Gerhard Ertl Wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry for Surface Science Research!

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  • Gerhard Ertl Wins Nobel Prize in Chemistryfor Surface Science Research!

    By Charles T. CampbellEditor-in-Chief

    On October 10, I awoke as usual, by listening to our National Public Radio. The news that morning was, however, any-thing but usual. It was announced that Gerhard Ertl had won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his studies of chemical


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    Surface Science 601 (2007) ix0039-6028/$ - see front matter 2007 Published by Elsevier B.V.doi:10.1016/j.susc.2007.11.016Ertl has contributed tremendously to Surface Science over the years. He published over 160 papers in this journalspages, which have received a total of over 11,000 citations. Those papers presented some of his Nobel-Prize-winning re-search, with ve cited specically by the Nobel Foundation. Counting only his papers from this journal, he has a citationh-index of 64. These papers also have very long citation lives (I note in passing that Surface Science papers generally havelong-lasting impact, as reected in its unusually long, journal-averaged Cited Half-Life). Ertl also served as RegionalEditor for this journal for many years. He has trained numerous doctoral students and postdoctoral associates, manyof whom now lead research groups of their own that have contributed countless papers to this journal. One of his formerstudents and a long-time coworker, Dr. Klaus Wandelt, now serves as one of the three Regional Editors for this journal.

    On behalf of all the editors and sta of this journal, its authors, referees and readers, we congratulate Gerhard Ertl forthis well-deserved Nobel Prize, and thank him for his many contributions to our eld and to this journal. Bravo!! Bravo!!Bravo!!

    Seattle, October 2007processes on solid surfaces. How very, very exciting!! Besides being my postdoctoral advisor, mentor and friend for nearly30 years, Ertl also represents the best of what we all strive for in our research. This Nobel Prize recognizes not only theexceptional quality of that research, but also the importance of our whole eld within the grand scheme of science and

    Gerhard Ertl Wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry for Surface Science Research!


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