Get ready for FUN & learn about heart health

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Are you ready for Jump Rope for Heart?. Get ready for FUN & learn about heart health. I knew you were ready! Lets go on a road trip and meet my Life Saver Duck friends!. Buckle up! Here we go. FIRST STOP: Albequacky , New Mexico HOME OF:. S p l a t t e r Q u a c k y. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Get ready for FUN &amp; learn about heart health</p> <p>Are you ready forJump Rope for Heart?</p> <p>1I knew you were ready!</p> <p>Lets go on a road trip and meet my Life Saver Duck friends! </p> <p>Buckle up! Here we go </p> <p>Splatter Quacky:Hometown: Albequacky, New Mexico</p> <p>Favorite Color: ALL OF THEM</p> <p>Health Message: Fruits and VegetablesFIRST STOP: Albequacky, New Mexico</p> <p>HOME OF: </p> <p> Splatter Quacky Splatter Quacky says: eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies EVERY DAY! EARN and WEAR</p> <p> SPLATTER QUACKY and LANYARD RIGHT AWAY: Collect a $5 donation</p> <p>CHECK THIS OUT: **Turn in coupon found on your envelope to your PE teacher. HOW TO EARN: Splatter Quacky </p> <p> DUCK POND: Splatter Quacky </p> <p>Earn Splatter Quacky and place your duck sticker in the heart hero pond.Scribbles NINJA Hometown: ??? He is sneaky and hides in the dark!</p> <p>Favorite Color: BLACK</p> <p>Health Message: Say No to TobaccoNEXT STOP: DRIVING THROUGH THE DARK SHADOWS OF THE NIGHT. HIDING SPOT OF: Scribbles NINJA </p> <p>Scribbles NINJA would never smoke or use tobacco it hurts your heart. </p> <p>You can not run fast if your heart is hurting.HOW TO EARN : Scribbles NINJA </p> <p>Scribbles NINJA wants you to go online and raise your first online donation.TIME FOR AN ON-LINE PIT STOP: Time for a quick break on our trip. I need to show you: How to send emails and receiveOnline Donations!! </p> <p>IT IS EASYCOME WITH ME</p> <p>9</p> <p>How to raise $ on line!Make Your Own Webpage !Make a Jump Rope For Heart Web Page and YOU will raise more life-saving donations! </p> <p>To get started - you will need to sign up and join your school team. Heres how</p> <p>Go to</p> <p>2. Choose your city and state</p> <p>3. Enter the 1st 4 letters of your schools name and click ENTER</p> <p>4. Scroll down the list until you find your school and click on JOIN TEAM</p> <p>10</p> <p>You are almost done</p> <p>Fast, easy to use, easy to get donations!Its so EASY to go Online !NextCreate your own USERNAME and PASSWORD and then click CONTINUEFill in the remaining information &amp; have your parents check the Online Waiver box.</p> <p> click CONTINUE11</p> <p>Once you have logged in and JOINED your school TEAMthen you will be able to make your own AVATAR!!!! Then Online Donations count towards Thank you Gifts !</p> <p>12</p> <p>More Online Fun!!!DucksBadgesCertificates oh my!!!Check out the other FUN duck items we have online for you to earn!!!</p> <p>Learn more about each duck on line!</p> <p>Certificates &amp; Badges how QUACKTASTICK!!!</p> <p>13</p> <p>Alrighty friends, we have to get back on the roadwe have LIVES TO SAVE! </p> <p>Break out that road map, we have to find..Ducktroit, Michigan.MS. COOLHometown: Ducktroit, Michigan</p> <p>Favorite Activity: Quack and Field Day</p> <p>Health Message: Avoid Sugar Sweetened DrinksCURRENT LOCATION: Ducktroit, Michigan</p> <p>HOME OF: MS. COOL</p> <p> MS. COOL </p> <p>Drinks WATER and MILK instead of pop/soda or juice! </p> <p>HOW TO EARN: MS. COOL</p> <p>RAISE $75 ON LINE</p> <p>I LOVE water!!!Ducktroit, Michigan was pretty fun. This road trip is such a blast. </p> <p>I cant believe we only have three more ducks to meet before we are done with our trip.</p> <p>Lets head to South Duckota and on the way I will tell you about SUPER SPY DUCKhe glows in the dark so we can keep driving over night! He will provide plenty of lifesaving light!</p> <p>WE ARE DRIVING THROUGH THE NIGHTNO STOPPING NOW! IT IS TOP SECRET WHERE SPY DUCK LIVES!!!Super Spy Duck</p> <p>Spy Duck says get plenty of sleep. Its good for your heart and brain!Spy Duck Hometown: ??? This is TOP SECRET!</p> <p>Favorite Activity: GLOWING in the DARK!</p> <p>Health Message: Get plenty of sleep!HOW TO ADD Spy Duck TO YOUR COLLECTION</p> <p>RAISE $35 in donations. </p> <p>He will arrive after JRFH with the other thank you gifts. First, he must take a nap and then complete his SPY mission!!</p> <p>Hey! Somebody break out that map againwe need to find South Duckota! My pal Sock Monkey Duck is up there and it looks like she is freezing! </p> <p>Sock Monkey wants you to put away the salt shaker!Sock Monkey Duck </p> <p>Hometown: South Duckota</p> <p>Health Message:Reduce Sodium/Salt intake</p> <p>Do you want to add Sock Monkey Duck to your lanyard of LIFESAVER ducks? </p> <p>Raise $100 and she will find her way to you after YOUR JRFH EVENT! </p> <p>Visit: Mount Duckmore</p> <p>Wow! What an incredible journey we have been on. This has been so fun! </p> <p>We are going to have to hit the slopes to find my last Lifesaver Duck pal, SKI DUDE! </p> <p>WAHOOOO we made it to the mountains! My pal Ski Dude is up there at the top and it looks like he has been skiing all day! He might just earn the SUPER DUCK award! </p> <p>Ski Dude </p> <p>Favorite Activity: Snowboarding, skiing, more snowboarding</p> <p>Health Message:Get plenty of Physical Activity</p> <p>Get 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Walk to school, run at recess, &amp; ride your bike! Complete your collection and earn: Ski Dude and Super Duck Award</p> <p>Raise $200 in donations!!</p> <p>They will arrive with all the other thank you gifts AFTER JRFH. </p> <p>Lifesaver Ducks help the American Heart Association SAVE LIVES.</p> <p>Lifesaver DucksGet them while you can!</p> <p>26Lets check out the additional Thank You gifts you can earn for raising Lifesaving dollars</p> <p>$50$150$75</p> <p>$250$500Raise $15 in donations and get your very own Jump Rope!!!28This year we want everyone to think about WHY they want to help and be a part of Jump Rope for Heart.</p> <p>Thank you gifts should not be the reason why. Dont you agree?Unfortunately, not everyone has a healthy heart. Some people are born with heart problems and some develop over time. </p> <p>Take a minute to think WHO youd like to help stay heart healthy- someone special you can jump in honor of. </p> <p>Think about why you want to help save lives. When you go home tonight you can talk about YOUR WHY with your family.My Grandma is why???My sister is why???My own heart is why????_______Thanks for being a Heart Hero and helping save lives!</p> <p>Sophia</p> <p>Joey</p> <p>Seth</p> <p>Marty</p> <p>Zoe</p> <p>Skylar</p> <p>Zander</p> <p>JonahMeet my friends who were born with heart problems. Thanks to kids like you they are doing much better!Zander- was born with a serious heart defect know as tetralogy of fallot. He had two surgeries before his 1st birthday to repair his heart. He may need another surgery sometime in the future.Jonah- was born with a rare heart defect known as Ebsteins Anomaly which means he had blood circulation problems. He later developed another heart condition known as Supraventricular Tachycardia which caused his heart to beat very fast. His Dr. was able to perform surgery to fix the problem. He may need more surgery in the future- time will tell.Sophia- born with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. Had surgery just before her 7th bday to correct it.Marty-was born with 2 heart defects. He has had several surgeries and will need at least one more to keep his heart healthy sometime in the future.Joey-was born with a large hole in his heart. Joey was 2 months old when his Dr. sewed a patch over his heart to fix it.Zoe- born on Super Bowl Sunday, February 5, 2012. She was diagnosed with Heterotaxy Syndrome which means her heart was on the wrong side of her chest. She had major surgeries to correct the problem. Today she is an active, healthy 2 yr old.Seth- was also born with the same heart defect as Zander known as tetralogy of fallot. At 7 weeks old had had open heart surgery. Today he is active as you can see from his rock climbing photo.Skylar- was born a month premature weighing 3 lbs. with a condition called Aortic Stenosis. Skylar has already had 2 heart surgeries and may need a heart valve replacement someday.</p> <p>32</p> <p>Get ready for FUN &amp; learn about heart health</p> <p>Are you ready forJump Rope for Heart?</p> <p>33</p>


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