Get Ready, Get Set, Get to College!

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Get Ready, Get Set, Get to College!. What to do:. Junior year: Take the ACT and/or SAT Visit prospective colleges Focus on rigorous coursework and extra- curriculars Attend college fairs Senior year: Check deadlines for college and scholarship applications Prepare essays - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>College Admissions Process</p> <p>Get Ready, Get Set, Get to College!What to do:Junior year: Take the ACT and/or SATVisit prospective collegesFocus on rigorous coursework and extra-curricularsAttend college fairsSenior year:Check deadlines for college and scholarship applicationsPrepare essaysRequest letters of recommendationApply for multiple colleges and scholarships!</p> <p>When do I apply?Fall of Senior year!Pay attention to early admissions deadlines for guarantee of automatic scholarships (these typically range from Nov 1st Dec 15th)Receive up to 4 admissions fee waivers, however, some colleges do not accept.</p> <p>What will I need for an application?Personal/Demographic InformationFamily Information (parents level of education and occupations)Copy of transcriptSenior Year Schedule Updated Extracurricular Activities LogHonors and AwardsACT scores/datesApplication Fee (possible waivers)</p> <p>How do I send my official transcripts?Pick up transcript request forms from counseling receptionist (Mrs. Metzgers desk)First 3 are free, then cost $2.00 (unless on free/reduced lunch)Official Transcripts have to be sent directly from PHHS, but you have to request to have them sent.Need parent signature, unless 18 years of age.How do I send my ACT Scores?Send scores when you sign up to take the ACT.Send up to 4 scores for free. Additional scores will require a fee.If scores are not sent when you sign up for the ACT, then you will have to pay a fee to send your scores at a later date.SCORES NEED TO BE DIRECTLY SENT FROM ACT! (Not the school or from you)ACT PREP (See counselor for username/password)ACT PREP during homeroomsACT Prep Evening Sessions (3-7pm) on Thursdays before each test date.ZAPS workshops available for an additional fee:</p> <p>ScholarshipsSara Capra, scholarship Located in Rm 109 during 3rd blockSends scholarship lists regularly to school emails and also posts on school website.Evaluate scholarship list and apply to those that you qualify for.Financial AidOfficial Site is www.fafsa.ed.govCreate a FAFSA pin fall of Senior yearFill out FAFSA in late January and February.Most college FAFSA deadlines are March 1College RepresentativesMeet and greet reps from local and out-of-state colleges right here at PHHS!List of scheduled visits on our counseling website, in the counseling office, and in the counseling hallway!Sign up in the counseling officeStudents will receive a pass to attend the presentation on that day in the libraryCollege VisitsEverybody looks happy in college brochures, go see the real dealThey are excused absences if your parent calls, but do count against you as far as your attendance (A+ and ID Cards)Try to visit on a day off from school </p> <p>Recommendation LettersGive at least two week notice so that counselor/teachers can write a good letter</p> <p>Prepare a list of all the activities/awards/work you are involved in so that we can know more about you. </p> <p>We have forms you can fill out in counseling to guide you.Helpful Questions for Your Student:Completed A + Requirements?Participated in a leadership activity?Participated in an Extracurricular activity?Taken an AP Course and sat for at least one AP exam?Applied to Maple Woods?Applied to a 4 year college?Created a FAFSA pin?Signed up for October or December ACT?Checked out Scholarship List?Attended a College Fair?Signed up to see a college representative in counseling?Helpful Tidbits for You!Keep up to date on whats going on!</p> <p>Website: YOUfor all you do.Time for a little Q &amp; A!</p>


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