joseph) BidenDepartment of state- Hilary Rodham ClintonDepartment of the Treasury- Acting secretary Neal WolinDepartment of Defense- Leon E. PanettaDepartment of Justice- Eric H. Holder, Jr.Department of the Interior- Kenneth L. Salazar Obamas CabinetDepartment of Agriculture- Thomas J. VilsackDepartment of Commerce- Rebecca BlackDepartment of Labor- Seth D. HarrisDepartment of Health and Human Services- Kathleen SebeliusDepartment of Housing and Urban Development- Shaun L.S. DonovanDepartment of Transportation- Ray Lahood Obamas CabinetDepartment of Energy- Steven ChuDepartment of Education- Arne DuncanDepartment of Veterans Affairs- Eric K. ShinsekiDepartment of Homeland Security- Janet a. NapolitanoWhite House Chief staff- Jack LewObamas cabinetEnvironmental Protection Agency- Lisa P. JacksonOffice of Management & Budget- Jeffrey Zientl Deputy DirectorUnited States Trade Representative- Ambassador Ronald KirkUnited States Ambassador to the United Nations- Ambassador Susan Rice

House of Representatives Currently no more than 43565 members when George Washington was president