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  • Get ready for the test

    Simple Past : le Prtrit Simple

    Le prtrit simple permet de parler dun fait ________________ et qui na ____________ ________ avec le _____________ (vnement pass, conte, histoire, souvenir, biographie). Lvnement nest pas forcment dat, mais marqu par des adverbes de temps : Il y a 10 ans .. Lt dernier : .. Hier . Le printemps dernier .. Le weekend dernier Lhiver dernier La semaine dernire lautomne dernier : .. Mardi dernier . Lanne dernire :

    1.Prtrit simple forme affirmative 1. I (walk)__________________________________ to work last week. 2. He (study)_______________________________ computers for five years. 3. They (arrive)_____________________________ late for the party. 4. We (marry) ______________________________in a church. 5. It (end) _________________________________at 6 pm. 6. Ellen (wait)______________________________ for an hour. 7. You (like) _______________________________the movie. I didn't. 8. Bob (need) ______________________________that book yesterday. 9. They (use)_______________________________ my new pen. 10.The teacher (help)_________________________ the students after class. 2.Questions au prtrit simple en anglais 1. They saw the movie last week. ___________________________________ the movie last week ? 2. He walked to work yesterday. _________________________________________to work yesterday ? 3. George and Ilsa had dinner at the Maya Restaurant on Friday. __________________________________dinner at the Maya Restaurant on Friday ? 4.It rained all night. ____________________________________________all night? 5. I arrived late for class. _________________________________________ late for class ? 3.Forme ngative au prtrit simple en anglais

    1. They swam on Saturday but they ____________________________on Sunday. 2. I went to work on Monday but I _______________________to work on Tuesday. 3. He bought a new car. He ____________________________a second-hand car. 4. She slept well last night but she ______________________well the night before. 5. We ate spaghetti for dinner but we ______________________anything for lunch.

  • 4.Complete the sentences. Use the simple PAST form of the verbs in the box.

    chat do enjoy have tidy

    1 Jos party was great! We_________fun. 2 I _________ my homework after dinner. 3 Marta and Chris _____________ their holiday. 4 I _________ my bedroom last week. 5 I ___________ on the phone for hours last night.

    5.Write affirmative or negative sentences. Use the simple PAST.

    1 Sara / not study / yesterday _________________________________________________

    2 she / feel / nervous before the test ___________________________________________

    3 she / not copy / her friends answers ____________________________________________

    4 I / play basketball / last Saturday ____________________________________________

    5 we / not win / the match _________________________________________________

    6. Complete the sentences. Use was/were, affirmative ( )or negative (x)

    1 I () ____________ good at English last year. 2 We (X) ____________ here this morning. 3 It (X) ____________ hot yesterday. 4 My parents () __________ annoyed when I arrived late. 5 The baby () __________ awake all night.

    7. Complete the questions and short answers. Use the past form of the verbs in the box.

    go have meet rain study

    1 A ______________________________ swimming last night? B Yes, I __________ . 2 A ________________________ her friends this morning? B No, she __________ . 3 A ______________________________ pizza for lunch? B No, I __________ . 4 A _________________________ French last year? B Yes, they __________ . 5 A ___________________________ yesterday? B Yes, it __________ .

    8. Complete the questions and short answers. Use was/were, affirmative or negative.

    1 __________ you at the disco last night? Yes, I __________. 2 __________ it a good party? No, it _________. 3 __________ they late for school today? Yes, they __________. 4 __________ he happy yesterday? No, he __________. 5 Ben, __________ you and Sara in town on Monday? No, we __________.

    Je cible les comptences attendues pour le contrle et je valide ou pas mes comptences sur le prtrit simple pour le test de vendredi 25 mars

    Je suis capable de poser des questions au prtrit simple.

    Je sais conjuguer Be au prtrit simple la forme interrogative, affirmative et ngative.

    Je connais mes Verbes irrguliers.

    Je suis capable de demander quelquun ce quil a fait la semaine dernire, le weekend dernier

    Je sais dire il y a 2 ans , 3 mois, 2 jours, 5 minutesetc

    Je suis capable de conjuguer les verbes au prtrit simple : la forme affirmative et ngative.

    Je sais choisir le bon auxiliaire dans les rponses courtes (short answers)