Getting Sally to Walk at Work

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<ul><li> 1. Getting Sally to Walkat WorkMaria Molno12/03/12@mjmol </li> <li> 2. Who is Sally?Sally is a back end engineer, in her late 30s, working8+ years at a tech company in Silicon Valley. She hasbeen wanting to find ways to walk during work buthasnt been able to hold down a regular walkingroutine... </li> <li> 3. wizard sequencingAt work on Monday morning, Sally completes terminalquiz and discovers her walking profile.As per the terminals request, Sally schedules awalking date in her calendar for 3pm and sends theinvite to Jack, her co-worker.Sally sees reminder at 3pm, walks over to Jacks desk.Sally takes a 30 minute walk with Jack on the companyscampus at 3pm. </li> <li> 4. wizard sequencing contSally makes a pack with Jack to walk everyday for therest of the week.Sally sets the calendar reminder to recurring everydayfor the rest of the week.The next day, Sally sees calendar reminder at 3pm andgets Jack.Sally walks five days in a row. </li> </ul>